New Content for Ocarina of Time

A Guest Article by Joshua Lindquist

Last time, I wrote about how Ocarina of Time could be streamlined to work better on the Nintendo 3DS. All of those changes were based on more recent Zelda titles. However, remaking Ocarina of Time also gives the developers an opportunity to add completely new content to the game.

New content doesn’t need to change the original game. Instead, it should be optional content that aims to make the game better without changing the original experience. Because of this, I think the best idea is for all of this content to become available to players only after completing the original game.

One of the best ways to add new content that players actually want to finish would be to add dungeons to accompany them. These should be complete dungeons with enemies, puzzles, a boss, and possibly even new items.

Unfreeze Zora’s Domain

Even though Sheik saves Princess Ruto and Link saves King Zora, the rest of Zora’s Domain is never rescued during the game. After defeating Ganon, players should be able to complete a series of events to unfreeze Zora’s Domain and be rewarded.

It would be appropriate for Death Mountain to hold the key to unfreezing Zora’s Domain. This is similar to what happened in Twilight Princess, but rather than a large rock Link should find another flame-based item to do the job. The item could be hidden in an optional dungeon in Death Mountain Crater.

So what is this item? It could just be a pendant of some sort, but I think a weapon would be more interesting. How about an upgraded Din’s Fire or Bombos Medallion? Din’s Fire would just be a more powerful version of the item you already obtain before completing the game. Bombos Medallion is a more interesting alternative because it opens the possibly for adding the other two medallions (Ether and Quake) into the game as well.

The Unicorn Fountain

The fabled Unicorn Fountain has been sought by players for years. It was shown in early screenshots of Ocarina of Time, but didn’t make it into the final game. The rumors surrounding the fountain claim that it was where the Sword Beam was obtained, and it was believed to be beneath the ice in Zora’s Domain.

Rather than just giving player’s access to the fountain after unfreezing Zora’s Domain, completing the unfreezing event should open up access to another dungeon. That dungeon should eventually lead to the Unicorn Fountain and give players the Sword Beam.

One More Optional Dungeon

Obtaining the Sword Beam should open up access to one more dungeon for players to enter. This could be anywhere, but I think a popular choice would be the Temple of Light. The Temple of Light was part of the original game and was removed during development. There was even a gold-colored tunic to go with it.

I don’t think adding the tunic back into the game would serve any purpose, but there should be a reward worth completing all three dungeons to obtain.

The Cave of Ordeals

The Wind Waker introduced the idea of a large underground area where monsters from around the world exist. Each level takes Link further underground to battle more dangerous monsters. Surviving the underground labyrinth leads Link, and the player, to a reward.

The area appeared again in Twilight Princess with the name “The Cave of Ordeals.” Unfortunately, completing it in Twilight Princess didn’t lead to an amazing reward.

I suggest that the dungeon be added into Ocarina of Time to add an extra challenge for players.

Second Meeting with Zelda

At the end of the game, you see Link going to speak with Princess Zelda while they are both still children. We’ve been told that they decide not to do anything about Ganondorf this time and it prevents him from even taking over Hyrule.

The events at the beginning of Majora’s Mask show us that Link has Epona as a child and the Ocarina of Time is given to him by Zelda before he leaves Hyrule.

Players should be able to play through these events. Let us talk with Zelda the second time, get Epona as a kid, and leave Hyrule with the Ocarina of Time in hand. Lead us up to the events of Majora’s Mask.

Better yet, put Majora’s Mask in the game.

Let us experience the transition between Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, and then let us play through the latter. I’m not sure if this is possible on a DS card, but I think it would be a neat feature to have as a sort of “second quest” that is actually a “second game.”

Like previous second quests, this feature should allow you to start a new file. Otherwise, you would be unable to complete the rest of the new content as Adult Link.

The Secondary Goal of All of These Changes

Why secondary? The primary goal should always be to make the experience enjoyable, and as much as I would like for Nintendo to focus on some other areas (story and timeline specifically), they will never add or remove something from the game for the sake of other things.

All of these changes have this secondary goal in mind: completing the Ocarina of Time story and adding continuity to the timeline.

All of the new dungeons would complete missing parts of the story in Ocarina of Time. What happens after Zora’s Domain is unfrozen? Where does the Temple of Light fit into all of this?

Adding the medallions, sword beam, and Cave of Ordeals would add continuity to the storyline. Specifically, what are the origins of the medallions? How did the Hero first learn of the sword beam technique? And is there a story behind the existence of the Cave of Ordeals?

And of course, showing us what happened between the end of Ocarina of Time and beginning of Majora’s Mask would give us the rest of the story of the Hero of Time.

Recently, Nintendo, specifically Eiji Aonuma, has tried to make the timeline easier to understand without specifically telling us the exact chronological order of the games. These changes fall into that same category.

One more stop…

I’ve written three articles discussing what should, could, and shouldn’t be changed in the remake of Ocarina of Time. The last part will be a little different as I take a look at what the lasting impact of Ocarina of Time 3D will be, and I’m not talking about 3D.

  • X x7

    Great article, and I agree with every point you made! Just reading this makes me feel like they're gonna put it in the game, and I couldn't be more exited!

  • P.U.B.L.I.C

    How awesome would it be if there were two games in one=p majora's mask right after Oot? kinda like LttP with FSA on the same game boy cartridge!!!

  • maefreak

    I would love to see these changes to take place. They all seem to make good ense to be there and not an over the top kind of ideas. So yes I approve. ';;/;'

  • Peter

    This all sounds amazing! Tell Nintendo to do this, and add more to the already amazing game!

  • widdledragon

    I totally agree on the unfreezing zora's domain!

  • Matthew

    I'm not sure about actually putting both OoT and MM in one game… but it would be cool to have a connection of the two, like a cutscene showing young Link leaving on Epona, followed by the intro cutscene of MM. But maybe not the whole thing, just Skull Kid lurking in the shadows behind him >_>

  • Muskiok

    What do you mean there was no great reward for finishing the cave of ordeals in TP? It gave you free fairy access all across Hyrule and the fairy's tears. Seriously, something doesn't have to be an item to be great. Don't be greedy!

    And I'm not sure I like the idea of adding all that content *after* defeating Ganondorf. I would actually prefer that if anything was added, it would be added into the main story itself; you know, shake things up a little. Because really, we know Ocarina of Time so well, if it weren't for the new graphics and 3D, OoT 3DS would be kind of… well, boring, if nothing was changed. Also, putting all that after the end, after the climax, would kind of ruin the story, don't you think? I mean, that's taking a standard plot curve, going steady till the peak, and then… going steady back down? Nobody would really want a story like that- and I certainly wouldn't want that in a game with a story as strong as Zelda. So what I'm saying is; sure, include extra stuff. Maybe even add an unexpected plot element not in the original, but do it during the game, not after.

    Now, as far as Majora's Mask goes, that's a great idea. I'd love a second game. Especially since I love MM so much, and even filling the plot gap in between (though with cut-scenes and maybe a little gameplay, not a few extra dungeons here and there). The only problem with that I foresee is, (1) space on the card, though 2 GB is pretty large, and (2) incontinuity within the same game card: meaning that you'd lose all your hearts and all your stuff in between games, which wouldn't make sense, especially if you directly linked the plots.

    One thing that you didn't mention though (or maybe you implied it and I misunderstood), is that you could finish the game, and then be able to play it again with dungeons and other geographical/gameplay elements switched around (similar to master quest, but it could even be more in-depth, ex: what if you got items in a different order? What if bosses switched dungeons? The dungeon layout would have to be altered to account for the items you had at that time, and would still have to fit the theme of the boss and location as well. Just a thought). If your still confused, think Luigi's Mansion. After beating the game, you could start a new game over the old one, but with the mansion layout entirely changed. Story elements stayed exactly the same, but the game was different because things were in different places.

    There, I think that's everything I wanted to say. Don't blast me for my opinions! Oh, and in other news, I finally got to play the Wind Waker! And I loved it completely!

    • Muskiok

      Whoops, left out a couple words in the third paragraph. It was supposed to be "…even filling the plot gap in between would be ok…"

    • Anteo

      incontinuity is not a problem, the skull kid curses you at the begining of the game. He could also take away every heart you got in your first quest, forcing you to start with 3 hearts.

    • Crazymallets

      pretty much agree with what you're saying.

    • "Because really, we know Ocarina of Time so well, if it weren't for the new graphics and 3D, OoT 3DS would be kind of… well, boring, if nothing was changed."

      Do consider that OoT 3D will certainly bring some new fans to the series – younger people who haven't played the original.

    • Hydra

      Not sure how you ended up with a negative overall vote…

      I pretty much agree with everything you just said. Putting stuff after the Ganondorf fight (especially if Link is still an adult) would be terribly anticlimactic.

  • captane falcone

    wow, good points. it would be awesome to visit hyrule after ganondorf is defeated and see how things have changed. also, there should be new side-quests along with new areas to explore.

  • GenoKID

    I don't see the added story sequences OR unfreezing Zora's Domain happening. I thought what happened between OoT and MM WAS clear enough, but I don't see any room for it. I like the new dungeon idea; something like the Gerudo training ground or the color dungeon. I don't know if I could see the Temple of Light, in SS maybe, but it would be awesome.

    By the way, the unicorn fountain IS in the original game, I found it.

    • Yeah, it was there, because G-KID here got so hyped up on Mountain Dew while playing Ocarina of Time late one night that he imagined two great unicorn heads rising from a secret stage in the Ice Cavern.

      Or so the Legend goes…

  • idea

    The Desert is a good place to hide new content, as well as Kokiri forest. A Majoras Mask-esque story event that is non dungeon related could be added to the Ranch. Maybe a different version of Agithas bug collecting quest. Expanded Mask related events, additional town minigames, etc etc. Also, update the graphics in the fishing hole area because its pretty flat as is.

  • I don't get why people are so interested in unfreezing Zora's Domain. The ending credits show the area unfrozen and restored (though empty, of course, because everyone was at that party). The player is meant to understand that it would unfreeze on its own from the moment he or she beat the temple. There are no loose ends to tie up involving Zora's Domain.

    • X x7

      What we want is to PLAY in the unfrozen area of Zoras Domain as an adult, and to have another dungeon or something because of that. Maybe a Melted Ice Cavern?

  • Matt

    What i would like is Shiek to have a more prominent role in the game and have her take over for Navi at some points in the game, or maybe follow Link around like she did in the manga. as for the un freezing Zoras Domain , I say HELL YES, let the secret temple exist and add some more fun into it because if i can beat the game in 3 hours or less then it definitely needs more in it. maybe not a huge plot twist but diff puzzles to make it harder like master quest did. the freaking fire temple gave me more hell than the water temple and that was sad T_T. on a diff note… I just had the urge to cosplay as Link this halloween 😀

    • ChainofTermina

      YES! I completely agree with the Sheik thing. you know that official art picture where Link and Sheik are together backed into a corner, surrounded by stalfos and Sheik actually has a frick'n dagger? well I'm STILL pissed that that was never in the game! yeah, totally, Sheik should SO be more active.

  • ChainofTermina

    All pretty good ideas, though I don't know how you'd be able to stay in the future after you defeat Ganon. and how the hell are they gonna put ALL of OoT plus bonus stuff and ALL of MM plus bonus stuff all on one cartridge?

    • Vibed

      The original games size was 32 MB, a 3DS cartridge is 2GB minimum, that's 32 OoTs. Granted, it's a remake, so it will be bigger. MM was 64MB, so that's 16 MMs.

      I think it's safe to say both could fit, but I find it more likely MQ will be included.

  • Reading through the article, I was reminded of something I had considered a while back…the continuous dropping of weapons. OoT featured the widest variety of weapons/items in all the Zelda games. In MM, the item count went down to one screen-ful (this is not counting the masks). In TP, the weapons rose back to a more comfortable level.

    And SS (Skyward Sword), we have been told that the count would fall yet again. Nintendo heads Aonuma and Miyamoto (I might not have their names right…) stated that the items would be much fewer but will be used more frequently. I feel cheated this way.

    Things should return to the way they were. As in OoT, I hope to see an abundance of tools appear; maybe some new, maybe some revived. Just bring back that awesome experience and I'll be content as a lark.

  • Kevin

    After reading the comments here, it looks more like you guys want a completely new zelda game. Don't forget it's just a simple remake with 3d effect and better graphics, I highly doubt they will bother with unfreezing zoras domain, putting majoras mask in the game etc… just dont forget it's a remake not a new game

    • mee

      Nintendo was saying that "it's not just a port" they will be adding new things and they said that they are "fixing the water temple" as well.

      they're not going as far as to ad MM but maybe the Masters Quest.

      but it would be nice if they did add all of the things that were said here

  • aw9000

    I think they should add some links with skyward sword, like how somethings looked similar in the lttp remake on the gba, and with wind waker. There should be some connections.

  • Nessy

    Good Read. I liked how you threw around some fun ideas. I thought it was interesting when you noted that new content could come after the completion of the main game, but I don't think it would necessarily have to, especially when considering Muskiok's points on the structure of the game's plot.

    I imagine the chances of new features are very high, as I don't think Nintendo will take the purist approach of a straight port with a face lift and impressive 3D effects. Surely they will not allow the original experience to bogged by excessive changes, but I do believe new content will come at the cost of some manipulation to the original game.

    Take Super Mario 64 DS' playable character system. Whilst it was new and exciting to play as Yoshi, Luigi and Wario, it came at a cost of redistributing Mario's invisible and and metal power-ups to Luigi and Wario respectively. Also with the additional 30 stars and extra courses came some revised levels/stages/acts/missions/however you'd describe the star collecting system.

    All of these features were added with the simple premise of giving more to the player than the original game did. They could have offered these as bonus features at completion of the main game, but they instead took the risk of merging the new with the old, which can often result in p'd off fanboys. Instead, it resulted in a much more consistent and original experience.

    I am confident Nintendo can do this with Ocarina of Time, even if it means a little bit of change here and there. As long as the bulk of the game and it's atmosphere is left intact, put me down for some cool new features. Once again, fun read. Cheers.

  • triforceguy1

    It may not be possible to add two games to one cartridge but how about a second cartridge that comes with OoT, kinda like they did with the windwaker gold edition

    Sometimes I actually think that Nintendo visits these website every now and again

  • peter

    in response to Second meeting with Zelda, there is a major flaw in the story of Ocarina of Time.
    collecting the three stones as child link and taking the to the temple of time is what allows gannon to take over hyrule in the first place. if the door to the sacred realm hadnt been open when link takes master sword he wouldnt have to go around to all those 6 temples/dungeons and collect the medallions and ultimately fight gannondorf.

  • Volroc

    i agree with Temple of Light (but before Ganondorf) make us earn our light medallion 🙂

    Unfreeze Zoras Domain? definitely& it should be after you beat the Water Temple,but necessarily after Ganondorf. but no medallions, stick to the Spells.

    Unicorn Fountain, yes i want it simply to shut up all the fake videos on youtube.

    Gold/Yellow tunic i think it should be added, who knows what it could be used for,but thats the fun of it 😀

    Cave of Ordeals should definitely be added cuz that would be EPIC!

    MM connected, ya i like it, but i dont think they should, but i do think they should put a cameo of the opening area thats in the Lost woods from MM, that would be so cool 😀

    2nd Meeting with Zelda should happen, then you should be able to go all over Hyrule as child/adult Link whenever you like& re-fight the Bosses whenever you want (like in MM just you Play Song of Time in the Boss room)

    thats simply my opinion 🙂

  • Askorak

    If they did this it would make me ecstatic/dance/fly/org/explode!
    These changes would be so much fun to play!
    If they did this, I don't think there would be anyone who played OoT and then stopped with the Zelda series that wouldn't buy this!
    The changes would also bring more of a continuity to the game and allow for a better flowing and more explained timeline.
    A+ in my opinion, I can't wait!

  • Rikki

    All that would be cool, but I think you're asking for too much.

  • LadyBastet

    Here's my idea for explaining the Link between OoT and Majora's Mask:

    While Link is still a child in OoT, before he gather's all the sacred stones, he should complete a quest(s) in order to gain the ability to ride the baby Epona across Hyrule. That is how he gains the horse before MM. He can also ride Epona (as a child and adult) to more places across Hyrule.

    While in Kokiri Forest, as a child, Link can hear legends/tales/stories about a faraway land from the Skull kid in the Lost Woods. Remember that young Link and a Skull Kid got along in OoT. Maybe a quest can occur, after which the Skull Kid can be like "Yay! Now I can travel to other lands!" Hence the skull kid. The Kokiri people also can tell Link stories about how people in the Lost Woods find themselves in strange new lands (Termina anyone?).

    Last, the game should explain why Navi leaves Hyrule after the game. In MM Link is looking for a 'Lost and Valuable Friend' who most people think is Navi. OoT should now explain why Navi decides to venture to a new world.

    That's how I think the Link (pun intended) between OoT and MM could occur. It seems to connect everything, but if you have more ideas, feel free to list them. It doesn't, in my opinion, jeopardize the end of OoT after the battle of Ganondorf, and I think it adds enjoyable content to the game.

    Oh, and MM could have Links to the Hyrule adventures as well, if that's released for 3DS 🙂

  • John

    What I think would be cool is that after you beat the game, instead of playing as young link or adult link, you can play as a link in the middle ( like MM Link). By doing that would open a lot more new content

    I also think bringing some content from the manga would be cool like link getting a pet dragon, going around hyrule market with zelda, and training with impa.

    I really like all the ideas from the coments and the article. I mostly like getting to ride epone after beating the game and the light temple sounds cool. What I don't like is playing MM after beating the game. I would rather just focus on OoT, but showing how MM came to be would be interesting.

  • Shawn Mitten

    I say no to all, because The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a great game and it is my favorite Zelda game, I am just looking for updated graphics and that is all, OoT is great just how it is and if they add stuff it would just rune it for me. I love Zelda more than anything and Ocarina of Time is the best game ever only game to hold #1 game for 12 years straight this year being the 12th, so the should not change it at all.
    The Biggest Legend of Zelda fan in the Universe
    -Shawn Mitten

    • Lovanforg

      I compleatly agree the only thing added that would be good is MQ and nothing else should be changed

  • This is the final night…Marshall Quinn must become a Red Sox fan!

  • Laughing Tachikoma

    I also think that Sheik should play a more major role in the game, but i guess that would be changing the story a little too much… but multiplayer anyone? Co-op during the main story is the one thing that i've always wanted in a zelda game but never got. It would work pretty well in OOT, with the party leader playing Link and the second player as Sheik (maybe third and fourth as a Hyrule guard or Gerudo).

    As far as including MM goes, that's not even worth mentioning, it will not happen. That's like little kids who ask why there's not a system that plays wii, ps3 and 360 games on one machine: It would be a waste of money on Nintendo's part. Of course the idea of there being issues with the memory probably isn't realistic, cuz N64 carts had a maximum of 64 megabytes of memory, vs the 4 gigabytes used in some ds games (the 3ds will probably have at least 6 gigabytes per cart).
    As far as optional quests AFTER the main game go, you need to be able to save after you beat Gannon lol. That's one of the biggest annoyances i've had with zelda games, you can never technically get it to 100% completion because you save before the final boss fight. But, optional quests in the middle of the game would be a great addition.

    Haha, there should also be a few new items that you can use to defeat Gannon, like the bottle in OOT and the FISHING ROD!!! in TP. oh, and the fishing rod should also be an item you can carry around with you so you can catch fish anywhere.

  • juaN

    i agree with it all but adding majoras mask it would be nice for new dungeons but that would make it a whole new game and change many perspectives

  • Tuf Pic

    Personally, I'd also like to see these changes, but I think that Link should be a Hylian/Kokiri hybrid, even though he grows up, he has NEVER been shown to GROW OLD, so he could still be eternally young…

    Besides, PETER PAN, the "boy who refused to grow up" is shown to have done PRESICELY THAT in the movie "Hook", & he not only grew up, but grew into a middle-aged man…

  • sheiko

    i have my own ideas:
    1.wind temple:it should floating over hyrule field
    2.turtle rock:in the goron city
    3.inside biggoron:it should by a side quest,for example to cure its pancreas problems
    4.ENTER INTO HYRULE CASTLE story,climax caused by the creation of the split in the timeline