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We have another fan-art spotlight today!  This artist comes from a very distant website known to many as deviantART.  The artist seems to have been a member of this website for six years as of now, and she is quite skilled in a number of different artistic mediums including painting and cosplay.

Don't you hate when Dark Link jumps on your sword?

Her name is Miyukiko, and her artwork is something to behold.  This artist is known for her fan art depicting a number of different videogames and Japanese anime shows.  The Legend of Zelda happens to be one of the games for which this artist has a soft spot.

Miyukiko’s style is unique, and she has a knack for portraying Link and the other Legend of Zelda characters in ways that I would have never imagined.  Pictured here is a portrait of Link and Zelda holding hands with the Links of the Four Swords games, presumably as their children.  This artist even loves everyone’s favorite foe, Dark Link, which is also shown to the left.  Miyukiko’s art is definitely worth a trip to her deviantART gallery, so stop by, browse through and leave a comment or two (if you’re a member).

  • Oh, I definitely remember Dark Link standing on my sword. Thanks for reminding me. ;-3

    These pictures are so cool. My favorite is the one with Link and Zelda holding the Four Sword Toons' hands, because I find that idea very ingenious. And does anyone know why the people one is exclaiming something?

    • I think he's jealous that Red Link gets to hold Zelda's hand! D:


    And omg that's like my favorite dark link + Link fight picture!!!! brb, watching her right NAO >:3

  • The purple one in the first picture just saw something he didn't wanna see…

  • Valdek

    what’s with the purple link’s face lol

  • Chainoftermina

    sweet. looks like I've got some submissions to fav.

  • LoverOfLegends

    Oh my gosh o.o' Is it scary that just about everytime you guys post about someone on DA i already have encountered some of their work? Interesting XD One of her drawing used to be my desktop!!! (But i traded my Dark Link desktop for a Spirit Tracks one XD)

    • Finally! This is the first comment from you that I haven't seen LOL in–your username abbreviated. I guess that is like your trademark, but you were probably a bit dazed by the irony mentioned in your comment. 8D

  • Curly Q

    omg I saw this picture a couple of days ago! It's such a cute picture… I love the purple Link!

  • ZeldaXLink<3

    YES!!! Zelda X Link haha, they should get married have baby Links

    Btw, I just love the expression on Purple Link's face haha

  • misterquin

    This is probably going to result in downranking, but hear me out. I like their art style and color, but I find that that particular style is not appropriate for Zelda. But hey, I'm no artist either.

    • Chainoftermina

      you mean like the tall, skinny, sketchy, anime-ish anime? yeah…. I think I can see where your coming from. no big.

  • Link0652

    I don't remember dark Link will jump on your sword

    • He does, actually. If you try to go at him with a jab, he'll leap into the air and somehow weigh down your sword. Material Link then strives to un-wedge his blade from the shadowy menace and…well, Dark Link might attack you after doing his stunt, but I can't seem to recall myself. 😉

  • linkdude101

    Red Link is so CUTE! How do you color pictures like that?

  • ben haddix

    nice pics i like dark link and link i put that as my profile pic thnx 4 that

  • Vic George

    Link and Zelda are parents to the Toon Links?!?

  • Link4

    oH mY gOd tHiS iS sO wEiRd1!1! wHy iS z3LD4 giViNg hEr bAbY rEd LinK the SExy wInK aND Wyh iS pURRPl3 L1nK ThE OnLY 1 whO thInks Th4t IS [email protected]#$%^&*

    ; ' yea…ima thug…yea …
    but i wud also like 2 point OUT thhat i L1ke th3 go0d ArT and i appriciate and recipr0c4te and facil0tate

    ACK zeldas hand is going to a place it shoul NOT be going to while she does the sexy wink. my brain is soiled NOOoOooooooo..: if you take this seriously youv got some issues me-boyo

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