Saving the world. That’s what we call it. I mean, hey, that’s what everyone calls it. But nobody wants to just save the world – they want to save the people. Who would venture to save a world with no inhabitants?

In the Legend of Zelda series that’s the draw of the plot – to save the people. But too often in the games those non-playable characters aren’t fleshed out; we find it difficult to care about them. This doesn’t cause any deficit in the gameplay: the puzzle solving and sword swinging in Zelda is as fun as ever. In some of the games, however, we can find ourselves not even caring for the characters.

Zelda Dungeon has a new article on caring about those NPC’s and actually wanting to help them. The article explores how character development had been fleshed out in Majora’s Mask, and how that affected the overall experience of the game very positively – and it also explores how lack of character development made some other games feel lacking.

Source: Zelda Dungeon