Most people don’t usually rely on release dates given by stores, but Gamestop has listed April 1st as the release date for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. We often see the 1st, 15th, or 30th as placeholder dates at Gamestop, which is why this Gamestop release date may only be tentative.

It’s not a bad guess overall, considering that Nintendo has said that they are aiming for an early 2011 release date. However, April 1st ends up being a Friday, which is not a common day that Nintendo would  use to release a game in the states. Lately, Nintendo’s favorite day to release Zelda titles in the United States appears to be Monday, as Spirit Tracks, Phantom Hourglass, The Minish Cap, Four Swords Adventures, The Wind Waker, Four Swords, Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons were all released on the first day of the work week.

What’s also worth pointing out is that the list shows Skyward Sword being a Wii Motion Plus game. While most were already aware of this, might this be a hint that Skyward Sword will be bundled with the Wii Motion Plus accessory? Or perhaps even that there will be two versions of the game – one that uses Motion Plus, and one that doesn’t?

Hopefully, Nintendo will soon announce the actual release date of Skyward Sword, as I’m sure we’re all hoping for an even earlier release!

Source: GoNintendo
  • Ferisan

    April 1st,aka, April fools.. :l;;;

    Sorry if I take this one with a grain of salt, but if it's not an early april fools joke gamestop has in store, then SS will come sooner than expected, woot!

    • Yes, I'd advise taking it with a grain of salt. As mentioned in the post, GameStop usually lists tentative release dates. I wouldn't trust an official release date from anyone but Nintendo : P

    • Hellfire

      I think to that it's just an April's fools joke. Especially since it might be released 2010 in japan. Why wait four months for europe?

  • Steven

    game stop + April 1st= ignored

    • Shadow Darkman

      Oh, yeah, definitely taking this with a lot of salt.

      These are the same dumbasses that told my parents as we were buying Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Mom had asked about the as-of-yet untitled new game) that it was going to be a remake of the original NES game.

  • Art1st4786

    As the article said, Gamestop usually uses a placeholder date so they can take pre-orders, and they update their systems when they get the actual release date.

    Although early April would be awesome since my birthday is early April ^_^

    • Jamal

      My birthday is April 2ed so that would be totally awesome =)

  • Jarkes

    Yeah… Gamestop can't be trusted with this sort of thing. Remember when they said that a PS3 remake of Final Fantasy VII would be released in August 2007? And remember how that DIDN'T HAPPEN?

  • Oh, no, they're not going to get away with it like IGN did when they made that prank movie trailer for Zelda. Besides, I only believe in confirmed dates from the creator–Nintendo. So GS's estimation is, in my book, BS.

    (Pardon the obscene term, but the rhyme was too good to pass up). 8j

  • aw9000

    the fact that this lands directly on April 1st makes me wonder, what if they make another Zelda movie trailer like they did April 1st. Or even better a Fake joke about skyward sword telling us the release date has been delayed till 2012 nOOOOOOO!!!! haha im just kidding around 🙂

  • zmanfriman

    Ye, this is completely donkey BS.. I WILL NOT FALL FOR THIS! Is it true though?? JK no it ain't! ˆˆ/

  • ChainofTermina

    eh, at this early point, Gamestop knows as much about the release date as that ladybug on my window sill over there, so, yeah, not buying it…………no, wait, yes I will buy the game, but not buying the- oh never mind.

    speaking of release dates, (I know this is kinda random and irrelevant on this site, but) does anyone know the release date for Metroid Other M? it's supposed to be some time round now, right?

    • Muskiok

      Tomorrow, actually. August 31st.

      • ChainofTermina

        cool, thanks. Let's see if Gamestop agrees. :S

  • KingOfHeart

    So fake. No one would be foolish enough to release something important on April 1st. They would lose a lot of sales.

  • LinksZelda12

    I work at gamestop, and ill be the first to tell you it is not for an april fools joke, it is only a placeholder. Chances are it will be released after April 1st because when a placeholder is given for titles, they are usually set with a street date after the placeholder date. I cant wait for Skyward Sword either! And as soon as a Street date is announced, i will definitely be posting somehting about it!

    • zelda freak

      i agree i strong-lee agree with you

  • lol

    the original source was knights of hyrule not gonintendo. You should you update that

  • TheyCallMeTim?

    i work at an F.Y.E …and i told you guys this like …forever ago..WHY NOONE LISTEN TO ME ?! …oh, and for god sakes, this time believe me on the 3DS release date..and its December 15th..please reply dangit

    • An image such as the one in this newspost would be appreciated. However, the official release date of the 3DS is set to be announced on September 29th.

      • TheyCallMeTim?

        omgoodness….ur pretty lol …and i shall take a pic before i quit friday lol

        • Hah, thank you! Please don't think that we were ignoring you. It's just hard to write speculative news stories about unannounced release dates without *some* sort of proof.

          • TheyCallMeTim?

            where u want me to send the pic? i have twitter… @TimHumpernickle

          • You can use our news submission form:

          • TheyCallMeTim?

            thanks much, i did post it in there..its not the greatest quality..but it proves it 😀

  • Keith

    April Fools came mega early!

  • TheMaverickk

    I've been saying that Skyward Sword would come out most likely in mid to late March. If this ends up being the real release date then I'd say that that my guess was really close.

    Personally I'd say that March is still a highly possible launch month for SS, seeing as this April 1st is date is tentative and may not mean anything else. Really it will all come down to when the 3DS is being released… since the two releases are certainly going to be spaced apart.

  • I'll be happy if it comes with Wii MotionPlus, but I already bought one just for this game! I can't return it now, and I don't need two.

    • zelda freak

      i know right

      • zelda freak

        i just got my self reddy i got a blue wii remote plus for links sword closes color i can get and a black numchuck

  • James

    It says a release dote set for April 1st, so it'll be an April Foold joke.

    • zelda freak

      hm or is it 0___o

  • frank

    i think February 21st 2011 would be a great date to release the game. anyone knows WHY?

    • Shadowknight1

      Cause that's the day before my birthday and I'd love this game for my birthday?

      • The first lynching in America took place?

        • nigelxd

          I lol'd

    • DRayX

      25th anniversary of the launch of the original Zelda in Japan, I have been speculating for a while that they would do something on this day, and when it was announced that Skyward Sword would have an early 2011 release I figured it had to be February 21st. If not Skyward Sword I would guess they will do something.

  • James

    In England they usually release games on Firday or over the weekend.

  • Alexmd7

    Im 49% sure it will be release on march 21th, the same week as wind waker or at least that month i bet. What do you yhink??

  • Taha Soysal

    Of all the release dates available, Gamestop had to pick April 1st……

    Surely no one is fooled by this. Right?

  • kayasto

    its obviously an April fools joke :l im putting my bets on jan or feb of next year cause nintendo said it may be out for japan by the end of the year, i dont think it'll be as late as april

  • Gmstop Fail


    • zelda freak

      or is it 0__o

    • hithesre

      they said to me april 2

  • Hero of Winds1

    Probably fake…

    • zelda freak

      or is it 0__o

  • beyerballler54

    Im guessing it will be bundled with the wii motion plus. Theyre trying to transition the wii towards using it to make it a better experience. But theres no way there will be a non-wii motion plus version.

    • zelda freak


  • zelda freak


  • zelda freak

    that would be sweet

    • zelda freak

      but i checked walmart it said 1/1/11

      • zelda freak

        ok now i checked again 1/31/11

        • ???

          now i checked game stop and it said April 2 2011 and a guy said November 2013 but i know it sooner

  • zelda freak

    OK look at the photo it says

    zelda sky ward sword wmp

    wmp stands for wii motion plus so its going to come with it

  • zelda freak

    i check walmart best buy and game stop it said release date 1/1/11 and i mean all

  • ???

    now i checked twice im confused

  • I am.confused I am on a droid and on walmart mobile it says it is in stock and no release date but on the computer it says 1/31/11 and you have to pre order it can eng one help me… pleases! !!! I am curintly playing ocarina of time it is amazing.then I will play majorias mask. ; D

  • zelda freak

    OK a lot of stuff is going on fans like on twilight princess they changed the release date a lot also with super smash brothers brawl they are take there time checking and playing the game twice and see if it is perfect but as long as i wait im buying that game and they will make sure game the game is great

  • slvblrn

    Why does the article even bother speculating on whether there will be two versions of the game (one with Wii MotionPlus and one without)? That is so obviously not going to happen. The entire game is designed around the one-to-one motion controls. It wouldn't even work without those controls. How would you attack an enemy accurately? They are not going to program and design the combat, boss battles, and puzzles twice just so motion-haters can mash buttons.

  • zoyd

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  • Marko

    Who knows, I hope it would be release as soon as posible.

  • Yan

    I checked on Best Buy online, and their release date is for July 2011…who knows when it will be!

  • zeldafreak

    well now April 28 nothing it might be later

  • Zelda man

    Its all a lie its real relese date at game stop is november 2 2011