As many of you know, many rumors involving the successor of the Wii have been surfacing over the past year. Some were even expecting it to be revealed during this year’s E3. Although this didn’t happen, the possibility of the Wii’s successor currently being in development certainly was not ruled out.

In a recent interview with shareholders, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata confirmed that the follow-up to the Wii console is in development, saying that Nintendo is “of course studying and developing the next console to Wii.”

However, Nintendo is currently working on it behind closed doors in an attempt to prevent rival companies from copying their ideas:

“I am afraid to say that the history of entertainment is also the history of imitation. A great idea will promptly be copied unless protected through patents.”

It’s no surprise that Nintendo has already started working on the next console, as Iwata also mentioned that they are always working on something new. “Naturally, we are developing new products all the time” he stated. “Once we release a product, we will soon move to the development of the next.”

Many may think that the next console successor will simply be an HD version of the Wii, but that will likely not be the case. The next console will be very different and will innovate, as mentioned by Nintendo of America’s president, Reggie Fils Aime.

As for now, the Wii still has plenty of life left in it, and there are many new titles coming to Wii that we are all looking forward to – especially The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which is expected to hit shelves sometime in 2011.

With this in mind, as well as the release of the 3DS looming on the horizon, it’s most likely that details about the Wii’s successor won’t be revealed for quite a while. If anything is mentioned in the near future, though, we will keep you updated as always!

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