Since Skyward Sword was revealed at E3, a lot of information and details have surfaced about the game. We’ve been keeping you up to date with all of this information as it’s revealed, but it’s still possible that you might have missed something.

Luckily, the folks at were kind enough to put together an article after scouring every roundtable and interview out there during E3, putting together a list of 13 facts that fans might not know about The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (not unlike our own comprehensive list). You can view a shortened list of them after the jump.

  1. Link is still right-handed.
  2. Drinking potions no longer stops the game. Link will have to slurp it down while continuing to evade enemy attacks.
  3. The art style is heavily inspired by late 19th century impressionists, particularly Paul Cezanne.
  4. Item selection is handled differently than in other Zelda titles. Players switch between their currently selected implements in real time, merely holding B while reaching towards the item to grab it
  5. Death Mountain was visible in the distance during the demo, but was inaccessible.
  6. The controller outline on the HUD was only designed for the E3 demo.
  7. Aiming controls are a mix of IR pointing like in Twilight Princess and Wii MotionPlus gestural aiming like in Wii Sports Resort.
  8. Skyward Sword’s director is former Capcom employee Hidemaro Fujibayashi. He worked on the Capcom-developed Zelda titles: Minish Cap, Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, Four Swords for Game Boy Advance, and Phantom Hourglass.
  9. Most of the game is finalized. The rest of the development process will largely focus on refining the look of the game.
  10. Some or all of the music in the final game will be orchestrated, according to Shigeru Miyamoto.
  11. The game is much harder than recent 3D Zelda titles.
  12. MotionPlus sword control greatly affects battle strategy.
  13. Nine different enemy types have been shown so far throughout the demo.

Source: GameXplain
  • Thareous33

    Death Mountain? So we might be able to fight Ganon there, but in 3D? 8D At last! I'd love that idea!

    • But how should Ganon appear in the game?
      I mean, the game explains the Master Sword's origin and is therefore set before Ocarina Of Time, so it wouldn't make much sense if he showed up, right?
      I think having Vaati there could make more sense… :3

      Anyway, the part about the game being harder is new to me… but I like the idea of it. A lot.

      • Thareous33

        That does make sense, yet where does is it mentioned in Ocarina of Time that Ganon has never emerged before? Maybe when Young Link first meets Zelda, but I don't remember myself…

        • ZeldaNoob

          there is only 1 ganon/ganondorf. Its all the same incarnation. He just was immortal through the triforce of power. And after he lost it, he was resurrected many times. Ganondorf was pretty young in ocarina of time. Plus he didn't even have the triforce of power. He was vain, which led to his defeat in that game.

          • X x7

            wow no wonder you're called zelda noob. Ganon was reborn in Twilight Princess, they even said it, thus meaning that there are different incarnations.

          • Bendi

            i think this game is going to be set to the civil war for the triforce, and obviously link is probably going to obtain a peice of it (courage) getting him involved in the war… the war is probably what the ghost girl thing is dragging him down there for.

            maybe we meet kid Ganon being involved in the civil war…
            and maybe this link is the father of OOT Link,
            if this speculating is true that would be awesome.

            thumbs up if you agree with this speculation, if you don't tell me why. please

        • LuX

          Well if Ganon had emerged before OoT then the King of Hyrule would not of let him close, and yet we saw when Kid Link met Zelda when they look through the window Ganon was knealing before the king and every other itteration of Ganon as either got or had the golden power/triforce at some point, and yet OoT's Ganon aquires it in game, this points to OoT's Ganon being his first appearence.

          • GenoKID

            This is easy. Ganon has the Triforce of Power. He's got almost unlimited power immediately at his disposal. So he decides to go back to Hyrule's past to control it before Link ever exists! If Veran could do it, suredly Ganon can, too.

      • of course he could he doesn't born in the Ocarina Of Time he is OLD already in the game so it would make sense if he show up

  • Torkel

    I have read some where that they are planing to have two difficulty modes, can't find the source where I read this. Anyone else read this?

    • LuX

      Yeah it was posted on ZU as part of a series of rumors, but alot of them turned out to be false, so don't expect there too be two settings.

    • Gordon

      I remember that. It was somewhere on IGN that I read it.

      • Gordon

        Oh, wait. Maybe LuX is right.

    • Matt17

      yea I read the same thing about the two difficulties thing. it was more rumors from a german site I think. it might not be true cuz one of their rumors was that the dungeon in E3 was gonna be an ice dungeon and is the first dungeon in the game and thats wrong.

      look for the 6/14/10 rumors

  • Z-MAN7

    "Skyward Sword’s director is former Capcom employee Hidemaro Fujibayashi. He worked on the Capcom-developed Zelda titles: Minish Cap, Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, Four Swords for Game Boy Advance, and Phantom Hourglass."

    That's pretty cool. Maybe he can bring some back some of that freshness to the series with Skyward Sword.

    • you mean GoRon right? why Ganon will be in the death mountain?

      • Play the first Legend of Zelda, PLEASE!

        • makarthekorokwarrior

          i get where you're going with the whole ganon on death mountain thing…but honestly, i believe as far as timeline goes, LOZ most likely took place much later than OOT, so its probably more likely for gorons to still reside on Death Mountain than Ganon. And yes, Ganondorf is likely not even alive yet. I mean, in OOT, as several people mentioned, he works in the castle. he couldn't get away with that if he was already an evil havoc-wreaking fool. besides, he'd have to be really young. maybe he could appear as a cameo, as an actual young gerudo in the desert, like him when he was younger!

          as for Hidemaro Fujibayashi, I hope the freshness of the Oracle games comes back through.

  • VideoGameGeek

    Can't wait for Skyward Sword.

    I hope there will be more dungeons than last time though!

    • Bendi

      there won't it's confirmed to be shorter than TP.
      it's really sad

      • Darklink1996

        Yes but as in travel time across Hyrule… hopefully

    • manwiththeskill

      they said it will be shorter than TP.

  • TheMaverickk

    One thing that is confusing though and inaccurate in their list is that;

    "Most of the game is finalized. The rest of the development process will largely focus on refining the look of the game."

    Truth be told Miyamoto said the rest of the development process actually involved "adding the last dungeons" to the game, and making sure every aspect of the game works together. I'm sure they are going to work on and fine tune everything until the end, but the majority of what is left to be done is the last dungeons not the visuals.

    • I love the word Most, dont you?

      • Bendi

        AGREED MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • TheMaverickk

          A prime reason why I believe this game will be completed long before next Christmas. 😀

    • Miyamoto also said that they are polishing visuals. This means the graphics will be as good as SMG2.
      He also said that they are still finishing the game.

  • GenoKID

    I'm sure the reason they call this one harder is they had no time to adjust to the controls.

    • Ok, don't take these game reviewer's companies words for it. If you want to be narrow-minded and think that Miyamoto created a crappy game, go ahead, just know that if you think Miyamoto makes shit games, you have mental problems.

  • Pink

    Please don't let Ganon be the big bad in this, I want someone different. Vaati maybe, I would like to see what he'd look like in a console game like this.

    • Xenithar

      Yeah I hope they come up with a new bad guy or something. I think Ganon's getting flogged like a dead horse, and because this game happens before OoT, it's my hope that Ganon/Ganondorf doesn't show up at all.

      • They could have two bad guys. Like Twilight Princess and ALTTP

        • X x7

          in ALTTP agahnim and ganon are the same person

        • makarthekorokwarrior

          what if there were two enemies of equal power in one game, like Onox and Veran, rather than a game with another pawn for the big baddie, like Agahnim, chancellor cole, vaati (in FSA) Zant…etc.

          or…if there were two less powerful great evils working for one giant bad guy, like two terribly evil bosses that were guards for the final boss…
          –think Veran and Onox, but in one game, working for Twinrova, but if ganon was absent…

      • eliot

        MAJORA, MAJORA !!!

        • Skull Kid

          that would be awesome!!!!

    • CrazyGoron

      This game takes place before OOT and Ganon dies in OOT, so Ganon shouldn't die in this game which means he could very well not be in this game at all.

      • makarthekorokwarrior

        ganon doesn't die in OOT. He dies afterwards, when he's put in jail by young link, in TP, and in an alternate timeline when he escapes from the sacred realm, in WW. but still, it wouldn't make much sense for Ganondorf to be in this game.

        • Bendi

          no… there is no alternate timeline… the TP ganon is the next gerudo ruler as in we all know that one male gerudo is born every hundred years and he is destined to be the ruler of the gerudo's.

          we will probably meet a kid ganon, maybe not fight him but meet some grudo kid which happenes to be OOT ganon as a kid if we know nintendo right

      • GenMathis74

        Ganon never dies.. The triforce of power prevents that. he can only be stopped by the other holders of the triforce. The triforce was created by the godesses as a symbol of balance, a yin and yang type of deal. Because of what ganondorf did in Oot, the goddesses gave the one who knew what was going on, Zelda, WISDOM and the courageous young man, Link, COURAGE. Ganon already stole the power so a BALANCE had to happen. Adult timeline and kid timeline split everything up but the holdings of the triforce.

    • FUCK VAATI. A horrible enemy. What we need is a new guy.

      • Bendi

        AGREED Vaati is just boring

        • Says the Lurker

          UNLESS they do it right.

  • fad2191

    Director of the Oracle Games!!! Great memories playing those GBC titles, this game might be the best of the 3D games yet. This is exciting! 🙂

    • TheMaverickk

      Overall that's a good sign because to put things into perspective all the games he directed had different bad guys from Ganon (with the exception of the Linked Oracle game).

      Oracle of Seasons had Onyx, Ages had Veran, Minish Cap had Vaati, Phantom Hourglass had Bellum.

      In all honesty though I'm hoping that we learn the identity of the Dark Interlopers in this game… maybe we will see the creation of the Twilight Realm where the Twili are banished. Who knows it may even be possible that Vaati had some connection with the event.

      Or they may prefer to keep the Four Swords story completely separate from the main console timeline.

      • makarthekorokwarrior

        great observation! i agree with the whole dark interlopers thing too. great ideas. i don't want the fs series to be seperate, it makes it seem like the series doesn't flow. i only hope if something like this happens, the bad guy is closer to any of those guys except Bellum. Bellum was basically a creature thing that was evil with no story. now, Vaati from MC? he had an amazing story!

      • What if the Twilight realm is related to the Dark realm, and the dark realm is related to the shadow people?
        That would be cool, if it worked.

  • Xenithar

    So is the wiimote on the screen not going to be there for the actual gameplay? That would be interesting.

    • X x7

      itll be hard though

    • CrazyGoron

      It says it will only be there for the demo.

    • It will be there, but smaller and less childish, and we will have the option to turn it off.

  • colleen

    Oh, blessed mackrel. LoZ has died. I'm off to play Metal Gear Solid.

    • Majora

      Your a disgrace to good gaming.

    • Oh. My. Gosh.
      Good sir, you suck.

    • jamesb

      bye! 😀

    • makarthekorokwarrior

      nothing has happened to destroy the best gaming series that ever existed. if anything, technology has morphed the series in a way that has been a model for every other game that's existed. your remark is foolish.

    • Oh, blessed Mackenzie: LoZ kicks ass.

    • We make a post containing facts about Skyward Sword that we've been reporting on since E3, and suddenly LoZ has died? Wait until you play the game before you pass judgement.

    • jarrbossyo

      fair play, you clearly lack braincells

  • frank

    its harder? ok thats definitely a good thing

  • Darkus Triforce

    I just hope ganon/dorf isnt a bad guy in this game.
    wait… maybe this game could have ganondorf in it BEFORE he became evil!
    that would be awesome!

    • Uh, couple of hundred years before ganon/dorf gets the triforce of power.
      YEAH! "Hey Ganondorf!" (Ganondorf is a cell big) "Hey Link! Go to theland below!" "OK"

    • Shadowoflight

      Ganon possesses the triforce of power, for god knows how long before Ocarina of time took place.

      So far in the series, they've been born with the destiny chosen by the gods.

      • X x7

        'cept in Wind Waker. He obtained the Triforce of Courage in Wind Waker, so he really wasn't chosen by the gods.

    • Ashmic

      yes i totally wanna see little ganondorf <3!

    • Ganon is always evil though. He is too consumed by power, which makes him evil.

  • Chainoftermina

    Maybe instead of Ganon it will be the 1 Male Gerudo that came before him. I'm actually kinda surprised they haven't done that, what with many hundreds of years separating quite a few Zelda games by now.

    • X x7

      I thought that they already have, like in TP maybe, because Zant said that he was reborn? and also in four swords adventures?

  • lancelott

    Hmmm before OOT…..Am I the only one hoping for Sheikah?!?

    • CrazyGoron

      That would be cool to see more Seikah than just Impa.

    • makarthekorokwarrior

      good idea. the sheikah really need more publicity

    • I bet we will see some if there is a shadow temple.

  • X x7

    Well, when has the master sword appeared when Ganondorf wasn't in the game? Well never, but in Zelda I and II they didn't need the master sword, so it could be vice versa.

  • mirrorworld

    I just hope that we don't start off with the Hylian shield and the "Skyward Sword" right away.

    • makarthekorokwarrior

      me too! i want item upgrades and stuff.

    • Why would they do that?

  • linkdude101

    I hope for Vaati. And that'd make sense too.

    • Why do people love Vaati so much?
      I've never played 4S or MC, so I am clue-less.

      • GenMathis74

        dude he is pretty much just a skinny Agahnim but instead of flinging back balls of energy you use the four sword on his ass. some story-less magician. lame. BUT the games he came from were fun.

    • Bendi

      can you explain how that would makle sense my good sir.
      greetings from norway!

  • Lilcross

    Interesting post.

  • xXJackXx

    Well It's pretty cool, I finally see possibly a nice new fresh Zelda game made of of only pure new ideas. Also capcom has produced some very decent Zelda games.

    • I wonder if we'll find some hidden Capcom characters…
      Like Mega Man? lol

  • Alex

    I'm just glad its supposed to be harder because Twilight Princess wasn't much of a challenge for me.

  • guest

    There is no way the game is finished except for the "look" of the game. In fact, even if it is finalized, count on Miyamoto to makes changes and add things as they go. If only the visuals were holding it back, they could pull it together for a holiday 2010 release. To put it off until 2011 for visual polish would be retarded. Any visual polish they could do between now and early 2011 they could surely do between now and holiday 2010. They need to really fill the world out with tons of things to find and do. There needs to be tons of sidequests that you can do not just once but 2 or 3 times with varying results. Ocarina had this, TP did not. The key to a good Zelda game in 3d is how immersive the world is, not how polished the graphics are.

    • X x7

      that isnt all they said, they also said that they have a few more dungeon and boss designs to do.

      • TheMaverickk

        When they delayed Twilight Princess from 2005 to a 2006 release the prime change was the alteration to the Twilight Realm from the black and white shaded world to the over the top bloom lighting realm. Also they were still making adjustments to TP Link's model.

        Of course the bigger underlying reason was of course to make it a Wii launch title and add motion controls as well. Mind you I have no complaints about that decision. If we hadn't had Twilight Princess on release who knows where the Wii would be today.

  • Zach

    I highly doubt the fact that that is death mountain. Telling by the teaser art, story, and common sense; Hyrule will have a dark effect to it. Knowing that, that fact is false. The demo world is either just a demo world, or is a part of Skyloft.

    • I agree, completely.

      • TheMaverickk

        Yeah I can't say that the mountain we see smoking out is in fact Death Mountain. Considering that apparently the area in the demo was Skyloft. So one of two possible things…. Death Mountain is so tall it's top part reaches above the clouds so that it is visible from this Sky Loft.

        Or perhaps the demo didn't take place in Sky Loft… I mean it's a very forest like area… it could be one of the first places you encounter when you arrive below the clouds.

        The last theory would be it's not Death Mountain at all and is simply another part of Skyloft with it's own volcano of sorts. Or perhaps Death mountain is so huge it goes through Sky Loft. Who knows.

    • X x7

      i think that youre just hoping for another TP style art

      • TheMaverickk

        I didn't like how Death Mountain looked in Twilight Princess… it was a bit odd in my personal opinion… doesn't anyone agree?

        I mean the peak was like a giant flaming ball on top of a mountain I didn't get it. It was just obscure… and somewhat disjointed from the rest of what was the Gorons home.

  • Link

    So if there's going to be Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess side quests in this game. Maybe we WILL have to face Ganon again since Ganon was in Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess. But the question is. If there is a Majora's Mask side quest in there. Do you think we will have to face the Majora's Mask again?

    That would be pretty EPIC if we had to fight Ganondorf and The Majora's Mask. What if the evil from the Majora's Mask returned to Majora's Mask. And Ganon found the mask to get revenge on Link. And Ganon suddenly wears the Mask and he became more powerful than he ever was before.

    Hey just my guessing on what we might have to fight. Because in some of the bosses I saw on the E3 trailer. The scorpion thing Link was fighting. It looks like it resembles the Wind Waker boss from Dragon Roost Island and Queen Gohma from LoZ Ocarina of Time. Just a thought though. I hope no one gets mad. Coming from a Zelda fan. I surely hope this game is harder and cooler.

    So far. I love how the graphics are. They look like Wind Waker Cell Shaded graphics and Ocarina of Time graphics put together. Anyways. I hope this game will be adventurous and challenging!!! ^__^

    • It is before OoT, so why the fuck would Ganon want revenge on Link?

    • Ben


      • ben

        whoops sorry you just said that.

  • I doubt that that is death mountain. The demo world is either Skyloft, or a demo world, and I doubt that Hyrule, a land covered by darkness and evil, will be that bright. Another thing is that the game IS going to be before OoT, I'm sorry, but if you think that the game is after OoT, then you are retarded.

  • ganondox

    Um… thats probably not skyloft, as skyloft is peaceful.

    Faries are gonna be really nice.

  • Cam

    Dammit, I really wanted Link to be left-handed like always (TP Wii doesn't count since it was mirrored).

    • PK Pyro

      Same here. I understand why they had to make the change but it still makes me a little sad that I won't be able to play as a lefty with Link (one of the few left handed video game characters). Whatever, I'm sure I'll still have plenty of fun playing this when it comes out regardless of what hand I'll have to use.

      • Nona

        I agree with both of you, but at least we can look at this as being indicative of just one Link. All the rest are left-handed; this guy is the black sheep! He seems to be the first one, too, so at least chronologically there isn't too much upset in the pattern.

  • The Steel Knuckle

    -Harder now thats what i wanted to hear!!!!
    yes this is going to be nice!

    -no wiimote outline DOUBLE BETTER

    -graphics are very interesting =o

    -It's already a must have for me X)

    • Bendi


  • Emicon

    I'm glad to hear that Capcom veterans are working on SS. The Oracle series were pure fun and had a decent story. I'm also relieved that the HUD is going away. 😛

  • ApocolypticMuffin

    I can't say that the Capcom Zelda titles were my favorites, but I really liked how ambitious Phantom Hourglass was! Hopefully they'll keep that ambition throughout the game in ways we haven't seen yet!

    I also really like how the game will be harder than other installments! I cannot wait for this game!!!!!

  • TheMaverickk

    This game being a prequel is one of the best things that could happen for the Zelda series. For starters it means that they can develop the mythos further… they can explain the origin of the Master Sword, the origin of Hylians, what Hyrule was like when the OOcca were still around. What evil's existed before Ganondorf (the biggest plus of all… lets not forget that the Master Sword wasn't created specifically to fight Ganondorf)… it also means they can bring back characters and creatures from Ocarina of Time.

    For example… the Kokiri and the original Great Deku Tree… Kakariko as a purely Sheikah village (Ninja village of some sort I bet)… Volvagia before his original defeat by an ancient Goron hero…. the original sages (maybe the sage who became reincarnated as Kaepora Gaebora). I would hope that we will get more opportunities to learn about this ancient Hyrule.

    • Nona

      I like having some of it left to the imagination, but you're right; if there were at least a few of these connections it would be awesome. Part of my enjoyment of the Zelda series comes from the history within the various storylines, so I always love to see the little references to past/future events that are sometimes included by the developers.

      • TheMaverickk

        Wind Waker is honestly a wonderful example of how I'd like to see games connected. Details like the stain glass portraits of the OoT sages. Or the Zora and Kokiri sages being the ones to power the Master Sword.

        Things like the Pearls, Jabun and even Voolo tend to connect with OoT but in such a way that we are left to imagine and interpret these connections. Hopefully the game will be subtle in this way… I don't want them to spell out the connections myself either.

        • Nona

          I agree completely! The stained glass tributes in particular are still one of my favorite aspects of WW – I remember being so excited when I first got to that part of the game as a kid.

  • Keimori

    i think it'd be kinda cool if we saw a verry young ganondorf in skyward sword, but hes not the big bad, more like an anti hero that apears throughout the game, flesh out just a smidge of his backstory while not giving too much.

    • TheMaverickk

      Well Skyward Sword is supposed to take place at least 100 years before Ocarina of Time, if not, several hundred years. So with that in mind there is no way that Ganondorf will be in the game.

      The one possibility I can think of is that we might see another male Gerudo, perhaps one who is a good guy. Since Nabooru mentions that once in a hundred years a male will be born in the Gerudo tribe and that they are to become King. It's highly implied that past Gerudo kings had actually been more pleasant and accommodating rulers. As even Nabooru mentions that she disagrees with Ganondorfs tactics and wishes… and well she's a thief.

      So basically maybe we will see the previous Gerudo Male/King. Maybe a young Twinrova? They were apparently over a hundred years old themselves. Perhaps they were less witch like in their youth.

      • Nona

        I hope so! A "good" Gerudo king would be really interesting to see. The prospect of seeing a pre-Ocarina Hyrule makes me even more excited for this game!

  • Darkstar

    I like the Maverickk's ideas of seeing a more ancient Hyrule before OOT. The original Great Deku Tree? Wasn't the one in OOT the original? In the game he did mention how he was ageing, so that must mean that he is the original.

    That's just my guess.

    • TheMaverickk

      That's what I'm saying… we would see the original Deku Tree who died due to Ganondorfs curse.

      Except he may be a young sapling in this game, or simple smaller. He may still exist though is what I'm saying as he was extremely old in Ocarina of Time. So theoretically he should be alive in this games time period.

  • Good. I'm glad its gonna be a bit harder than twilight princess. TP was fun, but needed a little more challange to it.

    and im so glad that obnoxious wii remote outline will be gone too.

  • Yoh

    Wait wait wait, where did they say it's before OoT?

    • lolknight

      It is just an assumption, Yoh… It is based on many facts such as the young deku tree, the back story as to how the master sword came in to being etc. etc…….. Although nobody knows weather or not Skyward Sword's plot is going to clear up or mix up the Zelda timeline. I guess we will just have to wait and see… Cheers…

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  • Lefty

    Right handed? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Link is not everyone else!

  • Haeil

    A little factoid: like the other Zelda games, but unlike the latest console edition TP, Link doesn't haven't to physically open doors. At least not the ones in the demo

  • Ben

    Thank god its harder. Twilight princess was a tad bit too easy for my liking..(a least for gamecube.)

  • The Final Warrior

    It appears to me that all the history that is supposed to be explained in Skyward Sword's storyline will not only make for a truly awesome game, but it all seems like (And this is just a theory mind you) nothing but a build up of knowledge that will have fully prepared you for the NEXT game in the series which will, from the looks of the build up in the storyline of SS, will be absolutely EPIC. Now this is all just theorizing but it is pssible and if it were that would probably put that next game in or around the category of THE GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME.

  • Jord

    i am extremely excited to play Zelda, I got TP for christmas (yes 4 years without playing it from its release bad :/) TP has been great the story etc, but I want skyward sword to be very dofferent from TP but still in the same timeline or whatever everyone considers.. 🙂 hopefully it clears a few things up in the other zelda games, but gives us more mystery aswell. Ie put rest to some debated things but spark new debates!

  • xracecar

    I’d say that this is the easiest of them all.

  • Thomas Andersen

    11: The game is much harder than the recent 3D Zelda Titles!

    …..what? SS is the easiest Zelda ever created! Enemies dont even try to kill you! Put up your sword, and not one enemy in the game will be able to hit you! Not even Demise! + Fi tells you everything you need to do, so puzzle wise and adventure wise its a walk in the park + dowsing will just ruin exploration! On top of that you get the dumb sheikah stone that will just tutorial you through it if you want! … no, that nr. 11 is the most wrong you could have, ever! 🙂