Hot on the heels of our announcement that we’re going to be mirroring the fan remix project Essence of Lime, we’re back to spotlight even more fan music artists!

Our featured artist today is Hoeloe from, who has some beautiful tracks to share with us all. He had been creating his own renditions of songs from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for quite some time, but was never gained real popularity. In late 2008, he began putting some of his Ocarina of Time transcriptions on, which became known for their accuracy but disdained for their “cheap”-sounding synthesized instruments.

Then, around the middle of 2009, he released his first song in the Ocarina of Time: High Quality series: The Lost Woods. To this day the track remains very popular on Newgrounds, with a ranking of 695 out of the hundreds of thousands of songs on the Newgrounds audio portal.

Hoeloe has since released five more songs in his Ocarina of Time: High Quality series since then and has become well known on Newgrounds for his amazing tracks. Soon after he started to gain popularity, he wrote a song called “Seven Circles”, which was charted on a Dance Dance Revolution machine at the London MCM expo.

Hoeloe continues to produce fan music from Ocarina of Time that is both accurate to the game and great-sounding, and so we’re proud to announce that we’ve put up a page for Hoeloe in our Fan Music section, where we’ll be mirroring his current and future Zelda fan works! For a taste of his work, his the jump, then head to his page on ZU to download his Ocarina of Time creations!