It’s awesome when someone keeps their promise – Nigel Silva, featured in our fan music spotlight a few days ago, has already completed two music requests! For the curious, these include the Windmill theme from Ocarina of Time, as well as the Hyrule Castle theme from A Link to the Past.

You can download them below, or head to Nigel Silva’s fan music page to get his entire music collection, which currently consists of five pieces. And don’t forget that you can suggest more music for him to create in the comments or by emailing him at nigelxd [at]

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View Nigel Silva’s entire fan music list >>


  • triforceguy1

    Windmill doesn't work for me, it just says file could not be found 🙁

    I've heard previous work though and it's really good, keep it up Nigel

  • Shaelyn

    Hyrule Castle isn't working for me either:

    File/Song Name: Zelda Hyrule Castle.??? (Unknown Extension)

  • Topaz Mutiny

    Noooooo, Windmill doesn't work. D:

    But Hyrule Castle works fine.

  • Jason Rappaport

    Fixed the Windmill one :3

  • Christian

    None of these links for mp3's ever work on this site.

    • Jason Rappaport

      Of course they do! I just downloaded them now. What links aren't working for you? They just take you through a download page first.

      • SorceruzLink


      • SorceruzLink

        THIS IS WHAT I GET "Your Download Key has expired. If you wish to download this file again, you must renew your Download Key. Press OK to renew your Key."

        • Jason Rappaport

          That's top prevent people from download spamming the site. It helps preserve our bandwidth so that the site doesn't go down from crazy downloaders.

          Click the ORIGINAL link again to begin downloading. You'll get a new download ticket. You can't just reload the page; that's what it's designed to prevent.

          • Revthemoronoftime

            My link's fine, I don;t know what all the fuss is about =
            + The music's great.

  • I have several editions of the Windmill Theme; otherwise I'd get it. But the Hyrule Castle one is awesome!

  • savant

    This dude is a musical idiot savant. If he was any good at the elements of music that are actually difficult (composition, form, creativity) he would already be a success. But he hes no creative talent, he can only reiterate the great works of others. No different than an idiot savant, or any one of the millions of dudes in guitar center who can shred their ass off yet cant write 1 decent original work.

    PS, is anyone going to upload some real news? Such as the tons of videos of Skyward Sword coming out of gamescom? Who cares about this dudes youtube channel etc. lets get some Skyward Sword news up for christs sake. Hate to be a bitch but…

    • Hey, maybe they're showing this stuff on some of the affiliate sites. I bet if you searched there you might find what your expecting, er, looking for. ;'D

    • Revthemorornoftime

      Well you're just lovely -_- I'd love to see you do a better job than him, it's called recognising and appreciating someone else’s creativity by making your own tribute to it.
      You obviously don't care for the brilliance of Zelda soundtrack like Nigel does.

    • nigelxd

      your music is..where?

  • mattj

    Beautiful. Just Beautiful. Thank you man!!

  • Xephonai

    I figured it out, it's just the display in firefox is all messed up. The html coding for firefox is a little different when displayed vs IE

  • Nigel

    Thanks everyone!
    I'm working on Ballad of the Windfish and Tal Tal Heights now 😀

    • nigelxd

      lol I has an account now :3

  • DanielHendrycks

    Could you do

    ? (zreo's is bad)

    • nigelxd

      haha, sure thing man :3