Nintendo has put up two new pages on its E3 website – now you can watch the full post-keynote Roundtable discussion, in which Skyward Sword’s plot was revealed, as well as view a short video about Skyward Sword‘s new MotionPlus controls. We recommend giving the Roundtable video your full attention- it’s arguably as important as Nintendo’s press conference itself!

The MotionPlus control video is just a quick “tips and tricks” video that describes how Link’s sword moves precisely with you, and ends with some (very easy) Zelda trivia. It’s worth a look, if only to get a really nice glimpse of Nintendo’s Skyward Sword E3 booth.

You can view both the Roundtable and the MotionPlus control video on Nintendo’s ever-expanding E3 site right now. We’ll be sure to alert you if any more Skyward Sword videos happen to appear!

  • ZoraMikau

    They skipped a lot of the roundtable stuff, didn't they show an OoT trailer? Cause they didn't show it, of course.

  • Fizz

    Did anyone notice they spelled it "Dessert Colossus" in the trivia question there? Like ice cream dessert instead of a sandy desert. Hurts my soul.

  • Gerudude

    7:06: Will Zelda have orchestral music and/or voice acting? We can't do what we did in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and not move forward and do the same thing in Zelda. We have people on staff looking forward to getting to work on that.

    Well, folks, looks like there maybe voice acting after all this time. It's about time!

    • X x7

      but there really wasnt much voice acting in mario galaxy so I think it will still be typed with a few words in it.

  • Chainoftermina

    WHAT!? did, did He just say that they still have some dungeons to make?! aw, god, this, this IS gonna take another year isn't it?

    what kind of stupid question is that? if it wasn't multiple choice, it might be okay trivia for some one who hasn't played a hundred+ times, but come on.

  • marcel

    that video is not worth the time i spent watching it