Will Link be leaping onto shelves sooner than expected?

Yahoo has put together a series of “Then and Now” profiles for Nintendo’s most well-known characters, and naturally, Link is included.

But it’s not Link’s inclusion in this list that caught our eye. Rather, it’s what his blurb suggests about the release date of Skyward Sword:

“Link’s look is always a source of concern for Zelda fans. Will he be too old? Too young? Too cel-shaded? Too realistic? Regardless of the controversies, his games always turn out terrific, which is exactly what we expect of his next effort, Skyward Sword, when it ships this holiday season.”

Has Yahoo revealed accurate information about the release date of Skyward Sword? Or are they just making an educated guess?

Keep in mind that at E3, Nintendo stated that the new title wouldn’t be released until 2011, but will we get our hands on it sooner than expected? We can’t be completely certain until we hear it from Nintendo.

Source: Yahoo Games (Thanks to Cody Marshall for the tip!)
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  • Yahoo is probably the last company I would use for reliable information on video games, so I am going to say they are just guessing, or assuming rather.

    Though I would be freaking thrilled if it came out that quick.

    • frank

      It's probably the last source i use for any kind information in the first place…

  • Khao

    It's Yahoo…

  • yahoo sux

  • link090

    Don't trust anyone on release dates of these sorts of games except for Nintendo.

  • quixoticocelot

    I doubt they have any sort of privileged information. It's probably a mistake.

  • Thareous33

    I agree with everyone–each time I went to their site for Internet help I was guided by some random commenter. An example of this is when I searched for an easier way to download all the TP music at once. Anyhow, you should probably not trust their word on this. They couldn't have obtained any legit information, unless Nintendo sold it out for something–which is highly improbable. Yahoo is self-exlanatory; a bunch of yahoos run the site.

  • TheMaverickk

    I'm sorry but…. Nintendo's word VS. Yahoo. I'd personally go with Nintendo on this one. It would be a huge upset if Skyward Sword came out this holiday. They've got DKC Returns for the holidays and Retro worked hard to bring back the franchise…. they wouldn't over shadow their own title.

    I mean they post poned Metroid Other M simply to keep Sin & Punishment 2 from being forgotten about. They are balancing their releases simply to ensure that they put enough time into titles, and as well to make sure that they have more frequent releases to make gamers happy.

  • swizzles

    ^ Yes, I agree. Possibly whoever wrote that isn't even yet aware that Nintendo announced a 2011 release.

  • Link-182

    jk, I'm just putting * everywhere! 😀
    I wish it would come out this year, its been waaay too fucking long!

    • TheMaverickk

      As of this November it will have been exactly 4 years since Twilight Princess.

      The wait between between Wind Waker and Twilight Princess was just under 4 years (4 years for those in Japan though who got Wind Waker in 2002).

      What is actually too ****ing long was the wait between Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time. 7 year gap with only Link's Awakening to hold people over in between the releases.

      To put it into perspective there have been two DS Zelda's released between Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. There's actually been quite a bit of Zelda to be enjoyed so I really don't see how the wait has been that unbearable.

      • Black Yuri

        Wow, it's already been four years? Doesn't seem that long at all..

  • Aniday

    My guess is that the author wrote it up before E3 even happened and it was just queued up to be posted today and no one bothered to check if the released date was updated or not.

  • James

    We can't reslly trust Nintendo with release dates either. They said Skyward Sword would be releasd this year, now they say next year. They said Twilight Princess was to be released in 2005, but it came out 2006…

    • Shadowoflight

      They told us it would be released when it's finished.
      Could be a billion years from now.

  • Shadowoflight

    "When it's finished", probably 2011.
    It's been told so many times before.

  • Hálvðanarson

    I think it’s highly unlikely that it will ship this holiday.

    I’m going to place my bet on either January or February 2011.

  • -Link-182-

    What's up with the guy who impersonated my name a few comments above? lol
    Anyway, as long as its coming out Q1 of next year, I won't mind for the wait of SS

  • Gerudude

    I might just have hit the bull-eye huh?
    Check out the forum: Future Zelda topic: Might we be surprised.
    right here at ZU

  • TheMaverickk

    My money is on March…. it will either be a month before the Nintendo 3DS release or a month after the 3DS is released. In all honest for the success of both the 3DS and Skyward Sword they will need to keep these releases a little bit apart.

    Mind you it would likely be better to have Skyward Sword released before the 3DS, since all eyes and focus will be on it even over the Wii when it is released. Even if Zelda is a huge franchise. I don't think the game will be later then March.

  • Zeldadudetp

    Must you post 5 articles every day ZU? XD

    • Well, people generally visit the main page to read news and articles, so we try our best to post them. Some days, we have more news than others.

      • Zeldadudetp

        It just gets a bit overwhelming if you haven't checked the Homepage in, let's say, a week.

  • Cukeman

    I don't believe it. Yahoo "News" is a laugh.

  • This may sound nice, but I think it's extremely unlikely.

  • Bravo

    Though I wouldn't rely on Yahoo for info, I have noticed that Nintendo like to release a Zelda every year.

    • X x7

      not inbetween PH and ST.

  • X x7

    No no no no no no I trust Toyota about safety more than I trust Yahoo.

  • Jonathan

    I trust 4chan more with important info than Yahoo.

  • Goro

    I trust BP about their "safety regulations" than Yahoo news

    • X x7

      I trust BP about them finding out a way to clean up the oil spill more than yahoo.

      • Goro

        I trust a Catholic priest with my five year old brother than yahoo.

  • Boomer

    gamestop's said release date when i preordered it said around April of 2011