Will Link be leaping onto shelves sooner than expected?

Yahoo has put together a series of “Then and Now” profiles for Nintendo’s most well-known characters, and naturally, Link is included.

But it’s not Link’s inclusion in this list that caught our eye. Rather, it’s what his blurb suggests about the release date of Skyward Sword:

“Link’s look is always a source of concern for Zelda fans. Will he be too old? Too young? Too cel-shaded? Too realistic? Regardless of the controversies, his games always turn out terrific, which is exactly what we expect of his next effort, Skyward Sword, when it ships this holiday season.”

Has Yahoo revealed accurate information about the release date of Skyward Sword? Or are they just making an educated guess?

Keep in mind that at E3, Nintendo stated that the new title wouldn’t be released until 2011, but will we get our hands on it sooner than expected? We can’t be completely certain until we hear it from Nintendo.

Source: Yahoo Games (Thanks to Cody Marshall for the tip!)
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