Bring It On 13: Let's Go Hyrule!

Angry Video Game Nerd asked, and now Angry Video Game Nerd shall receive: a shirt depicting Link holding the lost child above his head in the typical Zelda style.

In case you haven’t seen the hilarious video we reported on, the Angry Video Game Nerd tackled Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, and during his play through he lampooned the fact that during the side quest to find the missing child lost in the cave, when Link did find the child, he held it above his head while a fanfare played. Angry Video Game Nerd joked that someone should make a t-shirt out of that. And so now someone has.

The shirt comes in two different versions: with and without the text “You have found the Child.” Which do you prefer? Visit their site and have a look at each.

Source: 6DollarShirts (tip by ChainOfTermina)