That’s right, the Nintendo Wii has now sold it’s 30 millionth copy, and what’s more, in only 45 months! There was a time when Sony could tout the Playstation 2 as the fastest selling console of all time, but it seems the Wii has outdone that console  – and by a margin of 15 months. Though the Wii has a long way to go until it catches up with older consoles in terms of lifetime sales, it would appear it’s well on its way.

In the words of Nintendo’s Vice President of Marketing, Cammie Dunaway, “More than any other video game system in history, Wii has expanded the world of video games to new audiences.” In other words, try to imagine your grandma playing Wii Play and then try to imagine her playing Gears of War, and see which seems more natural.

As part of the press release, Nintendo also listed top ten best selling games for the Wii:

  1. Wii Play
  2. Mario Kart Wii
  3. Wii Fit (with Balance Board)
  4. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
  5. Wii Sports Resort
  6. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  7. Super Mario Galaxy
  8. Wii Fit Plus (with Balance Board)
  9. Mario Party 8
  10. Link’s Crossbow Training

For a list of the top ten best selling third party games, be sure to check the link!


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  • Lucas

    Link's Crossbow Training beat out Twilight Princess?

    • Ferisan

      LCT got sold with a Wii accessory, so people wanting the accessory got LCT wheter they were interested in it or not. I think that may have influenced, same with Wii sports Resort, came with your wii and motion plus.

      • Chainoftermina

        that, and TP is SUPPOSED to be a Gamecube title. I think after the new and exciting prospect of motion controls wore off, more people realized that.

        • ur face

          fuck u both areequally good

          • Chainoftermina

            nice typing. I assume you meant to say "Fuck you, both are equally good" to which I respond:

            well DUH! they're the same game! TP was made for the Gamecube, and then tweaked and modified so it could be ported to the Wii. saying that TP is a Wii title is like saying OoT is a Gamecube title, just because it was ported on the Gamecube with the Master Quest. and the Collecter's Edition. I also believe that ALTTP was once ported to the GameBoy Advance. but would you say that ALTTP is a GBA title? No, it was ported to the GBA, but it remains a SNES title, just as OoT was a N64 title, and TP was a Gamecube title.

          • Yes, they are really good, but they aren't for anyone to go cussing at people over. They're just games. However, TP is my favorite game, so I'll give you that much. But I also agree with CoT: TP was made for Gamecube mainly.

            And for the Wii to have 30 million? Now that is a major show of the word EPIC! It totally has every right to surpass the PS2, considering it brought a whole new concept to the gaming world. So far I've enjoyed the Wii titles more than PS2 games by far.

  • Ferisan

    I recently contributed to that :B *huggles her brand new black wii <3*

  • Scrivs

    granny playing Gears of War. Totally.

    • dudr


  • Hombre de Mundo

    That should be 30 millions unitS

    Or it sounds like they sold one unit for 30 million.

    • The title is actually "Wii Sells 30 MillionTH Unit". They sold unit number 30 million. : P

  • That Guy

    Can Link's Crossbow Training really be counted? It comes with the Zapper, it's not like anyone went ojavascript:%20hideMsgBox();ut and just bought the game.

    • Scrivs

      did you have a hand spasm whilst typing "out"?

  • Byron

    US only, which is still alot!

  • keiferm

    Worldwide they sold almost 75 million.

  • Pineconn

    Yeah, please bear in mind that the sales of Twilight Princess were split between the Wii and the GameCube. TP is the second best-selling Zelda game in history [I believe], so there is no need for disappointment.

  • space

    most people don´t know that nintendo has grown as a company 36% , and it´ñs actuali que comany with the biguest porsentaje, better than microsoft or apple

    • Keith

      I think space was drunk while typing this message…Just sayin'!

  • mario_master

    i think a major boost was the holiday season when the entire country sold out of wiis i had to wait til march to get one after i saved up to 300 bucks and know i need to sell stools for 25 a pop that i have to make my self for the 3ds and ss oh and paper mario for 3ds
    the reason i don’t want OOT 3d is i already bought it for VC on wii

  • mario_master

    i think a major boost was the year it sold out over the whole country i had just barely saved up $300 back then and had to wait 2 months to buy it :`(
    now i need to save money to pay for ss and the 3dsand paper mario
    i already had it via VC for wii so i see no point to buy it

  • mario_master

    oops sorry wii browser acting up thought i didn’t send first time

  • tititit

    The Wii is still garbage

    • X x7

      And everything else isn't?! We have actually FUN games, where everyone else has stupid kill each other games! Graphics don't make a game either. You're gonna regret saying that when Nintendo releases their next big console…

  • Steve

    Hope the money they make out of it will be invested for a new console that expect motion controls and something else completely new we don't even know about,will also have better or same graphic capabilities as other new consoles.
    Nintendo in the past was a graphics leader too.SNES had better graphic capabilities than Mega Drive and N64 had more power than ps2 and Sega Saturn.
    It's when Satoru Iwata became the CEO that they started to despise graphics…

  • Matt

    I'm surprised Brawl isn't higher up on the list. Since TP is originally GameCube I don't see what people made a big deal of… Now lets see how long it takes Monster Hunter Tri to get up on the list if it even does.

  • mario_master

    how the heck did the N64 have more power than a PS2 !!!!!! i have N64 and a uncle who has a PS2 and the ps2 is better

  • SpiritofPie

    I think he meant PS1, and he would be right.

  • X x7

    I bet the only reason Wii Play is #1 is because of Tanks 🙂
    and because it comes with a free Wii Remote.

  • Zottie

    What the hell?! Link's Crossbow Training beat Twilight Princess. Fuck you America!

    • Ok, probably where you come from–likely Scandanavia because your people were infatuated by war; the boring stuff about inheritence through genes and all that… Anyhow Twilight Princess beats that poor, poor derivation by a million percent. All you do is spot an enemy–oh, there-oh, look another there–and shoot it. Boring, lame, tedious, stodgy…need I pull out my thesaurus? Yes? Well, too bad. Just know tat TP rules! 😀

  • X4Dennis24

    Before any one hates on me, i have a Wii myself and enjoy playing it, but studies show that even though the Wii is the best selling console amoung Wii, ps3 and 360, it is also the least played by owners. i have a ps3 and play it much more that my Wii (again, i still enjoy playing Wii).

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