Whoa, has it been nearly two weeks already? Looks like it has! This is just to remind all you folks who have not yet entered our Great Skyward Sword Giveaway that you only have until midnight tomorrow, EST, to submit your entry! If you’re still unsure what to submit, keep thinking – and the submission form will automatically close at midnight tomorrow.

For contest details, including what to and how to enter, you can view the original contest post here. Good luck to all entrants, and we’ll have the results for you sometime around a week after tomorrow!

  • X x7

    Holy crap WHAT? This is the last day?! I have to think of something as fast as possible! People PLEASE give me suggestions!

    • I'm afraid I'm not going to submit either, but you could try to do a Microsoft Paint portraiture of you profile picture. That way they'd know it was you and you can still be the most ex[c]ited about it. Or maybe write a poem, if you're literally gifted, describing how you're going to whoop tail on Skyward Sword if–and when–you beat it.

    • ChainofTermina

      die your hair blonde, then paint your body green, white, and brown so you look like Link when your naked…………………………………………….what?

      • ChainofTermina

        btw, in case the stiffs can't tell, thats a joke. please don't do it.

  • Awakening

    I guess by midnight you mean Friday Night (as opposed to midnight Friday morning)


  • X x7

    Yeah, but I'm as exited as anyone else is!

    • KyleLink

      Obviously. Luckily I finished mine when I first heard about it. :3

    • Chad

      hahah that's not good enough you have to be MORE excited than everyone else. Hmm i'm not doing one but maybe try drawing a picture or something else . I had a real good idea but it would have taken the full two weeks plus I didn't have the materials.

      • KyleLink

        Ah i'd like to know what your idea was. I had this idea then made a pic. I don't think it's that great though. 🙂

  • Matthew

    You mean I shouldn’t of painted my naked body green and send in a picture as my submission?….

    Uh oh……….

  • Awakening

    Are there any rules in regards to what music we can use if we made a video?

  • Awaknening

    Any rules regarding what music we can use in our videos?

  • I am too exited, but I'm about to excite the building.

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