At Zelda Universe we’re no strangers to Zelda marathons – we’ve been reporting on lots of them this summer. But even we are pleasantly surprised at the new Legend of Zelda Versus Marathon. The traditional aspects of Zelda marathons are present. This will be a live stream of gamers playing Zelda games for days on end, and the main goal here, as usual, is to accumulate funds for the admirable purpose of donating to a charity. The charity in this particular case is Child’s Play Charity, which collects and donates toys, books, money, and of course, video games, to sick children all over the world.

What sets this marathon apart from the others is the competitive aspect involved. The way this is being organized is surprisingly pretty simple: there will be predetermined goals set to achieve throughout the games, each worth a different amount of points, and whichever team accrues the most points when the marathon is complete will be designated the winner.

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These little benchmarks work much in the same way that Achievements for Xbox Live or Steam do, so if you’re familiar with those, you’ll likely be familiar with these Versus Marathon achievements as well. A list of the specific achievements for each game, along with the point values attributed to each of them, can be found here.

The competition starts on September 10th, and will run on for 60 hours (or longer if donations are substantial enough). There are currently two teams signed up: Ocean City Trinity and Triple Speed Runners. The winner of the competition gets to pick what games are played in the next Versus Marathon – but everybody knows the real prize is bragging rights among the Zelda gaming community.