Malon set in a glowing field

Remember the infamous prank that released upon the internet to fans hopeful for a live action movie to depict our famous hero?  Well, disgruntled Zelda fans, all hope may not be lost for a film that will showcase Link, Zelda and many other characters you’ll likely remember from Ocarina of Time.

A group of extremely dedicated fans skilled in cosplay and many other art forms are working together on a massive project.  Their goal is to create a teaser trailer of an original story to release to the public and to our friends at Nintendo in order to garner interest for proposing a feature length film.  Their name is duly entitled, The Zelda Project, and you can view their blog and full information at their site.

Read more about this project and view some amazing photos after the jump!

The Beginning

The Zelda Project was an idea originally proposed as a gathering of talented friends who sought to bring as much life into the Zelda series as possible.  Cosplay is their biggest and most successful project thus far, and from the photos that they have released, they have proven their capability of instilling life into the characters we only know as cartoons from the games so close to our hearts.

Link's current model.

Thus far, the team of The Zelda Project has either successfully created or have planned to create a full cast of characters from our beloved Zelda trophy, Ocarina of Time, including Link, Zelda, Malon, Talon, Ingo and most of the sages.  The crew has already begun work in a number of sets, the most recent being The Lost Woods.

The work and photos from The Lost Woods set is now being finalized and will be released soon.  The next shoot that they have planned is for the Gerudo Desert which will be set in the very fitting Death Valley, U.S.  According to Sarah Quillian, one of the main drivers behind this project, they “plan on having [four] Gerudos [and] Nabooru for the desert, and the mirror shield!”  This is sounding like a project that will encompass the most important aspects of the Legend of Zelda universe!

A beautiful Saria on the set of the Lost Woods.

The Film

The team of The Zelda Project, it seems, were just a few of the highly disappointed fans whose hopes were raised by the joke before they realized the truth.  So they, in turn, plan to shoot a  full teaser trailer for an original story that they intend to submit to Nintendo in the hopes of gaining some interest, support and possible funding for a feature film.  The team certainly does not want their efforts to be viewed as something that will just raise the hopes of fans again only to be let down.

The script is an original story written by the very same Sarah Quillian, one of the biggest drivers behind the project.  It is entitled Advent of Darkness, and is placed in a post-Ocarina-of-Time setting.  According to The Zelda Project’s official website, the story intends to bridge the gap between Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess.

Their Goal

A singing Malon

“We’re not expecting them to go for it, or to gain anything out of this,” says Quillian, “but at best we’ll have something nice that will please Zelda fans, and we’ll be able to say that we tried.” This, as it may seem, is the only thing that any Zelda fan, or group of fans can hope to do in order to bring these fictional characters into our world.

The Zelda Project is also currently seeking help with their massive undertaking for anyone who lives in the greater metro Los Angeles, CA area or someone who would be willing to commute.  If you would be interested in working with their ever-growing team, please contact them via their official website.

Please also refer any questions or concerns regarding the entire project to The Zelda Project at their official website.  Since this article was originally posted, The Zelda Project has received many hits on their site as well as a plethora of questions.  In response, the team has posted a Q&A regarding their project on their main page, so read through if you have any questions.

Keep watching for more articles about The Zelda Project’s progress as they continue with their cosplay, and eventually, their work on their film trailer.  We are expecting some new cosplay photos soon, so keep checking back!

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