No more setting your friend's butt on fire?

In a recent interview with GameInformer, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma discussed his ever-growing desire to incorporate a multiplayer aspect in the Zelda series. Strangely, however, he never mentioned Four Swords. Instead, he had this to say:

“Having people play together is a theme that’s always stuck in my mind, but it’s about trying to create what would work best for Legend of Zelda. […] We haven’t really found the perfect vehicle for that, but it’s a theme that I’m thinking about all the time, and I hope to be able to come up with an idea that will move us in that direction at some point.”

So not only does Aonuma avoid mentioning Four Swords, he seems to make a point of hinting that it will not return. At least not in the form with which we are already familiar.

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Elaborating further on what direction the theorized multiplayer might take, Aonuma said:

“Let’s say a player does something in their game that affects an area, and then that is communicated back to another system, and that would introduce new elements to your game. I find that sort of communication really interesting.”

But what of our four differently colored Links? Are they gone for good? Or is this new idea Aonuma is stewing over simply an additional feature? If a future Four Swords has suddenly been dropped, this is contrary to what Aonuma had to say just before E3 in this article.

In an unrelated topic in the same interview, Aonuma indicated that downloadable content involving new dungeons could be a possibility. “Obviously, we have thought about DLC, and we are thinking about it,” he told GameInformer.

While this is unlikely to happen with Skyward Sword, just imagine Ocarina of Time on the 3DS, with the handheld’s inherent ability for downloadable content and one Master Quest already in existence, it would surely be a minor challenge bringing even more “remixed” dungeons to that beloved game.

Source: GameInformer (via Kombo and tipped by Mr_Zora_Decu)