So Zelda, but not.

When you think “Zelda clone” the usual suspects come to mind. . . Okami, 3D Dot Game Heroes, and the Neutopia games (if you’re in the know). So it’s no surprise that Everyview’s “Top Five Legend of Zelda Clones” list mentions all three.

What is surprising is that they missed the most obvious (at least to us): Guardian of Paradise.

To the uninitiated, Guardian of Paradise is a free PC game designed to feel like a 16 bit The Legend of Zelda game, skirting the line of  plagiarism. You hammer poles blocking your progress, you solve puzzles, you push blocks, you activate switches – there are even woods with one repeating screen à la “the Lost Woods.” Even the graphics resemble those of  A Link to the Past and The Minish Cap in some strikingly obvious ways (such as the trees, shrubbery, and grass).

But back to Everyview’s article:

While they failed to mention Guardian of Paradise, they do bring to light two Zelda clones we had never heard of, and they are certainly worth checking out.

You can read their full article at their site.

Source: Everyview
  • Hombre de Mundo

    How can they leave out Soleil? I love that game…

    • ríomhaire

      Agreed. One of the best action adventures ever.

    • Someone

      Soleil, though it is a hard game, is kinda far of a Zelda game, you know.

      • ríomhaire

        Hard? I actually find it quite easy. Could just be because I've played it so many times I know if off by heart.

  • 3D Dot Game Heroes came to mind the very second I read this article. I've never played any game which is supposed to play "homage" to this series, but I would like to see what the competition is like also.

  • I've played Okami. Definitely NOT a Zelda clone.

    • Adam

      Yes, claiming it's a Twilight Princess clone (which I assume is the implication) not only shows that Bastian obviously only ever played one of these games, but is doubly ridiculous when you consider that Okami was released around 7 months BEFORE Twilight Princess.


      • bastian

        Actually, I have played Twilight Princess (of course) and have also played Okami (can't wait for Okamiden!).

        The reason I feel that Okami is a Zelda clone has zilch to do with Twilight Princess and more how the puzzles, items, heart containers, style of humor, the field-to-dungeon construct , the annoying-little-guide constantly-telling-you-how-to-do-things . . . really EVERYTHING screamed "Zelda" to me when I played it.

        And then to find out that Clover were huge Zelda fans and were intentionally trying to create something Zelda like came as no surprise.

      • Dax

        Um he said Okami is a Zelda clone, in general, not specifically a Twilight Princess clone. And yes, Okami was inspired by the previous 3D Zelda games, as I believed quoted by the creators themselves. So…you fail, I guess? URRGH EPIC FACEPALM REEREREREJDLK

        • Dax

          *replying to Adam, btw, oops guess I gotta FACEPALM myself now, lol

    • Nick

      yeah i don't understand how it's a clone either. the wolf that link morphs into in TP is eerily similar but okami came out like one month before TP didn't it?

      • TheMaverickk

        Hands down Okami is a Zelda-clone. It follows the same mechanics set by Ocarina of Time perfectly. For example it features a helpful-Navi like character (although we all know Issun has a lot more character that's for sure)… the game features dungeons with intricate puzzles, and at the end of the day you usually need to find a Brush ability in the dungeon in order to complete it (similar to finding the dungeon items in any Zelda title).

        There are other connections, like the fact that the game plays a lot like Majora's Mask in the fact that there's a lot of emphasis put on helping people in the game. There are several points where you are even shrunk down like in Minish Cap…. there are lost woods, zora like people, legendary swords, and rainbow bridges… basically there's plenty in the game to make you feel ilke, "Oh that's very Zelda like".

        Mind you Okami does it with it's own style and flair, and with a cast of characters that are incredibly heart warming. If people haven't played this game they should. No Zelda fan should skip it that's for sure.

  • Vibed

    I'm gonna go play Guardian of Paradise now. 🙂

    Them go buy Okami, since I've been meaning to for a while.

  • Ferisan

    Never played Okami, but from what I've seen of gameplay and read on story, it's nothing likea Zelda. Just because TP has a wolf in it, doesn't mean Okami is a clone for featuring a wolf too. The gameplay is nice and innovative from what I've seen, and the art style is very very different. Stories are also vastly different IMHO, as is character design.

    That aside, the rest are Zelda clones, Dot Hero is the one the annoys me the most, not only because they mooch off Zelda, but I just dont like the style it's done in at all. It's very unpleasant for me.

    • Ferisan

      okay disregard my comment, I just read Bastian's reasoning as a reply to someone who pointed out the same thing. Sorry Bastian! I really need to play Okami hahah

  • DJag

    Why isn't Alundra on this list? That PSOne game SCREAMS zelda clone. Its fun, yes, but is obviously heavily heavily influenced by the zelda series. More so than Okami or Beyond Oasis in my opinion!

    • Meremare

      I agree that Alundra should have been included. It is the best of the Zelda clones.

  • Chainoftermina

    Actually, Okami does sorta follow the "field-dungeon-field" formula a little bit. I only played that game once, but I remember being reminded of zelda a lot. and not just TP, I recognized things from other zelda games too. like there's this one part where Ammy shrinks down to microscopic size, and I thought of Minish Cap. plus, Ammy has this small annoying guide who never shuts up. he also seems to be obsessed with, well, this is a family site so I won't say. but that doesn't have anything to do with zelda. there are somethings that are very different, but also a lot of stuff that are similar.

    the AVGN did a game that was a lot like zelda once. what was it called again? oh yeah! "Hydlide"

  • MicheSybok

    Aww, no love for Crystalis?

    • bastian

      Crystalis is a great game, but it's not really a Zelda clone. It just also happens to be an Action Adventure/ARPG.

  • Dax

    You guys must have a very specific definition of "clone"…also I don't really see why it's a Bad Thing if a game was inspired by Zelda or not…I mean the series has done everything and been everywhere, so to speak, so it's pretty much impossible for an action-adventure game NOT to copy it in some way.

  • X x7

    I never have played any of these games, but from what I can tell by the comments and from what I can see, they are clones of Zelda. (except for Okami)
    I HATE it when people do this, because we never see Nintendo ripping off Halo or CoD, do we? Those are top sellers for the other companies, and Nintendo doesn't even try to copy them, and then the other companies think that they can copy Zelda! I ABSOLUTELY HATE when people do this stuff!

  • TheMaverickk

    If you strip down Okami down strictly to it's mechanics and game design you would see the Zelda skeletal structure under it. The game just does wonders in creating it's own mythos and creating it's own style. That's where a lot of people become divided.

    The connections to Zelda are a lot more subtle. Mind you when you consider things like Issun lives in an idyllic miniature "fairy" village grove deep in a lost forbidden woods…. or that there is a race of sea people who happen to have a giant deity sea beast, that you must go inside to retrieve the royal families jewel…. it's hard not to draw more parallels then simply the game play mechanics.

  • DigificWriter

    Okami definitely is a 'Zelda clone', even if might not truly seem like one, but here's some other games that, IMO, also qualify as 'Zelda clones' for various reasons:
    Ico (PS2)
    The Mark of Kri (PS2)
    Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)
    Threads of Fate (PS1)

    • Matt

      I could Definitely see Ico as a clone. SotC I could possibly see, due to the shadows and what not. thats about all I know on your list. But as for Okami being a clone, I still don't see much connection besides ammy wolf and issun being annoying. maybe thats just me and just looking at the game by itself and seeing it as a good game? :/ eh who knows lol

      • DigificWriter

        The reasons that Okami qualifies as a 'Zelda clone' have already been explained/reiterated (even if you can't see them), so I'll just explain why I think that Shadow of the Colossus – in particular – qualifies as being a 'Zelda clone'. To me, SotC represents, essentially, the purest manifestation of the Zelda franchise's 'epic quest' formula, but realized in a fashion that is simultaneously completely original. If you were to take the adult portions of Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask, strip away all of the dungeon exploration elements and the various enemies you encounter along the way, and increase the size of each dungeon's boss by about 150%, SotC is, IMO, exactly what you would end up with.

  • Matthew

    Anyone play a game called Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy? If that isn’t a Zelda clone I don’t know what is. Fun game though. A lot like Twilight Princess.

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