Mii wants to visit Hyrule!

“3DSiis”?” Me3DS?” Or just plain ol’ “Miis on the 3DS”?

Whatever they end up calling them (we’re going to place our Rupees on the latter), Miis are making the move to the new handheld system, the 3DS.

Words from Miyamoto himself on the topic after the jump.

In a recent interview with IGN Australia, they asked him if there were any plans to be able to move one’s Mii from the Wii to the 3DS. Mr. Miyamoto had this to say:

“We need to keep in mind how we evolve the Miis and how we think about compatibility with Miis between different systems, but that’s something that we’re definitely giving consideration to and want to continue to try to allow people to use their Miis on different Nintendo systems going forward.”

While not exactly a confirmation, few things that come from him ever really are. However, you can take it as good as read that there will at least be Miis on the 3DS, and we find it extremely likely that your Wii and 3DS Miis will be transferable.

After all, DS games already have this ability, albeit limitedly. For instance, you can play as your Mii on your DS copy of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. Certainly the 3DS will take this functionality and run with it.

Source: IGN Australia