Link Controls

One of the most important additions to Nintendo’s latest Zelda title, Skyward Sword, is the addition of MotionPlus controls. That means that Link’s sword and items, for the first time in Zelda history, respond to the player’s movements in perfect synchronization. Naturally, with such sophisticated technology comes an entirely new way of playing our favorite franchise.

The new controls might seem simple on the surface, but there’s a whole lot that can be done with them – which is why our newest staff member, Adam Debes, has compiled an entire guide to MotionPlus Zelda-playing in our Skyward Sword section.

You can find information about Link’s new moves, as well as how to perform them, such as the ridiculously awesome-looking Vertical Spin Slash. Check out the page here – and stay tuned for more updates in the near future (specifically pictures for this guide)!

  • Chad

    Awsome i'm the first to comment anyways thanks for this

  • lifesavers2

    Oh, sorry Jason If It just looks like I posted "First!", but I'm a slow typer so I typed "First!" and then started to edit it.
    What I meant to say was

    Sorry, it was just like that I refreshed the page and it was just here.

    Anyways, I like the motion controls but I hope sometimes it wont just get off center like in Wii sports resort."

    And if you are reading this and confuzzled I just posted "First!" and Jason deleted it.

    • X x7

      Ok… I didn't get most of what you said lol.

  • Hey! Jason! If you try to get to the controls section from the Skyward Sword page It goes to the Page not found section (the one with the CD-i game clip).

    I think the problem is that the shortcut at the SS page directs to… when it should direct to

  • Thareous33

    Awesome! You know, with each new update on SS I am even more fervent to play it. Very strange, isn't it? Not really at all! My finger is literally shaking as I type this out. 2011, come on already!!!

  • I thought you have to hold the WiiMote up-right when using the slingshot (I forget)

    Still look great anyway šŸ˜€

  • X x7

    It's gonna take a while to get used to this new control scheme…

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