Back in my day we had REAL instruction manuals

We Zelda fans are lucky: we are still graced with fairly elaborate quality instruction manuals.

While most most videogame franchises have given in to the trend of few pages and black-and-white only, each The Legend of Zelda game continues to be accompanied by a colorful and detailed manual.

However, even modern Zelda games’ manuals pale in comparison to that of the original Zelda.

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Up hill. Both ways.

Infendo has penned a micro article on the subject with each and every page of that ancient instruction manual ready to be perused. While some of us still have our old The Legend of Zelda instruction manuals, not everyone can be so lucky.

Have a look at Infendo’s site for the full article and manual, and revel in the adorably poor Nintendo of America localization. See why so many of us tried blowing our Whistles at Pols Voice to no avail.

Good luck. Use the Triforce wisely.

Source: Infendo
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  • Thareous33

    Yet another reason I prefer Zelda! They give very elaborate portrayals which look almost exactly like the characters/settings in the game. Though I usually resort to the walkthrough, I have used one to help me through the hardest one (that's right, Adventure of Link ;-])

  • Bendi

    why i love zelda is also because nintendo doesn't really answer all the questions so that you can speculate and make guesses with your own logic. they don't tell you like "no, that is how it is!" kinda like books without pictures they let you make the pictures in your head 😀
    any1 agree?

  • GenoKID

    I think the tops was ALttP's. The story was incredibly expansive, and kind of disturbing. I have the original Zelda manual, but not the map, which I haven't seen since I was maybe five. Does it really show all the caves and stuff?

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