"Will someone just let me OUT of here?"

Since the day that the Zelda Team forced us to accept the “split timeline” scenario, the most debated aspect of the timeline discussion has been the “Seal War” (or “Imprisoning War” to the Americans). Is this pivotal event in Hyrule’s history as described within A Link to the Past the very same event that we see unfolding in Ocarina of Time or not?

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Not, says MrMosley of Zelda Dungeon. And he goes on in detail in his excellent essay on the matter on their site. Despite Nintendo’s revisions to the Game Boy Advance release of A Link to the Past which arguably were done to better link the controversial event to Ocarina of Time, MrMosley shows how those revisions did little to affect the actual events which remain distinctly different between the two games, despite their obvious similarities.

However, while it is certainly true that the specific events are not identical, one has to wonder why Nintendo would create a game whose plot is so very close – but not quite – to the backstory told in a previous game unless they had intended it to be said backstory. Perhaps Nintendo simply made a few mistakes? Perhaps they did not expect anyone to pick up on the slight differences? Perhaps, as they’ve said in the past, their primary care is for the gameplay, and story takes a back seat to that? Or, perhaps, they are two separate versions telling the same story, as we have in the legends of King Arthur and Robin Hood?

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Source: Zelda Dungeon