Our longest-running interactive story has received yet another update, this time by fellow Zelda fan Legacy of Link. If you thought Dark Heart was finished in Part 12… well, just keep reading! You might be surprised what happens…

For the uninitiated, our interactive stories are community-written fan fiction works where a new person submits each successive chapter. It looks like Dawn of Shadows could come to a thrilling conclusion in just a few more parts – who will be the person to write the spectacular climax and, ultimately, the ending? It could be you, if you submit one of the next several parts!

To find out more about how to submit your chapters to our interactive stories, and to read more of them, check out our Interactive Stories hub page.

  • mufosta

    first! Now off to read part 13 haha

  • Oh, sweet! I figures chapter 12 was the last one, but I'm stoked to see how the story is continued. I'm going to find out right now. ;P

  • yo


  • ChainofTermina

    wow……I just read all the latest chapters and…….well, we sure do have some aspiring young writers, eager to, uh, write. around part 11 the story sure does start to get……different. but I suppose thats what happens in interactive stories. inconsistency is….inevitable, isn't it?