Gorgeous grass.

AaronLite, a member at EmuTalk, has started a hi-res texture pack for the GameCube version of Twilight Princess.

While we certainly do not encourage emulation here at Zelda Universe, it is still nice to see an already gorgeous game made even more so by such a talented fan.

So far, there are only two sets of before and after comparison. And even still, it can be difficult to tell what exactly has been changed, but once you recognize the differences, it shows just how much better the already impressive Twilight Princess could have looked.

This is new ground. GameCube emulation and graphics hacks for said emulation are currently in beta only, and the Dolphin emulator remains full of bugs. We shouldn’t expect to see anything finished on this texture pack upgrade for quite some time, but we, for one, will be keeping tabs on this amazing project and will bring you more comparison shots as they become available.

More comparisons after the jump.





Source: EmuTalk
  • Wow, hi-res makes quite a beautiful difference.

  • i personally like the before pictures better. :/ especially on the bridge. i like how everything glows in the game so the modified one looks really boring and less appealing to me. but that’s just me… :p

  • EDracon

    in TP you can spawn all the beta monsters. Also, if your PC is strong enough, and has HD out, you can connect it to your TV and have HD Wii.

    • Didn't Nintendo release a set of Nintendo Wiis with HD enabled?

      • Laughing Tachikoma

        No. rumors have abounded since it came out that there was a mythical HD wii, or that one would be released in the future, but there has not been one released and chances are there won't be one released. The normal wiis don't have the hardware, and even if you did put an hdmi out port on the wii it wouldn't change the quality because the maximum res a wii can create is 480i. I suppose it would be possible if you were able to somehow run a wii emulator through homebrew on the wii itself, but i don't think that's possible, and even if it were it would be too much work for it to be worth it. I've done a bit of research on it cuz i wanted to hook it up to my pc monitor cuz it's waaay better that my 10 year old tv which is just about to die, but unfortunately it came to naught.

    • swic

      how does this work exactly, i have a pretty high end pc so i am very interested in knowing exactly how to do thig

  • Karnage

    looks decent now but in a few months or perhaps a year it would not be that good anymore. i prefer the skyward sword direction, it will be remembered as a beautiful game for a long time ( i played wind waker this year and it was still beautiful after all these years)
    realism unfortunately dies too soon in graphics.

    • CHACHA

      Wow. Well said.

  • Shadowknight1

    My computer would DIE!

  • Ashmic

    i don't understand my gamecube version looked just like that in the picture?
    like literally like that

  • wildcat3264

    Looks cool. A whole lot clearer, but the distance seems greater between things. Optical illusion?

  • WOW…. it looks cool 😀

  • therush

    Honestly who cares? The game was already beautiful. So they can have textures with higher resolution. If I wanted games with the most gorgeous graphics I would have bought a PS3. If I wanted games that were original and fun to play I'd by a Wii. Guess which console I currently own.

    • X4Dennis24

      i have a wii and ps3, they both have very original and fun games, ps3 isnt just about looks, it's fun as well. i cant stand it when ppl who only have one console say the others aren't as good and dont have any good or creative games.

      • FierceDeity

        True that, and then they get mad when people say the Wii is for kids. Ironic isn't it?

  • junjoweed

    Look at the "after" picture for the first set. It looks incredible. The detail of the leaves hanging from the wall really makes a difference as wildcate3264 said in depth perception. THIS is the art style that truly befits the wii's capabilities and the reason why so many people are disappointed with SS's art style.

    • Vibed

      You don't get it, this is too much for the Wii, its hi-res. I don't think that's the actual game in hi-res though. Just a texture pack like said in the article.

      • Vibed

        I also prefer the SS art style. 😛 It's more like traditional Zelda.

      • FierceDeity

        Actually, It isn't. Twilight Princess was pretty good in realistic graphics, and it was a GC game, the Wii has about 3 or 4 times the power of the GC, which is enough to pull this off. That's why some people say they should have made it as a Wii game, instead of porting it, because the GC's power made the textures a bit blurry, and the memory of it made a handful or so of content get dropped.

  • Keith

    Doesn't seem worth the hassle just for a graphical update. Now if there were new features…

  • X4Dennis24

    i always wondered what my Zelda would look like on my ps3 😛

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I would LOVE to use this, but my computer doesn't have that kind of power

  • doit

    DO IT. Dont cut any corners even if this takes years itll be worth it. People forget that the only Zelda games we will ever get are the ones that are either already out, or the ones that are new but have long development cycles in between games. So i say keep remaking them in all kinds of variations so that we can play through them again with a different take on the game.

    I am playing through the GC version of TP for the first time, although ive already finished TP on Wii many times over. The whole game is a mindblow because its completely reversed. Its like playing it again, but for the first time. Ocarina of Time on 3ds will be the same way. Im all for embracing alternate and updated versions. Its the only way to play the games over and have it feel new. I wish theyd re-release Wind Waker with all the extra dungeons they planned rather than the triforce quest that got tacked on in a hurry to finish the game.

  • EDracon

    Emulators are perfectly legal as long as you own the games you are playing on then.
    EX: I have a wii, with Twilight Princess, legally I can make one (1) backup and play it on my wii. Or, I can plug my wii into my computer with homebrew and play the disk from the Wii on my PC without a backup (yes, you can do that)

    It's legal, if you think it's not, you are an idiot.

    • Laughing Tachikoma

      geez, you shouldn't be so harsh. technically your method is legal, but 95% of people emulating didn't make their own backup. Chances are as well that you couldn't do it either. Very few disc drives support reverse-written discs, so you can't even open it on your pc, let alone save the iso.
      Also, unless you DO use the methods you listed, whether or not you own the game it is illegal to use/download the game. In that way you are wrong. legally, the copy has to be an EXACT copy of the EXACT game that you own, meaning your buddy down the streets disc will have a few different lines of code than your cousin's disc than your disc, and were you to use their backups you could get charged with absurdly huge fines (not that you ever would, it's just technicality).
      That's not to say that i don't download the iso's and emulate them, but I don't feel bad about it cuz I single handedly support the gamestop nearest me with all the nintendo games i buy

      • FierceDeity

        Emulators aren't illegal. Illegally downloading ROMs are.

  • Linktomyass

    so THERE!!!

    also.. TP with new graphics is still lame ass boring been there done that ho hum yawn watered down boredom sleep educing hum drum craptacular CRAP.

    /end rant/end run on sentence :493930 Error,Syntax1

    even if you loved TP. Graphics do nothing…. OMGRZ LOKIT THE GRASS!!! THIS GAME IS SO MUCH BETTER NOW! =no

    • EDracon

      You ever think that maybe some people just want the game to look nice along side of being good. It doesn't make the game better, it just makes it prettier, and after playing Ocarina of Time with an HD texture pack, I can say it makes a difference.

    • FierceDeity

      Oh troll troll is troll, troll.

  • Topaz Mutiny

    The texturing is very lovely, and I'd love to see other effects, like on Link/Epona, town settings, and water.

    However, I MUCH prefer the original TP's grass. Hi-res or no, I simply like the style of big puffy blades of grass more than the stringy-green-fur look the hi-res is going for.