How different will the fields and dungeons of Skyward Sword be?

Many Zelda fans love to see changes made to the Zelda series. While some may be wary of this change, there’s no doubt that any series runs the risk of stagnating when locked into too simple or strict of a formula. Thus, each new Zelda title differs as new elements are added and removed, and Skyward Sword is no exception.

But change doesn’t always come easy. In a recent interview with Official Nintendo Magazine, director Eiji Aonuma explained the difficulties of introducing big changes to the gameplay while at the same time trying to preserve the traditional elements all Zelda fans love about the series!

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Mr. Aonuma had this to say:

“It’s hard, obviously, to introduce major changes into the Zelda gameplay, and one of the reasons for that is that we have some traditional elements that we have protected and continued throughout the series. You have a field, you have dungeons, and there is a line across which area you are in, and which style of gameplay you are participating in. So what we’ve tried to do with Skyward Sword is to introduce some new elements. This time there are larger fields and dungeons that don’t really feel like dungeons or fields, but also incorporate some of those elements. We are re-imagining some of the traditional gameplay elements.”

In the quote above, Aonuma also mentions that the fields and dungeons in Skyward Sword will be larger than those of previous Zelda titles. Despite the changes made to these areas, they will likely still have the traditional elements that have become trademarks of the series, such as the excitement of exploration.

Nothing further was revealed about what differences will be made to the field and dungeon formula in Skyward Sward, but as always, we will keep you up to date as new information surfaces!

Source: Nintendo Everything (via Gonintendo)
  • Thareous

    At least we know that we can explore a whole lot, while still struggling to find out whether we’re in a field or dungeon. I cannot wait to see what sort of things define the differences of them both. And I am most excited at the sword beams still! 8D

  • Scrivs

    I really think that this game could change how we see Zelda games forever. I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older that the puzzles and bosses and dungeons have gotten so predictable that it feels like I’ve already played the game before I even start it. With the introduction of the wii motion plus accessory and the changes that they are making to the dungeons and puzzles (no more block puzzles!! :D) this could very well be the greatest Zelda game ever.

    • Majora16

      The one type of puzzle I'd like to see gone is the torch lighting puzzle. It's so obvious. You see two unlit torches about 5 feet apart. You light them both and SURPRISE! There was an invisible treasure chest in between the two torches. Wow, I never saw that one coming, even though it's the 72268861st time I've seen that happen in a Zelda game.

  • Chad

    I hate the block puzzles it takes forever to solve them because you have to drag it all the way across the room. It's also not very likely that link would be able to push a block five times his size around unless it had wheels.

    • Scrivs

      considering Link is a hero chosen by the gods i think he would be able to push a block around xD

    • cuju

      Miyamoto has already said that things like moving blocks are now gone because they are too silly. That is BEAST!!!!

      • Ryan

        LOL IT IS CUJU

  • mario_master

    i agree i hated block puzzles remember the one in the snowhead mansion in tp ?

    • Scrivs

      lol yeah.. There were also like 5 more of those same puzzles in a cave in northern Hyrule >.< took me forever

    • cuju

      Yeah I know ! The first time I played the game I had to go on the internet and draw myself a little diagram 🙁 But then I learned how to do rubics cube and it was way easier !

      • Majora16

        It was so difficult the first time but once I figured out the trick to getting one into the middle, I can solve all the icy block puzzles in TP.

    • Paffe

      I hated that one!

    • Larwaa

      I love block puzzles, they're almost never too easy.

      • Haeil

        I think you and I are some the few fans of them. I loved how they made you think logically and plan out your moves ahead of time. It was kind of like playing chess

  • LoZyMugglegater

    I gotta say,I'm really looking forward to this new dungeon/field stuff.Should be intersting.

  • cuju

    Who's excited about 60 fps in SS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Scrivs

      did other games have lower fps?

      • cuju

        I think that Wind waker and Twilight princess had 30 fps.

        • Scrivs


          • 209116032


          • Scrivs

            frames per second=fps

  • Do you guys remember those rumors two days before E3. It had mentioned dudgeons that don't feel like one. Here is the quote: "When entering a Dungeon, you will not notice you are in one. It will be a smooth gradation." This must mean that most of the rumors posted are true as it has most of it correct and the other is stuff we don't know yet.

    • cuju

      Though that probably will be true that batch of rumors was comfirmed as fake.

    • Majora16

      Pretty sure the Zordianna one is untrue. It seems pretty unlikely that Nintendo would use such a cliche name for a Zelda character. ZORDianna is a sword-shaped being who can turn into a sword. PLEASE NINTENDO, JUST USE ADELLE OR ADERU!! THEY FIT PERFECTLY!!

      • Paffe

        I think Adelle is a very cute name! :3

  • Ashmic

    I hate blocks on ice puzzles, if you get it wrong your F'ed and have to start all over

  • TheMaverickk

    It's so true that it must be difficult to make changes to Zelda. It has such a large fan base that expects certain things. I mean look how people react if you change the way the game looks… look at how people feel about the Adventure of Link, easily the black sheep of Zelda games…. gamers are not very good at handling change.

    So it's always a risk and a gamble when they change things up. Fans may love it… or more likely lash out. I'm personally looking forward to some changes. From the sounds of it they are at least making a good effort to freshen up the series.

  • Chainoftermina

    wasn't there a rumor about fighting Bosses outside of Dungeons? in fact….that kinda sorta not really but almost ish already happened. In TP, Hyrule Castle acts like a dungeon, but it's not a dungeon, it's Hyrule castle! and then later, you fight Gannondorf in Hyrule Field! that's never happened before. and now that I think of it, I didn't realize that that Snow peak ruins place was a dungeon until I got a compass.

    I can't wait to see even more expansions of that type of thing. fighting epic battles in towns and fields instead of a dark dank underground room? that sounds sweeeeeet!

    • cuju


    • Landrict

      Also, the Big Octos in WW were kinda like bosses without a dungeon

      • Shadow Darkman

        More like minibosses TBH

  • cuju

    Every time I look at one of the screenshots it makes me feel happy inside.

  • Elijah

    I'm looking forward to these changes their making. It'll give us some fresh air with the series, I'm expecially looking forward to the whole field/dungeon thing.

  • Link

    This game makes my sword go skyward XD

  • Majora16

    I agree that it's difficult to make changes but I think they should try their hardest to make as many big changes as possible, especially to the mood/atmosphere. Not because I dislike previous Zelda games but because to me, originality is key. I don't want another game that feels like Oot because if I wanted that, I'd go play OoT.

    This is why MM and WW are my favorites out of the series. Sure, OoT brought a lot to the series but those were mostly to control schemes, graphics and combat. The atmosphere, though, still felt like your traditional, generic Zelda game.

    • Majora16

      I wasn't done but it was apparently too long.

      Majora's Mask added depth, complexity, darkness and more personality to the series. It wasn't like any previous Zelda title and that's why I love it to death. It dared to be different.

      The same goes for the Wind Waker. People awaiting the next title in the Zelda series after MM were expecting a land-based, realistic Zelda game where you travel by horse and mhelped the Hyrule Royal Damily, and some Gorons and Zoras. Instead, they were shocked to see a quirky, cel-shaded Zelda game taking place in the ocean on a sailboat, meeting pirates, Ritos and Koroks along the way. Again, although it still had the classic Zelda formula, it felt different and stood out from all the games before it. It's that factor of originality that really makes a Zelda game good for me.

      • Majora16

        helped** family**

  • Alex

    I know this is improbable but maybe SS will be separated into two discs because it has so much content

    • Paffe


    • arcticlizard

      please look up dual layer disc on wikipedia, it is what brawl and Metroid Prime Trilogy were. A normal DVD holds 5 gb of data while a dual layer holds 9. They would never release two discs, because it would mess up saves and the backtracking done in the game

      • Shadow Darkman

        That would suck as my Wii has a problem with those kinds. I'm still waiting for a chance to call Nintendo about it.

  • LoZisSo69

    WOOT more dungeon exploration for me then! Ah, good times I had exploring dungeons in WW.

    • kkk

      yeah,but, apparently we wont even know if what we are standing in is even a dungeon. i cant not imagine how they are gunna do that in the least!

  • hugo

    me gustaria ver nuevas criaturas y tener mas armas

    • Shadow Darkman

      Ingles por favor.

  • GenoKID

    With all the change going on, maybe a Zelda game back to the basics wouldn't hurt; New Super Mario Bros. wasn't so bad. A change from all the change is good once in a while.

    And what's wrong with block puzzles? First thing: know your endgoal.
    Second: Find a spot where you could push your block to reach that spot.
    Third: Repeat
    Fourth: Think It's easy if you focus.

  • Larwaa

    I love how SS looks, and I love that they're changing the gameplay even more. I don't think the games have changed too much since MM, and therefore, new gameplay appeals a lot to me. Really looking forward to this, please don't let me down Nintendo!

  • Really excited to hear about the tweaks that are being made to the dungeon-field formula. Just about everything I've been hearing so far about SS has just gotten me even more excited to get my hands on it!

    …but I do have one question. Is the magic meter ever coming back? It was weird to me not seeing it below my heart meter in TP, and I haven't spotted it in any of the screen shots of SS that I've seen so far (unless I'm blind and I missed it). Did the Zelda team simply decide to do away with it? I miss my elemental arrows and special Goddess spells. =(

    • Scrivs

      TP was actually my first Zelda game (I know, I'm a noob) so I didnt know about the magic thing till I played OoT. Then I played MM and WW which both have the magic meter as well, and now I can't fathom why they didn't put it in TP. I don't see how it could have possibly hurt the game, the addition of magic would have only made it slightly more complex. Overall it would have definitely made it a more worthwhile experience though and I think the developers missed a crucial part of the Zelda series in making TP

      • Yeah, I agree. This is just my theory, but I think the developers were truly trying to make TP more "realistic," and in order to accomplish that, the magic meter had to go. If you notice, there's drastically less magic in TP. I don't know, maybe after all those years after the child ending of OoT, people started to believe and practice less magic. Heck, even fairies are less abundant in TP. I just miss charging up for an ultra spin attack, freezing enemies with Ice Arrows, killing every single enemy around me with Din's Fire, etc. Don't get me wrong, there was some magic in TP like the Gale Boomerang for instance, but I just felt like TP was more tech-oriented when it came to items (ex: Clawshots, Ball and Chain, etc).

  • I hope to the Goddess that there is a stark difference between Skyloft and Hyrule. I mean, the graphic will be the same but I especially want Hyrule to be a chaotic and dangerous place ("Overrun by evil forces"). So it's like the dual world gameplay of Twilight Princess but without the monotony and barren landscapes.

  • SecretMan

    Zelda skyward sword looks very good. Some of you think that the graphics suck, but to be honest i dont think it were any Zelda games that wasn't on the top. (it kinda rhymed 😀 )

  • HA Axle the Beast was wrong, the game world WILL be big, Anomonuohna was talking about STORY!

  • what!? fields wil be larger? then we must have Epona without losing her again like Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess!!!