As many of you know, many rumors involving the successor of the Wii have been surfacing over the past year. Some were even expecting it to be revealed during this year’s E3. Although this didn’t happen, the possibility of the Wii’s successor currently being in development certainly was not ruled out.

In a recent interview with shareholders, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata confirmed that the follow-up to the Wii console is in development, saying that Nintendo is “of course studying and developing the next console to Wii.”

However, Nintendo is currently working on it behind closed doors in an attempt to prevent rival companies from copying their ideas:

“I am afraid to say that the history of entertainment is also the history of imitation. A great idea will promptly be copied unless protected through patents.”

It’s no surprise that Nintendo has already started working on the next console, as Iwata also mentioned that they are always working on something new. “Naturally, we are developing new products all the time” he stated. “Once we release a product, we will soon move to the development of the next.”

Many may think that the next console successor will simply be an HD version of the Wii, but that will likely not be the case. The next console will be very different and will innovate, as mentioned by Nintendo of America’s president, Reggie Fils Aime.

As for now, the Wii still has plenty of life left in it, and there are many new titles coming to Wii that we are all looking forward to – especially The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which is expected to hit shelves sometime in 2011.

With this in mind, as well as the release of the 3DS looming on the horizon, it’s most likely that details about the Wii’s successor won’t be revealed for quite a while. If anything is mentioned in the near future, though, we will keep you updated as always!

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  • Neat–I can't wait to see what comes from this.

  • Google Says

    Exciting =O

  • Chad

    Nintendo Innovates Sony and Microsoft imitate that's how the gaming world works I guess.

    • I was about to say this. Thanks Chad.

      Nintendo comes up with new stuff, Microsoft and Sony copy it or try to make it better, it's still copying. Don't get me wrong, Im in love with the Xbox <3 but you gotta admit Sony and Microsoft have a history of imitating nintendo every chance they get, most recently, motion control and the new controllers both companies have put out.

    • Yup. Thats the law. And by the time Sony and Microsoft imitate, Nintendo Innovates again.

      • Agreed >:D

        Want it or not, in terms of innovation, Nintendo will always have a head start. Microsoft and Sony have the amazing, superior graphics, but Nintendo has the innovating and the BRAIN to create new things to keep the gaming experience fresh 😀

        • Chad

          Microsoft copied Apple's first operating system

    • Cardboard38

      And SEGA mooches XD

  • TheMaverickk

    Wii successor in 2012… Nintendo is a creature of habit, and they will want to get the jump on their competition. They also have more reasons to release sooner… they will want to upgrade to HD soon, and introduce a new better online system.

    Nintendo Wii was announced a year after after the Nintendo DS had been released. I think they will follow the same system. Give the 3DS it's space to thrive on it's own next year and then follow up in 2012 with a Wii successor.

    All signs point to Nintendo announcing the new system next year though… Nintendo knows that the Wii consoles have sold to their max point. This year they even pushed to focus on software instead of hardware…. the Virtual Console has died down, which I believe is a sign they are trying to save game titles to support the next system with down loadable retro titles.

    I believe this to be the reason they haven't released as many N64 titles as well… they are probably upgrading some for HD releases and wide screen support to match the new system.

    Just my personal guess but I don't think it's a coincidence that Virtual Console is barely supported any more and even WiiWare hasn't come to it's full fruition. Something I believe they plan to remedy with a new onlline system as well.

  • cuju

    Damn. Now I have to save for the next console. GREEEEEEEEEElllllasjubvgsdguf.


  • Ashmic

    are you freakin kidding me! its so useless to keep buyin systems if they keep doing it! christ, make ONE system and thats it!

    lets be honets for about 2 years with the wii, the years were terrible you had about 5 good games, and then the well went DRY, and now they're making another system?

    there is someone in nintendo that is holding this company back and ruining it, i love nintendo, i do, but with all their choices since i had gotten the wii, they're turning into a terrible companie and letting fans down

    okay, the wii is good, it rlly is, but its sole purpose was to put money money money into their pockets
    yes that is ANY companies purpose, but nintendo went out on a limb with this one.
    if you wanna play this game, buy this, this and this, and THIS,
    while other companies are like, buy the console and your done!
    there was so many stuff required, if you weren't money savvy you had to wait a while before playing a game you look forward too.
    there are many messups in the beginning as well, the TV thing? Yes you learn by errors but, nintendo is the only one making errors
    and with Zelda……………….They are holding back on the series
    you know how much, How much potential this series has, its unbelivable, and the games they consider their flops, or errors, where they went out on a limb and did something new, we love
    they aren't listening to their customers, which HELP them,
    they ignore many of us customers
    they are failing to take the steps necissary to succeed and if continuing as such, they will plummet, i guarentee!

    They make alot of sales, but keep into mind, how many tim es did you go to gamestop and look for a great wii game, and there was none, there was freakin cake mania ( cake mania is fun, but its PC!!!!!) and we fish, and games that probably cost about 20 $ to make that satisfy only 5 year olds?

    and if you read this keep in mind i am just stating my opinon, don't freakin explode on me, alright?

    • Bupsy

      So you would really rather just have them keep the wii forever? Just because it started to get outdated like any other console?

      • Ashmic

        it would be a good thing to have a system, yes, but Nintendo with their flaws, like i stated, will most likely fail to make a better system

    • Derp

      So I'm guessing you want to have the exact same system with poor online systems, poor graphics and poor motion controls (Unless you use the Wii Motion Plus)? You want to have the exact same thing and have no updates and have nothing fresh and exciting? If they didn't keep updating their consoles, we would still be using the NES, which was great for its time but is now extremely outdated. If you're wanting that third party support of hardcore games like Metal Gear, Halo, COD, etc. instead of cooking mama, Nintendo's going to HAVE TO update their graphics. Face it, the main reason the Wii gets no support for hardcore third party titles is because of graphical limitations (sadly). Just look at the 3DS! It's a NINTENDO HANDHELD with advanced graphics and it's already got support from Metal Gear, Assassin's Creed, etc.

      • Thats not the reason M games arent on the Wii. Nintendo just doesn't want them polluting their *good* reputation. And you dont see Halo on the PS3 either.

      • Ashmic

        once again don't freak out im merely stating opinion and some facts but you yet to keep that in mind no?

        what i was STATING, was Nintendo will most likely fail to make a up to par system as the XBOX etc are,
        it will be exciting at first, like the wii, but fail for the same reasons,

        calm down, k thanks

        • If the Xbox is great, and the next gen Nintendo sucks, then go play Xbox. We don't want to hear your whining and complaining. Microsoft can be much worse than Nintendo anyway. If the Xbox breaks because of a Hardware Problem (Their fault) They charge you $120 and it takes 6 weeks for them to fix it. My friend has gone through 6 Xbox's now. He's finally giving up on them. Anyway, what do you think the new system is supposed to do? The company makes games bigger and better until they can't run on the hardware anymore. That's when they start making the new system, so that they can run bigger and better games. And the price? Wii: $200 Xbox 360 S: $400 Wii Controller (Remote + Nunchuk) $60 each Xbox Controller: $40 each Wii Sensor Bar: Free (or about $10 on Amazon) Xbox Kinect: $150 Wii Online Service: Free with Wifi. Xbox Live: $50 a year. New Wii Game: $50. New Xbox Game: $60.

    • Quill

      I kinda agree with you… Of course we dont want just one console because you not only need new games to keep things fresh and addictive. New consoles always get the attention of people, etc.

      The problem is, indeed, that they are making us to buy this and that (and I think thats something you are not neccesarily forced to); and in my case, the worst problem is that the really awesome games appear when the the console is almost outdated.

      For example, I dont know if to go buy right now a Wii just to play like 5 games; or wait 1 o 2 years to buy a new game system.

  • Team mate joe

    Im thinking a 2012 release date, or at least an official announcement at E3. They will most likely go HD and improve their online to match, or possible surpass ps3/360. Nintendi made so much cash from the wii, theres going to be alot of improvements.

  • Derp

    I'm excited about the fact that it'll be innovative. (Although I never doubted it since it's Nintendo.) The Gamecube and SNES IMO weren't huge improvements from their previous consoles. The only differences from the N64 to GC were graphics updates, discs instead of cartridges, and better memory system. I'm so excited that their next console will be another innovator like the N64 and Wii! 🙂

  • The Wii was a risk for them. To release a major console with motion controls which hadn't done well in the past and yet center the entire console based on that. It's probably part of why they didn't update their graphics because if it didn't do well they would of lost out on more money, such as Sony having lost out on money because their PS3 price was too high.

    Take a look at the DS as well. They left the GBA slot in because they thought that might flop as well and that just in case people didn't like the dual screens and touch screen that they could still play their GBA games on it. But of course it did do well and thus they made the DSi which got rid of the GBA slot and added more things onto it.

    So I don't think Nintendo will disappoint us this time around. They made the Wii, saw it did well and now they are going to further that by improving the graphics and adding I guess something new but I wonder what it could be? Also I would assume to improve the motion controls itself to be better responsive, for those who had a problem, I never did have that problem.

    I would think the next console for them would be as I said earlier… better graphics but also more memory and a better online system as others have said. Nothing should hold them back this time. I said with the Wii, it was a risk make a console entirely around motion controls so they didn't want to invest too much. But they see it has done well and now they should go all out.

    But I do wonder this… innovation will remove motion controls all together or what it could be… if it is another risk and that might hinder them wanting to improve on their graphics and online system. That is a bit worrisome. Also if it would have backwards compatibility with Wii and GC still.

  • Chainoftermina

    maybe the next system will use motion control gloves, with head phones, and goggles. wait………that's virtual reality. never mind!

    • Chainoftermina

      jeese, whats with the thumbs down? not everyone has to be all hardcore serious business all the time. lighten up people.

      • Ashmic

        thumbs down because no one likes gloves hehe, jk sry ( i didn't give u the thumbs down BTW)

    • Vrlnt278

      Virtual Boy meets the Power Glove!
      Actually, I would love to see Nintendo create a success out of its old flops.

  • Brian

    Most of Nintendo's consoles have usually had a 5 year life cycle, SNES from 91-96, N64 from 96-01, GC from 01-06, and you would expect the Wii to end in 2011.

    It's possible that they could reveal the console at E3 next year and then release it in late 2011 at the very earliest. Showcasing it too early before the launch may give other companies ideas to imitate their design.

    And that leads me to think Skyward Sword will be out in Early 2011 to give room for its sales while not taking away from another Nintendo system.

  • Hellfire

    Simply awesome. I wonder if they will keep the motion sensitivity system, some people might think that's obviuos but you never know with nintendo

  • Nintendo said they wouldnt release another console for 5 years… about 4 years ago.

  • Nin10Gamer

    Hopefully, Nintendo will actually keep up-to-date with things like HD and better online. A great idea needs to be modern and not feel like something that could have been done 5 years ago.

  • linkdude101

    It's gonna be some unique twist on full-body motion.

  • Bubba

    Lets think about it. Nintendo 64, made 1996, stopped being made 2002. Gamecube, made 2002, stopped being made 2007. Wii, made 2006, stopped being made ???. So that is 6 years of 64, 5 years of gamecube. That means the Wii should only have another year or two left.

  • Lolzboss

    but…i dont want another console…. I mean poor ppl who spent money on the DSI now theres the 3DS????! Wuts next…. 3Wii?!??!? this is my opinion…. I DONT WANT ANOTHERR STUPID CONSOLE…. srry for yellin 😛

    • Ashmic

      yeah i agree, with HD, is it manditory to have an HD tv, so u need a new tv for this console, etc, not everyones loaded, which no gaming system keeps in mind,

  • Corson

    As much as i love hearing about new consoles, i kinda dislike hearing it now. Does anyone remember what happenned to twilight princess? it got delayed to go on the new system. Although i highly doubt they'll delay skyward sword for wii2, and it probably won't, i still fear it.


    Pretty cool but i hope sony microsoft..etc dont copy like this time!i hope they keep making their shits and dont copy nintendo!!!!!like playstation move-wii remote with gian ball!

  • Hoo-rah! New Wii! I wonder what could be better than the Wii though…
    Do you guys think that Nintendo's working on HD Virtual Reality?!

  • jordanteixeira

    Well the Wii wasnt the best rated system to the world, it was for me. Ive been a Nintendo fan since i was very young. Game Boy Colors blew my mind, SNES's were great for everything, and this new Wii should bring up the competition. Im Nintendo all the way. Wii 2 should be great, and i hope it amazes me.

  • Corson

    this next wii will have motion controls, as they said zelda games wont stop using motion controls. well so i read in one of the articles in this site. now this wii most likely will have better online support and hd like the other consoles. but it will also have something brand new, which i am really excited for.

  • "Many may think that the next console successor will simply be an HD version of the Wii, but that will likely not be the case."

    Likely? Iwata said on SEVERAL occasions that there will NOT be an HD version of the Wii. I'd say not simply likely, but confirmed.

    It's interesting to note that he's talking about patents. Perhaps we'll catch wind of a patent they register that will expose what the next console will be. I'm excited for that.

  • I just really hope that this new console is ALOT more powerful than the current Wii. And that if they continue with the motion controls we at least get the option of using the gamecube controller.

  • candy man

    i hope it can play wii games

  • cloud

    Nintendo is the boss! I will NEVER leave Nintendo, EVER. They are innovative, and in my opinion genius. Wii unites my family and friends, like no other console can. They know why people play video games. I mean, I borrowed an Xbox 360 and I couldn't believe how bored I was with it, with some of the top titles. The games look GREAT, RESPONSIVE, REALISTIC etc…but guess what? They are not fun! I don't know what Nintendo knows that the other guys don't know. But whatever it is, I hope they'll NEVER find out. Lol. My only issue with the Wii is this…They NEED to have more educational games. Like games that teach phonics, and you know where parents like myself can have fun while learning with their kids. They need to place more emphasis on edutainment I think. Over-all Wii is the boss. Regarding the next console..(Sigh) I hate the technological race, I really do. I'd love if the advancement could be in the games themselves and innovations in game play. Not graphics, processing power etc. just pure fun. Thank you Nintendo…