It is my unfortunate duty to inform you that Devin Critchfield, better known on ZU as active forum member and spriter Lurrre!, has recently passed away due to complications from heart failure. As such, we asked his best real-life friend and prominent ZUer Blizzaga to write a eulogy for the site.

“I have been asked to write a eulogy for someone very close to my heart. But where does one start? How do I even begin to describe how I feel at this moment about a very close friend who, having had such a profound impact on my life, has created such a large void in my heart and soul?

Devin Critchfield, known on Zelda Universe as Lurrrre!, was my best friend. He, GoldStud (my other best friend) and I made up a trio to be reckoned with, both on and off the Internet. If I had to match him with a triforce, it would be the triforce of power with, courage coming in a very close second. He told things as they were, for there was no beating around the bush with him. He was always quick to drop the cane if anyone was being a fool, and yet, with his magnetic personality, you would have to try very hard not to like him. But at what cost? Would it be worth it? No, I tell you.

Although Lurrrre! was barely known to ZU in general, he was a very prominent and active member in the highly underrated Sprite Comic Shanty Town, the Wild West of Zelda Universe. His sprites were legendary, his comics hilarious, and his suggestions were of great worth unto all those that would heed them. This is where he was most well known, as he joined forces with GoldStud and I in combating ZU´s general attitude of sprite comics being lousy and lazy. We wanted the then “Sprite Comic Ghetto” to rise up and over the reputation that it had in those days, and Lurrrre! played a very important role in the grand attempt, being active in contests and sprite business in general.

Next, he surfaced a bit more on ZU as he joined forces with GoldStud to create an original video game, for he and GoldStud were tired of seeing so many people getting together to make games and ultimately failing. The motto was: if you want it done right (or at all), do it yourself. He then became a graphics teacher for the site, and later participated in the movement for ZU to have it´s own arcade. I am happy to say that I have been following him and have been by his side in most of these achievements. This is the Lurrrre! that Zelda Universe knows and loves, but there´s so much more to learn of this special individual.

I have had the privilege of knowing Lurrrre! Since my sophomore year of high school. After I finished my freshman year in Payson, Arizona, my family and I moved up to Oakley, Idaho. It was a huge change for me, going from a large school to a very small one, but Devin helped me a great deal in settling in. The school was so small, in fact, that it didn’t even have a marching band! We had a jazz band, though, and practice was early in the morning before school started. It was here that he entered my life; a fellow percussionist that was very small in stature, but gargantuan in spirit. Indeed, he was one of my main reasons for looking forward to going to school every day. Goofing around was a constant hobby for us. If it wasn’t fun, then what was the point in doing it?

With our friends, we would play Advance Wars, draw comics, and discuss our ideas for future stories during basketball games and during band practice when the teacher wasn’t looking. Indeed, the music stands and drum set did a great job of concealing our mischief during band practice as the good ‘ol Gameboy Advance SP was passed around while the snare and tom-toms were used as art tables for drawing pictures and making comics. I fondly remember how Devin would hop up and down with much excitement and enthusiasm as a creative or funny idea hit him, for he was always desirous to share them with us!

I trusted some of my most creative and special ideas with him that shall surface in the future. It was always fun to swap ideas with him even over the phone late at night! When an idea of mine was good, he´d discuss it with me further and add some suggestions of his own. If he thought it was a bad idea, boy, would he sure let me know it! But in our conversations, whether over the phone, taking a band trip, playing Smash Bros. (we were rivals in that game), or waiting in line for lunch, I always had the privilege of taking brief glances into the brilliance of his mind and the ideas for stories, games, and other things that, sadly, may never be made known to the world.

I always knew that he had a lot of physical problems, for that´s how he was born. I knew that he had undergone various surgeries. He´d even get very sick at times. But I´ll have you know that Devin Critchfield is the bravest person I have ever met. If he had a problem, he´d never let me know it. I could only obtain such knowledge through his friends and family. He would continue going about being himself – that self which everyone loved.

And so it was a huge sucker punch to my heart when I learned of his passing. Unbeknownst to me, as I have been away in Argentina serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Devin had been suffering heart problems for sometime and was hospitalized in Salt Lake City, Utah. And now, I don´t have his friendship to look forward to when I return from my mission soon. Zelda Universe, especially my favorite haunt, the Sprite Comic Shanty Town, will never be the same.

However, all is not lost. Though it is indeed sad that we all must keep moving forward without you, Devin, all your loving memories will be our source of strength for doing so. I will not allow my hopes and dreams to be crushed by this inevitable event, but rather take it in stride and always remember you as I strive to accomplish my many goals.

Devin, you were one of the greatest influences in my life. Zelda Universe salutes you and gives condolences to your family, for your family has lost something very precious – a pearl of great price which they’d give anything to obtain again. But this cannot be so, for we know you are in a better place. I guess I can´t be jealous and keep you all to myself. With much love, I bid you farewell. God be with you ´till we meet again! You will be sorely missed!

Your dearest and eternal friend,
A.D. Perkins (Blizzaga)”

If you would like to discuss this on the forums, Blizzaga has created a eulogy thread to post in. Please refrain from posting rude comments; many of us in the ZU community knew him well, and really would rather not see inappropriate behavior.

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