Malon set in a glowing field

Remember the infamous prank that released upon the internet to fans hopeful for a live action movie to depict our famous hero?  Well, disgruntled Zelda fans, all hope may not be lost for a film that will showcase Link, Zelda and many other characters you’ll likely remember from Ocarina of Time.

A group of extremely dedicated fans skilled in cosplay and many other art forms are working together on a massive project.  Their goal is to create a teaser trailer of an original story to release to the public and to our friends at Nintendo in order to garner interest for proposing a feature length film.  Their name is duly entitled, The Zelda Project, and you can view their blog and full information at their site.

Read more about this project and view some amazing photos after the jump!

The Beginning

The Zelda Project was an idea originally proposed as a gathering of talented friends who sought to bring as much life into the Zelda series as possible.  Cosplay is their biggest and most successful project thus far, and from the photos that they have released, they have proven their capability of instilling life into the characters we only know as cartoons from the games so close to our hearts.

Link's current model.

Thus far, the team of The Zelda Project has either successfully created or have planned to create a full cast of characters from our beloved Zelda trophy, Ocarina of Time, including Link, Zelda, Malon, Talon, Ingo and most of the sages.  The crew has already begun work in a number of sets, the most recent being The Lost Woods.

The work and photos from The Lost Woods set is now being finalized and will be released soon.  The next shoot that they have planned is for the Gerudo Desert which will be set in the very fitting Death Valley, U.S.  According to Sarah Quillian, one of the main drivers behind this project, they “plan on having [four] Gerudos [and] Nabooru for the desert, and the mirror shield!”  This is sounding like a project that will encompass the most important aspects of the Legend of Zelda universe!

A beautiful Saria on the set of the Lost Woods.

The Film

The team of The Zelda Project, it seems, were just a few of the highly disappointed fans whose hopes were raised by the joke before they realized the truth.  So they, in turn, plan to shoot a  full teaser trailer for an original story that they intend to submit to Nintendo in the hopes of gaining some interest, support and possible funding for a feature film.  The team certainly does not want their efforts to be viewed as something that will just raise the hopes of fans again only to be let down.

The script is an original story written by the very same Sarah Quillian, one of the biggest drivers behind the project.  It is entitled Advent of Darkness, and is placed in a post-Ocarina-of-Time setting.  According to The Zelda Project’s official website, the story intends to bridge the gap between Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess.

Their Goal

A singing Malon

“We’re not expecting them to go for it, or to gain anything out of this,” says Quillian, “but at best we’ll have something nice that will please Zelda fans, and we’ll be able to say that we tried.” This, as it may seem, is the only thing that any Zelda fan, or group of fans can hope to do in order to bring these fictional characters into our world.

The Zelda Project is also currently seeking help with their massive undertaking for anyone who lives in the greater metro Los Angeles, CA area or someone who would be willing to commute.  If you would be interested in working with their ever-growing team, please contact them via their official website.

Please also refer any questions or concerns regarding the entire project to The Zelda Project at their official website.  Since this article was originally posted, The Zelda Project has received many hits on their site as well as a plethora of questions.  In response, the team has posted a Q&A regarding their project on their main page, so read through if you have any questions.

Keep watching for more articles about The Zelda Project’s progress as they continue with their cosplay, and eventually, their work on their film trailer.  We are expecting some new cosplay photos soon, so keep checking back!

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  • Hombre de Mundo

    Well, the costumes look way better than that other fan-made movie 😛

  • Gerudude

    I think this Lune guy would make a pretty good Link.
    I don't understand why Nintendo have made such a problem about making a Zelda movie in the past.
    While there are so many other video game movies.

    • Wario

      That's because every other video game movie was horrible.
      -super mario bros. movie
      -max payne
      just to name a few

      • lawliliCious


      • Zeldadudetp

        Still, it's worth a try, and they would still make money off it.

        • rawr

          Nintendo seems to be more interested in their image and fans than money. They're nice like that.

          • Cat

            agree. win comment/.

      • Twilit Mask of Time

        IDK WHAT your talking about Max Payne was an EXCELLENT movie. Right up there with Road Warrior and Star Ship Troopers.

      • Keith

        the super mario bros. movie was good for its time. Yes, compared to what is made today, its bad, but you gotta figure they didn't have the same resources back then. I was disappointed in how Bowser was handled but meh. Just keep in mind its a very old movie with a lot less resources available even for Hollywood.

        • The visual effects are only a tiny aspect in considering if a movie is good or bad. It doesn't matter if the Super Mario Bros. movie was made in 1993, 1950 or 2010, it still would suck.

          • Keith

            I still say it was a good movie. I only wish it could be remade nowadays since it'd be a lot better. Just consider when it was made. I know you said it could be made in '93 and still suck, but really this was one of the better video game based movies of its day. Is it up there with Terminator/Star Wars? Hell no. But they're two totally different things.

      • Ashmic

        i loved the super mario brothers movie, it wasn't accurate but it was funny and it was a nice try
        and silent hill was a video game movie and it was good, and there are exceptions

    • Sir Calibur

      Because only a select few video game movies have been any good. Most of them are huge piles of stinky dog poo.

  • Dude05

    Wow, this Malon is HOT!

    • bob



    you would have to change ALOT of the video game aspects to make a gripping movie.

    I just cant picture a good zelda film unless its animated.

    infact , i could really see the makers of dragon ball Z or avater TLA making a popular zelda cartoon series.

    but an actual film?

  • X x7

    I always wanted a Zelda movie, but every time I imagine it, and then I see people attempt to do it, it just isn't what I was thinking. Maybe real people can't pull off what video game characters can. The characters just don't look like what I wanted, except for Saria, she looks pretty close to what I was thinking, but not Link or Malon.
    I just hope that they don't screw this one up, and if they don't, I'll be extremely happy.

    • Yoh

      I was thinking that too, except Saria looks kinda akward :S She's supposed to be cute.

      • Chad

        she looks more like one of those awkward imps

        • X x7

          Yeah, but I think that's the best character design that they have. Link is too old, his gauntlet and belt are made of plastic, not leather like they should be, his clothes aren't rugged enough, his shield is plastic, and his hair is too long. Malons clothes are too colorful, and I don't think that they have the right person to play her.

          • Guest

            Oh, good God. They are working a limited budget that's coming out of their own pockets and you expect them to use high-quality professional materials on everything just so that it can be "what you were thinking"? Get a life.

          • GanonsSon

            Shut up, and no they aren't paying for this project out of their own pockets, in fact they don't want to put a single penny into it. Why because they want donations and only donations. They raised hundreds of dollars on donations alone, claiming they need it for this and that and then change their minds and put the money to something else.

            They are lying thieves, and all they really care about is attention and popularity.

            What's even more hilarious is the rest of the crew isn't even a fan of any Zelda game.

          • I didn't say I wanted any of that! And where'd "Get a life" come from you troll?!

  • PaperBandit

    Much better than the fake actors but…Link doesn't talk….And is basically alone for most of the game, except for Navi..But who wants to hear her talk?

    • zarcam

      i belive that link should talk in this teaser, and hopefully,in the actual movie, FINALLY reveal who link settles down with

    • Link

      Quiet! I loved Navi she taught me so many interesting things about the enemies, she was cool. 🙁

  • P.U.B.L.I.C

    Im with you guys on this one. A zelda movie would be great but when i take a look at link i think this cant be done in person!!! i doubt they will find someone right to play link but anything is possible

  • Shaelyn

    I do kinda wish that, if it were an original story, Link had an original costume…not one based so heavily on OoT.

    maybe I'm biased though – I absolutely hated those bracers. they're so bulky…

    Saria looks absolutely adorable and amazing. and Adella's in on it? I've been admiring her cosplays on her deviantart for years…

    • Yeah, she's the main force behind the project! Her Deviantart page is actually where I found the Saria photo and the whole project. I wanted to share it with the Zelda community 🙂

      • Chainoftermina

        I just faved that picture of Saria the other day. maybe I should have looked into it more like you :S

      • Shaelyn

        awesome <3 I used to be a devwatcher of hers, but I don't know what happened… I'm not anymore… *re-watches*

  • ShadowHero31

    I don't know why whenever people want to make a fan film they always think it has to be live action. If you can hack graphics from Zelda games, then you might be able to use the graphics from the Zelda games. If Nintendo does ever release a film for The Legend of Zelda, (which they probably won't) I would like it to be animated. Not bad animation like the TV series, but like Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, or Skyward Sword graphics. And why are all the fan films based on OOT? I've written scripts for personal little scenes I do by myself and what I do is combine elements from the most important Zelda games. But this fan film does look like it will at least make it onto the Internet.

  • They should use Neil as Link, XD

  • I had also heard a rumor long time ago that they were going to make a Legend of Zelda movie and that Orlando Bloom was going to play as Link.

    • WindAlchemist

      I think that would be great if it was true. He played a great Legelos (sp?) in the Lord of the Rings.

      • Joko tree

        Basicly same thing different tights.

  • nathan

    i will kill myself if this happen.s. worst. idea. ever. taking a good thing and butchering it. PLEASE. NO. NO. NO. do people not learn from past mistakes? max payne, prince of persia? horrible movies that immediately make the games look less interesting.

  • DarkLinkHero

    I honestly don’t like the Link and think he looks too old. I think they should have gotten that Pikminlink guy who is the perfect Link! The Saria is cute tho. Is this Sarah a professional writer? I have my doubts and hope it’s not horrible fanfiction.

    • Well, if you take a close look at their website, it says that this is set some years after Ocarina of Time, so this Link would undoubtedly be older.

      You may contact Sarah through their official website, as well, to ask her more about the story.

    • shortz

      PikminLink is a girl x]

      • Duradun

        It makes no difference. I looked her up and I honestly think this Pikminlink person looks just like Link and I couldn't even tell from the videos that I found on youtube that she was a girl.

    • Passerby

      I agree with the Pikminlink-making-a-better-link comment, plus no, I dont think she's a professional writer at all. She seems more inclined to costuming (and from what I've seen of her personal fanfics, she's isn't very creative to be honest…. but we'll see :/)

    • Shaelyn

      she definitely looks the part…but can she do the acting? being a character in a film is a bit more than just looking the part.

      • Lestat

        I met her a couple years ago.She can yell and grunt just like him and act like him too. It's odd to see a girl pull off the spirit of Link so perfectly as if he were really real. Her voice is also like a teenager boy.

        • redryudragon

          Its no different than Peter Pan being portrayed by a woman as well. Sometimes it just works that way! The Zelda Project definitely should have contacted her to be their Link. Also I heard she went to acting school.

          • flameofthesun

            OMG I just looked this person up! That sh**s amazing! They should have gotten her for Link because she blows this Link out of the water. This guy just looks too old and long and not to mention the costume looks mediocre.

          • TwinDukeS

            I just read up on her and apparently she has connections with Nintendo and modeled for them. They should have contacted her.

    • KnightofHell

      Sarah is including Romance into the story between Malon and Link. She plays Malon (pictured above) and her Boyfriend "Lune" plays Link (also pictured above). Having another girl play the part of Link would be a problem especially with the Romance involved.

  • Dude05

    Link's hair looks SO fake it's embarrassing…

  • LuX

    I really really really don't want a Live action Zelda movie unless it was a big multi million project from Hollywood, and then thet'd probably ruin it.
    If a Zelda film should be made it should be from Nintendo and it should be CGI like Square and Advent Children.

  • witherwhether

    Eh, they better not start shit up with "shipping". "love" was mentioned in the basis of the story, and the author of the fic happens to be a Malink fan. That can do a great job of turning away A LOT of people and casual gamers (and of course bring in the Malinkers, but that's just one fraction of the fanbase).

    I don't know if putting in romance at all is such a good idea. Plus, the creators of the series are pretty much ZeLink fans… if they really wanted to convince them, they should've either omitted romance, or played it out like they did in the other Zelda games, where Link doesn't really choose anyone, but there's always just a POSSIBILITY of romance b/w him and several other female characters.

    I once had high hopes for this, but seeing that the author is a MaLink fangirl has made me iffy about it all. I feel like she might eff up the characters and make Malon all Mary Sue, and the center of the story because of her bias. But we'll see.

    If that is the case, I don't see them succeeding in getting Nintendo's attention.

    • I can see your reasons for fearing this "film" could end up biased toward MaLink fans (but at the same time, it would fit if this was supposed to be a film set in between MM and TP, since TP Link is a rancher at the start, after all), but I disagree with you about the creators mainly being ZeLink fans. Miyamoto originally said that Link was supposed to represent the player, i.e. the player's "link" to the game. Because of this and the fact that Link doesn't talk, we really don't know who Link's supposed to end up with in the games, even though we can make educated guesses and/or fan fiction.

      Personally for OOT, I'm a MaLink shipper, but at the same time I'm a MidLink shipper for TP and a ZeLink shipper for WW. For me, it really depends on the game and which character I either connect with or see Link himself connect with. No one's right or wrong in terms of which couple they support.

      • redryudragon

        It just so happens the Link is Sarah's boyfriend and she is playing Malon.

    • Passerby

      Your comment pretty much sums up my thoughts :/

      Sarah's writing is not very good and she DOES have a strong, huge bias with Link and Malink. I wont be surprised if they include it somehow, but I'm equally sure it'll turn away people that don't care about it. Most people want to see Link's adventure in saving a kingdom, not a silly affair with a farm girl. :/

    • Shaelyn

      …if there was a big bias towards MaLink, I'd be disinterested for sure. they should keep it like the games: general awkwardness towards the girls, no defined love interest. let other people make up their minds as to what happens after the movies.

    • KnightofHell

      Sarah is including Romance into the story between Malon and Link. She plays Malon (pictured above) and her Boyfriend "Lune" plays Link (also pictured above).

  • J.J.

    I think a Zelda movie would only really work if it were animated or very heavily reliant on CGI like James Cameron's Avatar. I could see the photo-real technology creating a very interesting Zelda movie. I'm just not sure how the plot would transfer from game to screen…

    • Chainoftermina

      I couldn't agree with you more.

  • Darkstar

    Final Fantasy styled movie would work for zelda. They used tyhe game's amazing graphics and it worked out. Prince of Persia was a decent movie too

  • These pictures are amazing. Though i doubt Nintendo will let them do anything, a fan film was released several months ago, and Nintendo had it removed from cinemas and also from the web if i remember correctly.

  • Chainoftermina

    NO! no, no no no no no no no! I don't want Hollywood anywhere near my Zelda! the always fuck EVERYTHING up! anybody here a fan of a little show I like to call "Avatar: the Last Airbender"? It was an awesome show, easily the greatest thing Nickelodeon has done in the past ten years, and look what Hollywood did to that.

    you REALLY want that to happen to Zelda? cause it's gonna if they make it into a movie. you really, really want a Zelda movie that bad? let Studio Ghibli make it. or Pixar. if it's made into live action, your going to be disappointed. I haven't trusted Hollywood with anything for years, and I most certainly don't trust it with Zelda. Absolutely NOT!

    although, I do have to admit that these are some of the best Zelda costumes I've ever seen. That guy is the most accurate looking Link I've ever seen too. But I still don't trust Hollywood with the plot. They would probably ignore these costumes in favor of some LoTR-like crap. Stay away from my Zelda, you damn dirty Hollywood producers!

    (I am joking about the Pixar and Ghibli thing, just so you know)

    • Z-MAN7

      A Zelda movie can work if it is given to the right people.

      Anyway "The Zelda Project" looks nice, but I would put more creativity in the costume department, all the outfits are ripped right out of OoT.

      • Chainoftermina

        It could, but then again, Hollywood doesn't have any "right people", only money crazed businessmen. a fan movie might, MIGHT work, but fans don't have the budget or the technology that Hollywood does. and Hollywood would just botch it, just like it does to everything else.

    • Keimori

      While I agree with you, that Hollywood would ruin Zelda for they almost never seem to give a crap about source material. (Especially video games for some reason.)
      I don't think your Pixar/Ghibli handling the projects joke is all that farfetched, if Nintendo WAS going to make an animated Zelda film, those two studios are extremely capable and would be very suitable nominees that should and hopefully would consider, heck if ether collaborated closely with Nintendo on the movie I have no doubt that the result would be nothing less than amazing.

      No offence but in all honesty, if your gona be sarcastic, next time pick a studio that actually sucks.

      • The garb from the Lord of the Rings is actually some of the best movie material ever made. It sure as heck beats the poor quality seen on downers such as Eragon (a major disappointment for me). So if someone with the respect that Peter Jackson has undertakes this project then everything would be spectacular to me. And if it is handed over to the right people to work on the attire and weapons required…

        • ZeldaGurl_

          And Thareous, I've always had this thought about having the people who made the Lord of the Rings do The Legend of Zelda… I mean, they could almost be similar in the clothing, and somethings really remind me of it…

          Just a thought, and I REALLY don't want our precious Zelda baby to be ruined…. but if they really could pull it off…. oh man would it be amazing,

        • Chainoftermina

          don't even talk to me about Eragon. that movie is actually when I first started mistrusting Hollywood with a passion.

          LoTR costumes are fine…….for LoTR. If they gave Zelda those kinds of Costumes, that would be exactly the kind of disrespect for accuracy that Hollywood is famous for Zelda doesn't have costumes like that, it has plain, bright green tunics and colorful blue shields. Giving Link a tanish-brown Leather outfit and plain metal shields and equipment would be like giving Mario a faded denim, butt-crack revealing jumpsuit.

          • ZeldaGurl_

            I see what you mean, Chain. And trust me, I'm just as picking about Zelda as anybody else who wants this to be amazing, if it was to pass. What I was stating was that they seem to know how to bring out enough detail that would be period.

            Ok, so maybe I should have been a little more specific. I should have said that people LIKE those who made Lord of the Rings should be behind the scenes for Zelda. Maybe not as big and well know, but still able to keep the quality and love.

            I know EXACTLY what you mean when you say you have lost trust in Hollywood, because they corrupt almost everything that they touch that has a certain essence to it. So many things have become completely changed for the worse, and it makes me sad to see what the world has become. People get so caught up into thinking that the only things that sell are sex, drugs, and rock n roll, which just irks me. It's industries like Hollywood that are ruining the quality and integrity of the model behavior that we look up to.

            Zelda has an almost innocent feeling to it, simple if not. Black or white, no in between. The old Good vs. Evil, Light vs. Shadow, Wise vs. Ignorant. That's one of the reasons why I fell in love with the series completely from Ocarina of Time, because it has such a simple message, yet the depth and feeling is so great. Not even mentioning the brilliance of the music and its emotions.

            I know that Hollywood would be too shallow to achieve the full feeling of what Zelda is, and compromises to the integrity of Zelda would be made. that is to be expected from them, so I guess it really is best to just leave Zelda alone, or leave it to the care of a smaller more heart-felt group who actually knew what they were doing for Zelda. One way or another, I hope and pray that it works out for the best so that we don't have to change our views for Zelda.

            I love Zelda with all of my heart, and in no way should we EVER have to compromise it just to conform to Hollywood's standards. And hey, maybe these guys know what they're doing. they sure seem like it, and from watching their tour videos, they put time into their costumes. And, I've seen the work some of them have done through their own personal sides, and I have to say, that Zelda cosplay is pretty darn close.^^

            Lets just hope and pray for the best for our Legend of Zelda, shall we?^^

          • Chainoftermina

            exactly. I don't want Zelda go the same route as so many other great stories snatched up by Hollywood. I think it's best if Zelda is just left alone, handled only by Japan.

            these cosplayers are very talented, but those costumes should only be used for just that; Cosplaying. we can still see the magnificence and beauty of it them without them being on the big screen

      • Chainoftermina

        I was being sarcastic because I know there is NO WAY Nintendo would give the rights to Zelda to Pixar, an American Movie company, and affiliated with Disney to boot. Please don' think I dislike those studios. Hayao Miayzaki is my hero, and Pixar is my god. I am exaggerating a bit, but really, i LOVE those Movie Studios. I chose to mention them because they are the only studios on the planet that I would trust with Zelda.

        but like I said, there is no way Pixar would even agree to make a zelda movie. they come up with their own stuff, not adaptations.
        Ghibli has a much better chance, but I still don't think Nintendo would give up the rights.

    • ZeldaGurl_

      Lulz, as usual. I agree with ya Chain.^^ Even on the Avatar: Last Airbender. A lot of people seemed to like it, but I beg to differ.

      I don't know though…. these people here working on this seem to be different. They seem to really care… I guess I won't form any opinions on this matter until I see how they actually ACT as their characters. I'm EXTREMELY picky with how my Link and Zelda look and act, not even including their voices coming into the picture.

      Oh well, I guess we won't know what to think until we see MORE. So lets see it!! I'm anxious to see how this is going to work out!^^

      • Chainoftermina

        um, no, I think you misunderstand ZG. these cosplayers won't be the ones who actually make the movie. these costumes are just meant to persuade Nintendo into letting a Movie Studio make a theatrical Film based off of Zelda. I don't think Adella will have any part in actually making the film….except maybe the costumes. but that is extremely unlikely if Hollywood gets their corporate claws on it.

    • Passerby

      While I agree with all that you said, remember this is NOT Hollywood. It's just a bunch of nerdy (albeit really good) cosplayers that want to take their costuming farther, but I'll be surprised if nintendo even bothers to read their approach. As far as I know they've been trying to get Nintendo funding for quite a while, but obviously, Nintendo wont comply.

      • Chainoftermina

        these cosplayers are amazing. I have no quarrel with them. I am just saying that if a Zelda movie is made, the kind that everybody seems to want, it will most definitely be made by Hollywood. and that is bad.

        • Thank you, ZeldaGurl; it's always worth hearing what you have to say. You are one with much insight, as most everyone here.

          And Chainoftermina, I also agree that Hollywood *would* be unworthy to work on a Zelda film. I agree that they might ruin it if they got that chance. But if they won't undertake it, then who will? I am sure the Zelda Project crew would make it a fantastic doppleganger of the game series, if they had the right equipment and experience. Yet which is more likely to win–experience or dedication?

          I am in accord with you on Eragon. Hollywood's integrity pretty much withered after that for me as well. They'd need to redeem themselves before they could ever begin to regain my trust.

          • KeatonKeeper

            "But if they won't undertake it, then who will?"

            Leave that up to Nintendo to decided. They didn't create an animation department for nothing.

            Miyamoto also said he didn't want a movie of Zelda. Why don't people understand that??

  • him but not her

    i saw the hero of time… i'm good without seeing another zelda movie

  • freedom410

    Oddly enough, I had a dream about making a Zelda movie a few weeks ago (I know, it sounds pathetic). But, in my mind, the movie was real actors and looked amazing. The only thing is it would combine the visual style of TP with the story of LTTP and music from OoT. It would begin with sneaking into Hyrule Castle to rescue Zelda (just like in LTTP), then looking for the Master Sword, then one "dungeon," then fight Gannon. No romance (well, only a bit). And fans would have to be willing to see some characters and plot backstory cut (I certainly couldn't imagine Gorons in the film, and even Saria might have to go – although the one posted above is cute).

    If that happens, I could totally see this movie happening. The biggest obstacle is probably Nintendo wanting to protecting the image of its franchise, which is totally understandable.

    • misterquin

      But you can't omit the Gorons. They would look so badass in CGI. You could give them personality and make them seem like a real society of rock creatures.

  • koipen

    Atleast it isn't made by Uwe Boll

  • TheMaverickk

    Video game to film translations are just hard to pull off. For the same reason that books that are turned into movies are very rarely as good as the original product.

    Video games have so much content and events that just can't be crammed into a 2-3 hour movie. Not to mention that characters are never properly translated when played by real people… since video game characters are always an exaggeration of some sort. So either people don't look nothing like their counterparts or act like them.

    It may seem like a weird to admit but one of the best video game to film translations is The Legend of Neil. Simply because they've captured the essence of Zelda while making it funny and accurate. They even capture the idea that the player takes on the role of Link. They've been able to capture the original Legend of Zelda experience in a way that makes sense and still doesn't take itself too seriously.

  • I didn't like the IGN prank, but this actually looks decent…If the acting isn't atrocious, I might might MIGHT check this out. I'll do anything I can to help make this movie a reality because the actors look promising. A thumbs up *that even I didn't expect* from me!

  • misterquin

    Maybe a CGI animated film would be decent, but a live action Zelda film would be abysmal. This doesn't mean it couldn't be good, but rather, that these sorts of things tend to end up sucking hard.

  • TheMaverickk

    You know what would actually work in a Zelda fan film now that I think about it?

    Scrap the idea of writing scripts for characters, use direct lines taken from the game, and just recapture journey moments into kind of a Live Action reel. In order of course…

    Like the firs episode wouild just show link waking up and then meeting Saria, then finding the sword through the passage, and finding a few rupees in the grass. Then purchasing the shield and making their way to the Great Deku Tree. Like literally just reenact what would occur in the game.

    Why bother muddling up a film with needless dialogue… where in the end it's all 80% fluff and just made up to try and hold some human emotion or something which ends up sounding corny.

    That is the only way I could see a Zelda fan film ever actually working nicely.

  • I hope Malon is hot, with the red hair and a perky nose…

  • although i'm not keen on the idea, i really really love the saria picture.

  • 209116032

    Not to be a downer, but Link's custome is kinda iffy.

  • I would love to see the filling-in-the-crevice between Majora's Mask and TP. I hope Nintendo sees the importance of this astronomical project. The fact is, the disappointment of the IGN sham has left us dry, parched for more Zelda. We had hoped ourselves it would come in more forms than games and music. So, we dream of it hitting the silver-screen.

    And what if it does? If Nintendo backs this, will it be another disappointment, or a smashing success? I show great confidence that is will be more a spirit-lifter, should it be accepted. Whatever the will of the big N, I expect it to rock the foundations of the souls of every Zelda fan just waiting to be more apart of the Legend. They might, in fact, possess a bit more enthusiasm toward it than Skyward Sword, I dare say. 😉

  • I’ hope that Nintendo see’s that We want a zelda film more then anthing, I think that it could be wonderful as long as they take it seriously, And not just be like “*Sigh* Well lets get this over with” Although i dont picture them being like that at all, I belive in the Zelda project, And i think that this will happen in the near future.
    And also that picture of Saria is amazing, It took my breath away, And so sis the pictures of malon, They sure look more promising then the “Hero of time” movie ever did.

    • Daemon

      "We want a zelda film more then anthing"

      Speak for yourself. A lot of fans including myself don't want a Zelda movie.Hell even Miyamoto said so himself that he doesn't want one made.

  • I know Adella, she's one of my friends on Deviantart.

  • I have mixed feelings about an actual Zelda movie, it's one of those "hit or miss" kind of deals (and let's be honest here fellas, there have been far more "misses" where video game movies are concerned. No more Dooms or Max Paynes, please). Personally I think Metroid would have a better shot at becoming a Hollywood masterpiece than Zelda since there's so much back story, lore, action, etc. to minimize into a two and a half hour margin, not that I'm completely against making a Zelda movie since I would love to see one myself. But hey, as long as this doesn't turn into another "Hero of Time" fan movie, I'll be fine (and again, remember for all you haters of it: it was made on both a limited budget and by devoted fans like us. I applaud the entire crew for their efforts!)

    The idea of a MM and TP connecting movie would be interesting though: fans would get new material and be familiar with the characters, while newer audiences learn of the history of OOT / MM and are sucked right in. If pulled off correctly, it could be an amazing representation of a solid game to movie transition.

    By the way, while we're on the topic of video game fan movies, I felt like I should put this out there. One of the only "successful" fan movies I've seen is Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy, which was created by a small Italian filmmaker group called Hive Division. They've recently released the first of what will (they hope) be three movies on their web site, and I have to say, I enjoyed it way more than even some of the big supposed Hollywood "blockbusters" I've seen in the past few years! If you're a MGS fan or just interested in what a possible "good" video game movie would look like, definitely check it out.

  • If it's supposed to be set between MM and TP why are the sages from OoT going to be involved?
    *loves the idea of a Zelda movie, but doubts it will ever be done well enough to do the games justice* v.v

    • I suppose this is where I may have confused readers- The Zelda Project team cosplays AND they want to create the film trailer, but they are two separate projects with separate people. They cosplay as the ones shown above, but they also want to have different actors for the film trailer.

  • ben haddix

    i agree with dude05 all the way i would tap that so hard

  • Rapture

    People should realize that this is "fan" made meaning they do not have a plethora of resources and it would be impossible to expect perfection. I think that this is an awesome tribute and they have certainly earned my respect not only for their dedication but their encouragement for others to be involved as well so that it can become an enjoyable and collaborative effort by all fans. That being said I wish them the best of luck!

  • n88r

    The girl who plays Malon is extremely attractive.

  • kidtechboy

    we are just not ready for a zelda movie. after countlessly waiting i find in my head its best not to make the movie yet

  • Vic George

    It's just sad that Nintendo's still not recovered from the bitter sting of having Super Mario Bros. being made into a live-action movie, which was a more questionable premise than the Legend of Zelda being made into one. Hopefully someday Nintendo will have the courage to let such a project become a reality.

  • Zottie

    The Saria picture is the best. The others are crap. Especially Link.

    There should never be a Zelda movie.

  • Zottie

    Okay, I lied. The picture of Malon standing in the field during sunset is good as well. And the other one of her singing, I guess.
    They just need to fix Link. That outfit is cheap.

    I'm still against a Zelda movie, though.

    • Shaelyn

      I don't know about the Link picture…but I do know that picture of Malon singing is old…and the costume is old.
      see: uploaded 4/14/07
      I don't know if they intend to use this or not…

  • Scott Walker

    Well they did screw up the Mario Bros film, now Nintendo is very edgy about making video game films

  • Does this project have to do with a trailer that appeared on youtube some time ago?

    Anyway, I think it'd be great to see a live-action film of zelda.

    Great blog! Regards

  • Shadowknight1

    I'm sorry to say that the little "teaser" whenever they put it out probably won't stay up online for more than a week before Nintendo yanks it for no reason. I'm sorry, but the audacity that Nintendo has to yank a fan project that isn't being done for profit is a bit much…although "Hero of Time" quite honestly deserved it.

    I wish this group luck. They'll likely need it.

    • Demonsword

      Sadly The Zelda project is collecting money to do the photography part of the project too. On their site they claim to be "self funded project" but they have already taken in hundreds of dollars in donations to pay for everything.
      They are also looking for corporate sponsors to work on the project with them.

  • Nugget

    I honestly don't want one. It'll be extremely cheesy and all I can picture in my head is the acting for the CD-I's Zelda's Adventure. I can't imagine it being very good and I probably woudln't watch it. I know I'll get a billion thumbs down but I don't care..

  • My major issues with this fan film are:
    1) That they actually think Nintendo would approve? And allow/fund a feature film out of the trailer they're making? Not in a million years.
    2) Link's costume, while entirely faithful to the OoT art, looks bland and cheap.
    3) The Link/Malon love story stuff. Zelda is NOT a romance. It is an action adventure.
    4) That the enemy characters are a huge part of Zelda and yet they will not have the budget to do those cgi creatures justice.

    Really, I think no Zelda fan film could ever do the series justice.

    • ILU Bastian. You said everything I wanted to say. Though Im sure this "fanfilm" will succumb to the third point, inevitably. HOPEFULLY not, for their own sake, as shipping wars would tear them apart and give it a bad image, plus like you said, Zelda is not a friggin' romance.

    • x0Wiz

      Why can't people just wait until Nintendo makes one? Nintendo doesn't want a Zelda movie and they don't want Hollywood involved. They want it made in Japan.

      Also, this movie is going to bridge the gap between Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess. I'm pretty sure Nintendo has been making notes about the timeline and included that segment.

      Romance does not belong in TLoZ Series. Period. Just because she got her BF to play Link with her as Malon and she ships them.

      I wonder how long it's going to be until Nintendo shuts them down as well, after all they have accepted so much money in donations that was later used for other things.

  • STUFF2o

    Maybe this will work, maybe. What I think would REALLY be good is an anime movie/show! After all, most Zelda's art styles can be translated to anime very well, especially OoT and MM (the official artwork) and it could very well work as a long story for each game that spans several seasons. When they're done with that game, they'd just start another season for another game.

    That doesn't mean I think a live action film is completely impossible, though, if it uses good enough CGI, script writing, and acting, it could work. But I think it'd be easier as an anime.

  • TheMaverickk

    I have to second Bastian's on this fan film project in general.

    It just won't work for the reasons he mentioned.
    Mainly the 3rd and 4th points.

    The whole idea of having a romance tale in there is just a disaster waiting to happen. For starters not everything thinks Link and Malon belong together. Some people like Link with Zelda, or in weirder situations Link and Saria. Basically this is because Zelda in it's entirety is subjective to every gamers experience in playing through the game.

    This is for the most part why a fan film will never work. Everyone has their own experience and emotional response to the game. Also everyone has their own imagination in terms of how the game proceeded after the credits.

    I mean some people think Link lived the normal life after Majora's Mask… others think he went off and traveled to other lands in need of a hero… everyone basically has their own idea on how Link spent the rest of his days. By telling this story the project already alienates fans of Zelda who may not feel that the story they portray fits the Zelda world that they perceive.

    At the end of the day it's sadly nothing more then a live action fan fiction. It's ambitious and great to see enthusiasm, but people need to realize it's just not realistic to think it can be done. Zelda is meant to be openly interpreted, it's why it's loved by so many people… Nintendo leaves it's ending fairly ambiguous for these reasons.

    It allows people the freedom to have their own ending.

  • LoneKid

    I think this idea is better than any fake actors that Hollywood is willing to pay millions of dollars just so they can mess up any other video game related movie. Look at Street Fighter, [old or new], DragonBall Z, Mortal Kombat, and all the other fails out there that true gamers hated, they were all unsuccessful because they kept steering from the story line and solid base the games had. Id rather have dedicated, hard working cosplayers, and true gamers, pull something together than money hungry fiends of producers in Hollywood. Ive followed Adella, Lillyxandra, Indigo, and most of this cast for The Zelda Project throughout their years as cosplayers and artists. They take pride in what they do and work endlessly to make things perfect. I have no doubt that they are going to do an amazing job on this and true Zelda fans will appreciate that finally we'll get what we all want; a chance to get a live action film. So keep up the amazing work Zelda Crew, were looking forward to the finished product >:]

  • Steve

    C'mon not all game based movies where bad.
    Take for example the first Mortal Kombat movie.

    The key to the succes of such a movie would be to make the movie as much more like the game (costumes,likenesses,story) while making it a good movie also for someone who haven't play the games to watch.

    Mortal Kombat did that. It was a movie with a scenario someone who hadn't play the game could get in to,but also it respected the game and was loyal to the fans.

    Super Mario Bros movie was bad as a movie,and those hadn't play the game would hate it,and those who played the game would say (Koopa is human ?WTF???)

    • Xandrake

      If you want Zelda to be a win movie, then leave it up to Miyamoto and his Zelda team in Japan. Not Hollywood, and most of all, not some cosplayers who think they are the best out there and already failed in making Link look right.

  • Keith

    Here's my incredibly typecast cast for a live-action Ocarina of Time:

    Adult Link – Keanu Reeves
    Adult Zelda – Scarlett Johansson
    Saria – Dakota Fanning
    Rauru – Nicolas Cage
    Darunia – Seth Rogen
    Impa – Jamie Lee Curtis
    Nabooru – Zoe Saldana
    Ruto – Anne Hathaway
    Ganondorf – Alan Rickman
    Navi – Björk

    May God have mercy on my soul.

  • Images removed? I see red crosses

  • Guest :)

    I think that a new Zelda cartoon would be great, if the creators of Dragon Ball Z did it. I would also think that if the creators of Dragon Ball Z made an animated movie, that would be fine too in my opinion. Since I am a hard core Zelda fan, I have always been thinking of new ways to make Zelda more interesting. Once, I've been thinking about Link finding his way out of Hyrule and into the "real world" (where we live). He would be the age of OOT young link and he would be found by an orphanage with someone really mean in charge. Link would have to find a way out of the orphanage and back to hyrule by dodging other orphanges and stuff. I don't know if this is a good idea for a movie or not, maybe for a manga book but I just thought that Link should come in contact with the "real world" once so we could see how he handles being in this new enviornment. Please tell me if this is a good idea for either an animated movie, or a manga book, or if i should just leave Link's adventures how it is. Please reply!

    • Guest

      AWESOME!!!! That would totally be awesome for a manga book