Don't get your hopes up, that is not Link and Zelda.

Many, many moons ago our friends at Kasuto scanned and posted the 1989 manga The Legend of Zelda written and illustrated by Yuu Mishouzaki.

Since then many Zelda fans have been clambering for an English translation. There has never been an official English translation released, and, strangely, until now there has never been a fan translation.

Thank goodness for GlitterBerri! She has been working on an English translation for quite some time now and has finally finished!

If you are expecting a faithful-to-the-game adaption like we have gotten for the recent games, leave those expectations at the door. Since the writer had very little to work with within the original The Legend of Zelda’s plot, he has invented a nearly all-new story, but it is certainly well worth the read!

Head over to GlitterBerri’s site BerriBlue and enjoy with a nice glass of Red Potion!

Source: BerriBlue