Everybody has friends, and we’re no exception here at Zelda Universe – but there is a pretty big difference between our friends and most people’s friends: all our friends have awesome gaming websites.

Here’s some of the newest highlights from some places outside the Universe you should be checking out. has launched its second annual Lozzies – a collection of awards given out to Zelda fansites all over the web for being the best of the best in several categories. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Our friends at Zelda Temple have a snazzy  new layout. Go check it out!

At Zelda Dungeon, another excellent article has been released: Majora’s Mask: It’s Okay to be Different. The article reviews all the things that made the game so unique, as well as so enjoyable.

Last but not least, an update has been posted by Zelda Reorchestrated,  a site which has made many beautiful orchestrated versions of the fantastic compositions for which The Legend of Zelda has always been known. The update is their first in over a month, so be sure to check it out.

  • TheMaverickk

    It's nice to see another article about Majora's Mask, that game really is a master piece. I really liked that they just focused on everything that made the game such a unique experience.

    The dungeons in the game are all memorable and the characters are all ones you find yourself bonded with by the end of the game. The atmosphere of Majora's Mask has yet to be duplicated in a Zelda game as well.

    I'd really love to see that game remade. All I would want would be a new graphics engine that mirrored the art style they were going for. As opposed to the fact that the game re-used OoT's engine for the most part. It's because of that so many people just thought it was a rehash of OoT elements. Yet in reality it was actually one of the most unique Zelda experiences in the last decade.

  • Lunchbox*

    After going to *some* of the sites listed, as well as a few others on the right, especially Zelda Temple, it really reminded me just how fantastic ZU looks. While Zelda Temple's new design is indeed quite snazzy, it's nothing compared to ZU's Temple design. I'd tap that.

    • ZTYusei

      Thank you for the comments. :3

  • Pete359

    Zelda Informer is a real friend to ZU </sarcasm>. I have an account there and in my profile it asked me how I heard about their site, I selected "Linked from" but when I check my profile it's automatically changed it to "Linked from Faggery Daggery Doo". Every time I tried to change it back it automatically changes back to the childish insult.

    That's really not nice considering ZU is giving them hits by linking to them

  • Neat! I love seeing what other sites have to offer, though, again, ZU is my mainstay for information.