"Wisdom, Courage, and Power"

We’ve stumbled across another fantastic Zelda-related artist that we just have to share with you.

Ryan Shiu, known as Ry Spirit on deviantART, is a fantastic artist in his own right, with a gorgeously detailed style of painting that feels equally real and fantastical at the same time.

But being a Zelda fan, I feel his talent really shines in his depictions of Zelda characters and scenes.

Thankfully, he’s dedicated September as his Zelda month on his deviantART page.

See more of this amazing art after the jump!

The painting that strikes a real chord with me personally is his depiction of young Link being awoken by Navi, presumedly after his adventures in Termina. You can see hanging on the wall of his tree house a child-like drawing of Clock Town with the moon plunging down. Outside the window you can see the Kokiri village at sunrise. And also, curiously, you can see a Pikachu mask on Link’s bed…

"Wake Up Link"

Another fantastic painting is Ry Spirit’s portrayal of Link endearing himself to Darunia. It’s really full of charm.

"I now call you Brother"

And finally, a straightforward portrait of Midna in her impish form. It makes me want to play Twilight Princess all over again!

Midna the Imp

Be sure to check out Ry Spirit’s deviantART page throughout this month for more wonderful Zelda art, not to mention all of the other amazing non-Zelda related paintings!

Source: deviantART
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  • net_ninja530

    This is amazing stuff. I wish it were more landscape tho so I could set them as my background. Holy momma these are awesome.

  • X x7

    These are really good! I'm still working on trying to draw some Zelda artwork, but I need a reference picture, and I still can't draw it exactly right!

  • In the first picture, you can tell Ry Spirit employed some of the cultural looks of Asia to Zelda and gave a semblance of a bearded Asian dragon to Ganondorf, while Link is his normal heroic self. Thank goodness he wasn't changed.

    And Midna is "impish" (mischievous) as ever. šŸ˜€

  • Ashmic

    i found this art about a week ago, i win :]

  • Retrospect

    I don't think that's a pikachu mask on his bed. I'm sure it's supposed to be the Keaton mask the guard at Death Mountain asked you to get for him before he let you get through the gate.

    • X x7

      No, it has the little red things on it's cheeks. It's Pikachu.

      • Plus Keaton's Mask is flat except for the sort of pointed nose, and this is rounded, like Pikachu's head.

    • Yeah its actually a Pikachu mask, the thing is this is the first Zelda artwork after the Pokemon themed month. So I wanted to give the Pokemon fans a nod to let them know I still care ^__^"

      • Linkmsg92

        You made these drawings? They are insane. I did want to ask though, is the view out the window looking at his house? Cause that seems like a paradox. That looks exactly like his house, with the fence that Navi flies through in the beginning. Just a question. šŸ˜€

        • Haha… to be honest. I drew this out of memory, and it has been 10 years since I played the game, I also lost my N64 controllers so havent had the chance to play it to see what Link's window view looks like. So yes the view outside is not accurate. And I remembered wrongly about how there are other houses that has a ladder… I guess in reality it is only Link's house that looks like that.. Another thing that people have told me I got wrong is how the wooden shield actually doesn't look like that. But yeah at the end, it is really my interpretation of it, not a 1:1 accurate artwork of it. šŸ˜€

  • ChainofTermina

    Yeah, these are magnificently awesome. I already faved the first one (although I'm gonna be a dick about it) but I've never seen the others they too are equally if not more magnificently awesome. That one of Young Link is beyond beautiful and precious, and that one of Midna………well, lets just say I never noticed just how……..um, {gulp}………sexy, she could be……..hehe, eh…..":D

    • Yeah, I read you there. I didn't want people to get the wrong idea on my former comment, so I put parenthesis around "mischievous." The hand on her hip tells you exactly of her intentions.

    • lifesavers2

      Man, I thought I was the only one who…….um, {Gulp}…….thought she was sexy.

  • ZeldaGurl_

    I think these pictures are awesome!!!

    He really did a great job on these, and as much as I favour Zelda being the way she is in Twilight Princess, I think I can make an exception for this one. It's cool to see another Spin on Zelda's look. And Midna looks like her teasing self, he really captured her attitude. Link looks as attractive as ever as Adult Link, and super adorable as Young Link. I'm so happy about that šŸ˜€

    Great job with your work, hope that more of the work is just as great.^^

  • xzz

    I cumed.o-o

  • starwebs1

    Uh, nobody saw the Deku Scrub Mask?

  • Smoore

    I love these! And the orientation is perfect for an iPod background.

  • Darkstar

    Link looks so awesome in that pic, even somewhat better than TP Link.

  • lifesavers2

    I <3 Pikachu
    AAAUUUGGHHH I gotta stop using the <3

    • ChainofTermina


  • Thanks for the feature! And yes I will continue to do more Zelda artworks and try not to let people down… Oh and also Zelda month may actually last longer than a month, simply because Im sure a month wont be enough for my love for Zelda, like Pokemon month last time lasted for about 3 months haha…. But once again thanks for the feature really appreciate this. May the Triforce be with you.

  • Eternal Legend

    I gotta say, I also draw Zelda fan art but this stuff is really nice! It's rare to find fantastic Zelda art pieces these days.

    I'm now watching you ry-spirit!

  • anon

    I don't think the Pikachu or Deku are masks. They look like plushies to me. Especially the Pikachu one, which looks way to big to be a mask…