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As the days and the weeks and the months pass, we indeed find ourselves moving closer and closer to the release of Skyward Sword. It creates an air of anticipation that is almost overwhelming, does it not?

While waiting for the newest installment in the Legend of Zelda series, what better way to learn to appreciate and respect the art that is The Legend of Zelda than to take a retrospective look at the history of the franchise?

In this new article, IGN does just that. Taking an in depth look at the origins of the series, the article starts with what is perhaps the single most famous gaming prelude of all gaming preludes: The Legend of Zelda for NES. The article discusses how the elements of the original Zelda game combined to set it apart as a unique entity – and one to be respected.

The article is a very in depth look at the history of our  beloved games, and I wouldn’t recommend any of you go without reading through it. Compelling, informative… and best of all, it helps you to establish a better understanding and respect for the amazing action-adventure games.

Check the source for the full 9 page article: History of Zelda.

Source: IGN
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  • X x7

    It's nice to have a reminder of our old, and beloved games that we all know and love.

  • Planders

    Well, that article is old as shit, they just put some ST and SS stuff at the end.

    • JordanChi

      oh you

      • Marcus

        Thats correct! I reed this article years ago and as you say-it is now complemented witch Spirit Tarck and Skyward Sword information!

      • ChainofTermina

        that picture's kinda old too. 😉

        • Chad

          If you're talking about the Miyamoto picture then of course it's old that's from E3 and besides Zelda Universe reuses pictures and they have every right to.

          • ChainofTermina

            Calm down, I was just teasing. See the little wink? that means it was just a lighthearted quip. I know ZU reuses pictures and I'm fine with that. :p

  • Planders

    Then it isn't a "while we wait" kind of article as it's suggested here.

  • I don't care how old the article is; it's just nice to have the history of Zelda installed in your head. To me, any way of refreshing the memory on the experiences you had when young is worth it.