One big happy family.

We have another fan-art spotlight today!  This artist comes from a very distant website known to many as deviantART.  The artist seems to have been a member of this website for six years as of now, and she is quite skilled in a number of different artistic mediums including painting and cosplay.

Don't you hate when Dark Link jumps on your sword?

Her name is Miyukiko, and her artwork is something to behold.  This artist is known for her fan art depicting a number of different videogames and Japanese anime shows.  The Legend of Zelda happens to be one of the games for which this artist has a soft spot.

Miyukiko’s style is unique, and she has a knack for portraying Link and the other Legend of Zelda characters in ways that I would have never imagined.  Pictured here is a portrait of Link and Zelda holding hands with the Links of the Four Swords games, presumably as their children.  This artist even loves everyone’s favorite foe, Dark Link, which is also shown to the left.  Miyukiko’s art is definitely worth a trip to her deviantART gallery, so stop by, browse through and leave a comment or two (if you’re a member).