So Zelda, but not.

When you think “Zelda clone” the usual suspects come to mind. . . Okami, 3D Dot Game Heroes, and the Neutopia games (if you’re in the know). So it’s no surprise that Everyview’s “Top Five Legend of Zelda Clones” list mentions all three.

What is surprising is that they missed the most obvious (at least to us): Guardian of Paradise.

To the uninitiated, Guardian of Paradise is a free PC game designed to feel like a 16 bit The Legend of Zelda game, skirting the line of  plagiarism. You hammer poles blocking your progress, you solve puzzles, you push blocks, you activate switches – there are even woods with one repeating screen à la “the Lost Woods.” Even the graphics resemble those of  A Link to the Past and The Minish Cap in some strikingly obvious ways (such as the trees, shrubbery, and grass).

But back to Everyview’s article:

While they failed to mention Guardian of Paradise, they do bring to light two Zelda clones we had never heard of, and they are certainly worth checking out.

You can read their full article at their site.

Source: Everyview