The Adventure of Anger

The game we love to hate (actually, some of us do love it) and the nerd we love to hate (again, some people actually love him) are finally together. The Angry Video Game Nerd rants and gushes about Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

While it’s all the rage to dump on the black sheep of the franchise and you’d expect the Angry Video Game Nerd to follow suit, he just may surprise you. Like a certain ZU news correspondent, it seems he played this game when he was a kid, and while he can recognize all of its flaws, it seems to hold a special nostalgic place in his-

Who are we kidding? True to form, he yells and screams and curses at the game. Yet all the while he seems to love every moment of it.

Watch the video after the jump.

Warning: video contains profane language.

Source: Cinemassacre (tip by ChainOfTermina)