No more setting your friend's butt on fire?

In a recent interview with GameInformer, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma discussed his ever-growing desire to incorporate a multiplayer aspect in the Zelda series. Strangely, however, he never mentioned Four Swords. Instead, he had this to say:

“Having people play together is a theme that’s always stuck in my mind, but it’s about trying to create what would work best for Legend of Zelda. […] We haven’t really found the perfect vehicle for that, but it’s a theme that I’m thinking about all the time, and I hope to be able to come up with an idea that will move us in that direction at some point.”

So not only does Aonuma avoid mentioning Four Swords, he seems to make a point of hinting that it will not return. At least not in the form with which we are already familiar.

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Elaborating further on what direction the theorized multiplayer might take, Aonuma said:

“Let’s say a player does something in their game that affects an area, and then that is communicated back to another system, and that would introduce new elements to your game. I find that sort of communication really interesting.”

But what of our four differently colored Links? Are they gone for good? Or is this new idea Aonuma is stewing over simply an additional feature? If a future Four Swords has suddenly been dropped, this is contrary to what Aonuma had to say just before E3 in this article.

In an unrelated topic in the same interview, Aonuma indicated that downloadable content involving new dungeons could be a possibility. “Obviously, we have thought about DLC, and we are thinking about it,” he told GameInformer.

While this is unlikely to happen with Skyward Sword, just imagine Ocarina of Time on the 3DS, with the handheld’s inherent ability for downloadable content and one Master Quest already in existence, it would surely be a minor challenge bringing even more “remixed” dungeons to that beloved game.

Source: GameInformer (via Kombo and tipped by Mr_Zora_Decu)
  • 1st and it would be really cool if they had DLC

    • Callin

      Yeah, I love it when you have to pay extra for stuff that should already be in the game.

      • EDracon

        Ever hear of FREE DLC, guess not, your Not a PC gamer, and you don't play Valve games.

        • sweeds r c00l

          Valve is shit, guess why it's free

          • EDracon

            Says the guy who played 0 of their games. Have you ever played Portal? It's amazing.

          • EDracon

            I meant to say "Says the guy who never played any of their games."

          • but its effing short

          • EDracon

            but they did add the radio puzzle for after yu beat the game once. and they extended the ending… a full three years after the game was released.

      • lifesavers2

        Why are people thumbs downing Callin? He was being sarcatic! (I think)

  • ZoraMikau

    As long as it doesn't cost anything, it'd be a good thing.

  • Matt17

    Maybe its cuz Aonuma said before that they wouldn't use toon link anymore. and that they possibly can

    • X x7

      He never said that.

  • X x7

    I liked four swords, but the ending of FSA kinda wrapped up the series, in which the sword had a protective shield over it so nobody could ever pull it again. So I really never thought that they could've made a new Four Swords without it making much sense. Downloadable content would be great, as long as it was free and actually useful. Like maybe a few extra dungeons or an extended quest?

    • Zybera

      Yes, but if you'll remember, Ganon was left in the Four Sword, not Vaati, who was implied to have survived his battle with the Links.

      • X x7

        it isnt the same ganon.

      • X x7

        oh wait, ignore my last comment. Vaati was still killed though, if you saw that. Ganon was mad because Vaati, his pawn, was killed, and thats why the tower of winds and the palace of winds crumbled.

        • Zybera

          Yes, well I never did beat FSA, but still if you remember, Vaati was never stated to be sealed in the Four Sword in minish cap. The beginning of FSA also talks of a time before FS where Vaati arose and kidnapped maidens. As far as I know, MC said nothing about him kidnapping except for Zelda.

          • X x7

            he doesn't need to be sealed in the sword for him to die, he can still just die. and also what are you getting at here with the games before fsa?

          • Zybera

            Okay, the beginning of FSA speaks of two games in which Vaati kidnaps maidens. Currently, only one exists, FS. Interestingly, in Minish Cap, Vaati is not sealed in the Four Sword at the end. He just blows up. The same thing happens in FSA, but Vaati can't die twice. So, the point is, it could be possible for Vaati to be resurrected. It could also mean their is a game in between MC and FS.

          • linkdude101

            SS, anybody? I say Skyward Sword is either between MC and FS or is the stained glass story in MC. So the antagonist is either Vaati or someone new. Probably ( and hopefully! ) Vaati.

  • linkdude101

    If the DLC is free, AWESOME! If not, Nintendo's as bad as Sony and Microsoft. Paying for DLC is what makes them so bad. XBox LIVE? That's a joke!

    • Pfft, cheapskate ;-).

      • Colin

        Not everybody has allot of money to spare these days. I hardly have any money due to not being able to get a job

        • James Slater

          I know, I was just having a bit of fun with him.

          TBH if Zelda ever became subscription-based (very unlikely, but not impossible), I would not be a happy bunny!

          The subscriptions/DLC debate is interesting: on the one hand it gives developers ways to make their games entertaining for longer; on the other hand it basically locks customers in and almost makes them dependents. And I'm not sure I want games companies acting more like drug pushers than they do already.

          • linkdude101

            I'll shoot someone if I have to subscribe.

    • lifesavers2

      Paying for DLC…

      Nintendo said that they wouldnt do that. I know Nintendo will keep their word. <sarcasm!1!!11!>

    • Sir Calibur

      Dude, if they do intend to develop and release DLC, they have the right to charge people for it. If they're going to put the work into something like that, charging is natural.

  • Z-MAN7

    DLC would nice if it's like new sidequests, a new dungeon/item, or new enemies. Now if it's something as pointless as Horse Armor, count me out.

    I really hope they do a new Four Swords in the future, online play with voice chat would be wicked sweet.

  • Tri-Fork-Chris101

    Okay im kinda new to this sort of stuff (i dont know what a DLC is!) but i know skyward sword is gonna be brilliant. A lot of people are wondering about a multiplayer feature in the new game, personally i don't really care what they do with that but maybe they could incorperate a helper for link like the orange luma in super mario galaxy 2. Im quite surprised to see from the trailer that when link dives off the cliff he already has the hylian shield. That wierd for that early in the game. Oh well… we never know how the game is gonna turn out until we've tried it next year, I can't wait, i am a junkie for zelda even though ive only played 5 of the games (Phantom hourglass, Spirit tracks, Wind Waker, Twilight princess and links awakening.) Im sittin' on the edge of my seat whenever i see a screenshot or video of it. love the trailer!

    • Seck

      DLC= downloadable content.

    • Seck

      and they always have a helper for link, its just what they do. Examples: Navi, Midna, Tatl, Ciela, and even zelda herself

      • But they dont help like the orange luma from Super Mario galaxy 2

        People should call Super Mario Galaxy 2 SMG 2- that sounds cool

  • Kostya

    Whoever said they won't pay is just being cheap. Really it probably will cost something but come on, if it's an awesome new dungeon or sidequest why should you care?

    • EDracon

      Because not everyone has a job, also, alot of people lost their jobs. Also, it's difficult to get a job at this time.

  • marcel

    tri-fork-chris you should try out the n64 zelda games and a link to the past too

  • Keimori

    I'm gona say this: Link teamed up with Zelda/Shiek in multi player co-op.
    that'd be awesome. then if need be add in some new characters that player 3 and 4 can play as. that or some return characters like Midna can be one and Goron or Zora, something like that. all with difernt abilitys and such that'd be awesome!

  • frank

    how about a Zelda MMO?

    • Mfter

      We can blast Wow off their seats!

      • linkdude101

        MMO? No thanks…

    • Shadow Darkman

      Zelda MMO? SIGN ME UP

  • Omniryu

    DLC can be possible in SS. Hey everybody Wii can handle DLC. It has tons of 3D games on Wiiware and VC.

    • That… Didnt really make any sense.

    • Says the Lurker

      'cept for the fact that my wii hates the internet…

  • ShadowHero31

    yeah most of the people commenting on this are right.
    i wouldn't do the dlc if it costs something. i dont care if people say im cheap. i'll only play the whole game if it makes sense and is kind of easy. now listen closely. i may not be a MAJOR zelda fan, but these games are really cool. But listen to this. I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE GAMES!!! I COME BACK TO ZELDA BECAUSE OF THE STORIES!! i could care less about the games. that's just more work. the ONLY reason i finish the games is to listen to the awesome stories that the zelda series continues. the only reason i beat Wind Waker 5 times is because this game has an AWESOME story. in fact, i think the Wind Waker could be one of the best games of ALL TIME if it wasn't for the graphics.
    BE SMART. the zelda creators only create the game off of a story. i wasn't as excited for Skyward Sword because they started the story off a game. and to make a great story, you need to have time to finish and create a great Zelda story that we all love.

    • lolknight

      GOLDEN WORDS ShadowHero31, golden words. However, I can only partially agree with you, as what matters most in a game is the gameplay, and that is why Nintendo intelligently focused on it before caoming up with a story in SS. In fact, it is the gameplay that has made us fall in love with zelda, the stories came afterwords.

  • ShadowHero31

    Sorry for the double comment 🙁
    but i just had a great idea!!!!! using dlc could unlock more dungeons and items and or sidequests, but it would be cool if you could download a multiplayer option. i think it would be cool if you could play with different types of Links. And more than just green, red, blue, and purple link. Like the Links from Majora's Mask. You could play as all the different links. (Deku, Goron, Zora, Fierce Diety,) I think that would be coooool.

    • Gladiator her

      paying for multiplier I don't want

  • Worms3Ddude7

    I think it should be like red dead redemption's free roam mode where you can go mess around the map with friends

  • kiefer

    i think an mmo would be awsome. or anything co op that isnt like tingle in wind waker. becuase as much as i love zelda and the storyline and the vibes. i dont like the fact that your all alone when playing it.

  • Gladiator hero

    I think if you have to pay for DLC I'll buy it if it is worth it, however I hope you dont need it for the whole experience. Fire emblem awakening had fan service and side maps, and those were good, most, or all of it is non canon and just for an extra challenge.