We’ve updated our Skyward Sword section once again – this time with information about some of the bosses we’ve seen! Well, one of the bosses we’ve seen. We’ve got a full guide up for the boss revealed in the E3 2010 trailer, complete with nicely cropped artwork, so why not head over and have a look? We know you can’t actually face the boss yourself yet, but just think of it as training for the real thing.

While you’re at it, why not have a look at our other Skyward Sword pages? We’ve got information on Skyward Sword‘s storyline, as well as guides for Link’s new items and equipment and the enemies he’ll face.

  • Jin

    Is it confirmed then that this is a boss? I thought this is a miniboss, which I still hope it is because else it's a pretty underwhelming boss.

    • No, but I do suspect this one will be a mini boss, given that you don't need any items to kill it.

    • Vibed

      It's not that underwhelming. Quite a few say it wasn't that easy.

      • TheMaverickk

        I know from watching some of the people play through it on the on floor demonstrations that they didn't seem to be able to take down the scorpion boss. They knew the eyes on the claws were a part of the process in defeating them but since the claws were always adjusting it was something that most people had trouble with.

        The only video I've seen even where someone defeated the scorpion is this one on GT;

        There was no key weak point… you actually had to destroy it one bit at a time before it would even reveal it's single eye in the middle. Watching it reminds me in a small way of the boss battle against the Helmasaur King in Link to the Past. Across of that and Ghoma… either way I like the new battle system a lot.

  • BlackLesnar

    I don't suppose that this could be the new Gohma? I mean, it's an arachnid, it's big, it's weakpoint is it's eye(s)…

    On another note, could Nintendo – for all of its innocence – have done a more mentally scarring job on the tail? I cannot look at it without having flashbacks to those disturbingly graphic STD presentations from school. 8|

    • mike

      Hahaha! That's just terrible.

      • TheMaverickk

        This made me laugh, it does look like something you would have seen somewhere on the internet of from horrible STD.

        On the flip side I have to say that scorpions are to blame themselves… why the hell does their tail have to be so phallic;

        I think it's a cool boss, but I wonder what other bosses will be.

  • melo

    hes not bad for a boss, as long as is hard to kill.

  • Luke

    It definitely doesn't seem like a boss to me. I don't know, it seems too small and too easy. And in the trailer for the game, it doesn't have a huuuge scene were it runs around the room for ten seconds and then jumps and roars in front of Link like most of the bosses do… But then again, they wouldn't show all of that in the trailer. I DON'T KNOW. It just seems like more of a mini-boss.

  • Aleksandar

    A giant scorpion is always a good thing!

    He looks kinda intimidating too :P!

    • Asadia

      D: Oh jeez. I have an intense phobia of these things…

  • Thareous33

    It seems Nintendo goes to the extreme with newer, grotesque enemies, such as the improved Stalfos. I should suspect that our foes are to mostly consist of gross images composed by the human mind. This and the Stalfos give me enough cause to believe that.

  • I think this "boss" might be something like what we saw in Spirit Tracks- that giant, terrifying cave monster thing. It wasn't a boss, but it was still boss-like.

  • Kent

    i ended just about ever zelda game there is great game love it im pretty sure i could figure out how to easily beat this boss he might be a challenge at first but seeing as how u need no items to defeat him im sure he cant be all that tough

  • steven

    i think it was a boss. they also revealed a boss that looks like a golden statue with 4 arms and a skinny guy with white hair that seems similar to zants role in tp

  • Mr.Kool-Aid

    they seem to be missing a boss, i saw this one of a golden statue, who was big, mean, well you guys can see it yourself at: http://www.ign.com/videos/2011/03/02/the-legend-o… on min 0:57