Some of you may remember our news post last week about an upcoming Zelda marathon going on at Versus Marathons. Well, that marathon starts tomorrow!

Here’s a quick recap for those that may have missed it:

  • All proceeds will be donated to Child’s Play Charity.
  • The marathon will last for 60 hours, unless enough funds are accumulated to keep the players playing.
  • This marathon will be a competition between two teams: Ocean City Trinity and Triple Speed Runners.
  • The winner is determined by which team accrues the most points in the achievement system. A list of the achievements as well as their respective point values can be found here.
  • The competition starts on September 10th – that’s tomorrow!

The home page for the marathon is right here. Zelda fans who wish to follow the events of the marathon would also do well to bookmark the Ocean City Trinity stream as well as the Triple Speed Runners stream.

Hit the jump to see the official trailer for the marathon!

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