<3 art.

Press Start, an art show in Montreal, aims to present art afficianados and videogame fans alike with some wonderful art inspired by “the most popular video games from our childhood.”

Naturally, Zelda is well represented in two separate pieces. To the right is a 14 x 18 inch oil portrait of the Princess Zelda entitled “I <3 Zelda” by Nate Meltzer. The other, below is a digital print by Matt M. Cipov entitled “Link is Hungry For Blood.”

Both are featured along with a plethora of videogame art at Headquarters Galerie & Boutique in Montreal until the end of July.Β If you are in the area, it is definitely worth the visit.

If you cannot visit, have a look at their online gallery via flickr.

There’s even an online shop where you can purchase prints of this awesome art!

Hungry for blood. And thirsty for flesh?

Source: Press Start
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  • Chainoftermina

    that oil painting is beyond Beautiful. Dare I say, I <3 it? oh, yeah, I dare….

  • STUFF2o

    Those are both awesome! I'm glad Zelda art's finally getting proper recognition!

  • Matt

    I didn’t like the Zelda portrait at first… But I can’t remember why.
    Its amazing.

  • Edracon

    the zelda portrait looks like it was made by a blind lady. πŸ™

    • How so? I don't see anything wrong with it. Then again, I'm not an artist, so perhaps you have some detailed criticism or something. πŸ˜›

  • Thareous33

    Dude, I love that look Link has. Bastian, that is a priceless picture you decided to put up. But I am glad he wasn't like that in the game. ;-]

  • This looks pretty good, but Links picture makes him look like the bad guy.

  • Raichu

    The first piece is a Zelda portrait depicting the cosplayer Lillyxandra in her Zelda costume btw, I find it weird it wasn;t noted anywhere lol I feel she'd deserve some credit, but oh well. Painting is still quite good :3

    • That IS interesting. I'm surprised that fact isn't mentioned on Press Play's site. Where did you come by that info?

      • Dina

        If you google Zelda cosplay or something, it will pop up πŸ˜‰ I found her that way.

      • Raichu

        I'm a cosplay enthusiast, have seen Lilly's cosplay quite a few times, and I have her on my facebook (she also linked to this news a day or two ago actually) Here's some pics of her cosplay πŸ˜€

        BTW, when I said "shame she wasnt noted" I didnt mean by you Bastian, but the person submitting the artwork to the gallery. πŸ™‚ (I guess that;s why someone erroneously gave me a -1 vote lol, they thought I was slamming on you probably.)

        Her cosplay is quite known in the cosplay community πŸ™‚

  • Majora

    Wow link looks blood-thirsty for Bublins!

  • 209116032

    WOW!! Didn't even realize the Zelda portrait was made from oil paints, I thought it was an actual picture lol. Wow really beautiful

  • By_Farore

    Happening in that city next to mine. How, how, how didn't I hear about it before? This is an outrage!

    I'm not exactly 'impressed' by what I've seen so far, but still am pleased and curious.

  • Valdek

    nice, nice. link looks like he needs some time alone with a therapist.

  • The Zelda painting is back on sale… http://pressstart.bigcartel.com/product/i-lt-3-ze

  • LoverOfLegends

    That's a painting? Really? Well, whoever made it got the reference form here, cause this is EXACTLY the same, but with full Zelda body, and not only that, but it's real. Hopefully you'll note the striking similaritys:

    (skip to 58 seconds)