"Wisdom, Courage, and Power"

We’ve stumbled across another fantastic Zelda-related artist that we just have to share with you.

Ryan Shiu, known as Ry Spirit on deviantART, is a fantastic artist in his own right, with a gorgeously detailed style of painting that feels equally real and fantastical at the same time.

But being a Zelda fan, I feel his talent really shines in his depictions of Zelda characters and scenes.

Thankfully, he’s dedicated September as his Zelda month on his deviantART page.

See more of this amazing art after the jump!

The painting that strikes a real chord with me personally is his depiction of young Link being awoken by Navi, presumedly after his adventures in Termina. You can see hanging on the wall of his tree house a child-like drawing of Clock Town with the moon plunging down. Outside the window you can see the Kokiri village at sunrise. And also, curiously, you can see a Pikachu mask on Link’s bed…

"Wake Up Link"

Another fantastic painting is Ry Spirit’s portrayal of Link endearing himself to Darunia. It’s really full of charm.

"I now call you Brother"

And finally, a straightforward portrait of Midna in her impish form. It makes me want to play Twilight Princess all over again!

Midna the Imp

Be sure to check out Ry Spirit’s deviantART page throughout this month for more wonderful Zelda art, not to mention all of the other amazing non-Zelda related paintings!

Source: deviantART
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