Hey everyone! The mailbag has finally returned, and in this week’s edition I cover several of your questions, including one about the villain of Skyward Sword and one about the probability of Zelda Kart!

The mailbag will be back again next week, so remember to send in your (Zelda-related) questions.

  • Awsomeness

    It could just be Ganon and not Ganondorf…
    Couldn't it?

    • Leslie

      I'm guessing maybe Vaati might come in to play or they might just create a whole new main enemy like they have been doing with the DS games. In Spirit Tracks they came up with an enemy that has never been in any other game. I'm going more towards Vaati but then again you never can tell.

  • Lawlilicious

    Ocarinar of time? I thought it was Ocarina 🙂

    • Darklinkcool1990


  • Chainoftermina

    Zelda Kart? I don't think so. Now, Super Smash Bros. Kart, or rather, Super Race Bros. Kart, THAT would be awesome!

  • LoverOfLegend

    Lol i love the way you said, "I don't know, we're not Nintendo, we're a fan site." It was just so serious it made me laugh XD

  • Thareous33

    I would actually like it if they submitted a Zelda Kart. Ther bombs could replace the bomb-ombs, bombchus to replace the red turtle shells, and Din's Fire for fireballs. Maybe the hookshot can pull you ahead of others players, if you aim it right. But first they'll need just a few more main characters. I couldn't see Link
    (possibly Young Link as well), Zelda, and Ganon(dorf?) be the only ones to race with–and Sheik! 8D

  • Errorjack

    I disagree. What Zelda was there with the Master Sword is the main weapon or the weapon that can be used and Ganondorf wasn't in. I am pretty sure Ganondorf will be in it. It might be how he became such an evil person and how he calms the triforce.

    • TheMaverickk

      That was actually all explained in Ocarina of Time… re-explaining that would be redundant. Ganondorf claimed the Triforce for the first time when the sacred realm is opened up by Link in the Temple of Time.

      Also the Master Sword has a lore of it's own… it wasn't created to destroy Ganondorf… but more so simply evil. To serve as a counter measure to the power of the Triforce in the case where an evil person attains a portion of it's power. There were wars and battles and evil that occurred long before Ocarina of Time and Ganondorf.

      Also interestingly enough the Master Sword wasn't present in the original fight against Ganon in the original Legend of Zelda. Link only got the Magic Sword to beat him. Also in Four Sword Adventure Ganon is defeated with the Four Sword. So technically there have been exceptions.

  • Valdek

    hmmm epic. and Errorjack, its not the Master Sword, its the skyward sword that turns into the master sword at one point. so i agree with Cody that Ganondorf will probably not be in it. And i also think that a Zelda Kart might e fun, but it might also in the process destroy the Zelda franchise all together. So yeah, like he said, we have Mario for that

  • ben haddix

    besides who seriously needs ANOTHER racing game?

  • William

    What ever happened to Dark Link and Agahnim( from ALTTP )? Could they, or at least Dark Link show up in this game? We still don't know the true origin of Dark Link at all. Idk guys… Lots of thoughts on my mind.

  • Errorjack

    @Valdek As I said, if it INCLUDES the Master Sword then it will INCLUDE Ganondorf.

    • ZeldaNoob

      You don't need the master sword to kill ganon(dorf). In the first games, you needed silver arrows. It turned into needing the silver arrows. The first game in the timeline with the master sword is ocarina of time. That is when Ganondorf is Still young. So he probably wasn't even born during skyward sword. The master sword was created so prevent the misuse of the triforce. Anyone can misuse the triforce.

  • Link

    Well I love the idea of Zelda kart ever since I heard of Zelda I was thinking that it would be a great idea to have a Zelda racing game than it would be more popular because lots of people like racing games more than RPG and ACTION-ADVENTURE games. WHO EVER IS WITH ME PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP at [email protected] ok thank you

  • Link

    They should have giant 8 bit Zelda characters dancing insted of bloopers.

  • Link

    FYI Gannon is a pig not a person.

  • Denre01

    I love you cody , you're the best!

  • Wise_Keaton

    :3 Your favorite game is Majora's Mask. +100 awesome points. But I'm glad to see the Mailbag back up.

  • goronpower

    Ganon might be in the game because in the first zelda game (Yes I have and a NES to play it on) you kill Ganon with the Magical sword and the silver arrows.

  • TheMaverickk

    Honestly I'd put Skyward Sword having a completely new villain as the highest probability. Critiques have been calling Nintendo out for years on the need to shelf Ganondorf/Ganon for a while… along with the other too predictable Zelda aspects.

    So far Miyamoto/Aonuma have made it clear they are mixing up the formula to keep players on their toes. I think they will do the same with the story and characters we see in it as well.

    The next highest possibility would be the "Dark Interlopers" mentioned in Twilight Princess. They are a good candidate because it's never really explained who they were… just that they became the source of the Twili race. In the end though the Dark Interlopers could be anyone and there could be a story to tell in that since there is a lot of creative freedom.

    As for Vaati being in Skyward Sword, I'd put it in the slim chance box. Why? Because the Zelda timeline is already pretty complicated, without trying to incorporate where ever it is that the Four Swords branch belongs. Vaati got his moment of glory in the Minish Cap and I'm sure that Miyamoto would rather have a new villain to surprise Zelda fans.

    Just my two cents.

  • asdf

    naw i don't think it will vaati he is more for hand held consoles.


    Do you think that vaati is gonna be the new badass?

  • some guy

    what? no Metroid Tennis…? awwwwww…..