Nintendo has put up two new pages on its E3 website – now you can watch the full post-keynote Roundtable discussion, in which Skyward Sword’s plot was revealed, as well as view a short video about Skyward Sword‘s new MotionPlus controls. We recommend giving the Roundtable video your full attention- it’s arguably as important as Nintendo’s press conference itself!

The MotionPlus control video is just a quick “tips and tricks” video that describes how Link’s sword moves precisely with you, and ends with some (very easy) Zelda trivia. It’s worth a look, if only to get a really nice glimpse of Nintendo’s Skyward Sword E3 booth.

You can view both the Roundtable and the MotionPlus control video on Nintendo’s ever-expanding E3 site right now. We’ll be sure to alert you if any more Skyward Sword videos happen to appear!