Black Tar Heroin

During the calm before the storm that was Nintendo’s E3 presentation, G4TV killed the time during those agonizing moments with a very short (but sweet) video of Zelda‘s history.

We here certainly didn’t have time to watch it air on G4 as we were far too busy preparing our multitude of article for you lot, but it looks like a Zelda fan was able to archive it for us, and now we present it to you.

More after the jump.

While G4TV’s history covers nothing we haven’t heard before, it is definitely worth a watch if for nothing else than the eerily prophetic line (regarding the Wind Waker cel-shaded controversy), “Will gamers embrace Miyamoto’s newest vision about to be revealed? Or will it be Wind Waker all over again?”

Stay tuned for the live presenter’s cut-off line about sailing in The Wind Waker and monkeys on black tar heroin.

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  • ZoraMikau

    It's not working. :

  • I think the game will actually look different by release. Those fugly shrooms, cuddly octorocks and bokoblins will most likely be gone. Oh yeah, and that scorpion and stalfos. I have a feeling that the enemies will take on a more realistic look, but still have noticeable ques to attack and where to attack.

    • Apexman13

      i 100 % agree with you but miyamoto said realistic monsters dont work for SS so….

      • I'm sure the graphics will be more polished when it is released. I wish they had continued TP's graphic style, but oh well. Guess I'll have to settle for a WW/TP hybrid. Essentially, that is what we are looking at.

        • apexman13

          i love how just because people are voicing their opinion about this game and even the slightest doubt or negativity automatically gets attacked by negative ratings.

  • Thareous33

    Yeah, sorry; there is little or no sound. :-[

    • Thareous33

      Never mind…stupid me, didn't think of turning the volume up more.

  • michael12268


    • Xero966

      THANK YOU!!!

    • Z-MAN7

      But he is pretty Elvish, No? Only thing that separates him from say, an Elf of Middle Earth, is not being immortal.

      Anyway on the subject of the video, it was nice little recap before the unveil of Skyward Sword.

      • James Slater

        Thankyouverymuch *swings hips*

  • rusl2

    please…miyamoto..aonuma…anyone, please please get rid of the freakin shrooms…heck, just get rid of all the COLOUR because at the moment, it feels more like viva pinata than the badass, epic zelda we love….in the name of hyrule just get rid of it…i mean, since when is link supposed to look like a female yugioh character????even if he wants it to be like a painting, it doesnt need to be so bright!! its godawful blurry too.

    • ZoraMikau

      People,seriously, this has to bethe hundreth time I'vetyped this, the graphics aren't final, they are still fine tuning everything, including enemies and stuff.

      • TheMaverickk


        Seriously people need to get it through their heads that this wasn't the original visual style they were working with. When the game was initially being developed they were working with the exact same engine that was used for Twilight Princess. Then it was decided that the visual style needed to be changed…. and so they did, which is why the game is still going through development.

        I don't know why people keep saying that the graphics may still be changed… they may be fine tuned to where they adjust certain small things or issues (brightness? contrast? colours in an area) but the graphics engine they are using will be the same as it is now.

  • Twilight Link

    i only want in Skyward Sword chages on link's face because it seems like a girl and thats not heroic………..

    • TheMaverickk

      He looks no more like a girl then he did in Twilight Princess. seriously people need to get off the whole visual bashing horse.

      If you look at the official art for Ocarina of Time he's very anime style as well, and in most cases most anime characters have a more feminine appearance.

      • apexman13

        atleast he had a round nose and big dark eyebrows……

  • Gorons4Sale814

    why is everyone so bitchy about the graphics? i think theyre wonderful. I loved TPs graphics and i loved WW's graphics…a mix of them is great….the game play is all that matters. do you people complain that in aLttP links hair was pink? no because it was an amazing game. stop whining like little girls about the graphics and just wait to play it, theyre not final, and you all are being ridiculous about it. Nintendo will deliver.

    • TheMaverickk

      I doubt most these kids played Link to the Past…. cause most of them only reference OoT as being the be all and end all. Yet in the past a Link to the Past was one of the greatest games of all time. In fact Ocarina of Time is pretty much a remake of Link to the Past when you think about it.

      3 spiritual stones (3 pendants in Link to the Past), 6 sages to awaken (6 maidens who were the descendants of the sages needed to be rescued in LttP)… Princess Zelda is the 7th sage, and 7th maiden as well.

      So yeah basically people seem to forget that at one time Link wasn't about being gritty and dirty or dark for that matter. There were mushrooms in past Zelda titles… there were cartoony octoroks… and some pretty odd characters in general. This is nothing new and it's not ruining the series.

      • apexman13

        yeah but those were all on gameboy. When your actually dealing with a 3D world on a console game (especially in these "next gen" days) graphics and color matter alot more.

        so comparing an old gameboy title with a 2011 Wii title on GRAPHICS isn't really fair.

        • Gorons4Sale814

          yeah but you people always yell about how zelda is advancing too much and you want it to return to its routs and what not. The cartoony style of zelda IS zelda….and aLttP wasnt on gameboy lol it was SNES, and even though thats all it could support, thats not what it was about…if SNES had better graphics, the kids of that day and age wouldnt be complaining like the spoiled kids nowadays..its a play to play, not to look and complain

        • TheMaverickk

          See you just proved that most of you kids know nothing about Zelda's past. Link to the Past on Game Boy?? Seriously, Link to the Past was the only Zelda game for 7 years before Ocarina of Time was released. It was actually a more definitive Zelda title then Ocarina of Time was. The graphics were actually stunning for an SNES title…. it had fog effects, thunder and lightning, traveling between a light and dark world, and very detailed sprites.

          The truth is though that it's a great example of how Zelda games have been colourful in the past, and given players idealic and dark worlds all in one game.

          Graphics matter in THIS generation, much like any other, and Skyward Sword has very beautiful graphics. One thing that a lot of gamers still need to learn is that there are more then one style of graphics… and realism isn't always the best way to tell a story. As well comparing an old SNES title too a Wii title is fair when the SNES is a classic that people today still love and enjoy even if it was 2D and served as the template for games that followed.

          • Apexman13

            actually a Link to the past was ported on to the Game boy advance in which i played it on. when your looking at a tiny little character with a low pixel rate in a 2D world of course you dont care about the graphics.

            I'll be honest, i dont like the graphics of SS. but that Does not mean i'm not going to play it or its not going to be a good game. I know the wii is capable of producing better graphics and from what the producers of the game said, (before we knew anything about it.) Zelda SS was supposed to push the Wii's graphic capability's to the Limit.

            What i saw at E3 was, to be frank, a shotty version of WW Texture mixed with little detail and laughable monsters. Link looks female. The gameplay however looks fun.

            i know it was just a Demo, hopefully Nintendo will change it alot.

            now if you compare it to TP so far. grapgic wise it has taken a step back, and hat is FACT.

          • TheMaverickk

            In either case Link to the Past was original built to be viewed on a full sized TV screen, and it was the pinnacle of graphics at one point and beauty in a video game. It wasn't put on the Game Boy Advance because that's where it belonged, it was put there simply to give the next generation of gamers an opportunity to play it.

            Actually graphic wise Skyward Sword is using the models from TP so that technically isn't a step back. Also Wind Waker didn't have any texture what's so ever… cel shading flattens out colours into clearly divided planes. So SS can't have a shoddier version texture wise. The impressionistic style is there to add texture and shading. Graphically it is just as detailed as Twilight Princess… Link has chain mail, all the fine details on the sword are there, creatures have bumps and scratches… the real difference is in how colour is used.

            Twilight Princess was one of the dullest of all Zelda games… boring enemy designs, empty fields, generic monsters that can be seen in any medieval adventure game. A very lame "other world" which doesn't even compare to say the Dark World of LInk to the Past.

            People are hung up on Twilight Princess for one reason, and one reason only. The fact that the visual style they choose was closer to realism.

            I think though there's going to be a lot of disappointed when they realize that all these elements they've seen are still in the final version of the game.

            The only fact is that you have a personal opinion, and that is that you believe the graphics are a step back. personally the graphics are a step forward. Zelda is again distinguishing itself from the rest of generic adventure games through the use of a very vivid world.

          • apexman13

            your right. ALttP was a great game, very original.

            TP was boring, but graphics wise it was a step in the right direction. because of it many "new generation gamers" have been introduced to the Zelda franchise.

            im glad you love Zelda SS. It will probably turn out to be a great game.

            but personally i just dont like the Graphical style they decided to choose.

  • guest

    zelda has always been cartoony. even oot and mm (magic, silly looking enemies). the only thing i dont like abou the new zelda is the trees. twilight princess is the reason zelda should not be realistic. its def one of the worst zelda games to date. for some reason the new zelda reminds me of lttp color scheme wise, which is a good thing.

    • Gorons4Sale814

      thank you…all zelda fans!: this guy knows what is what haha. If you are a true zelda fan, you dont beech and moan about the color pallete….you praise zelda for the rich and enticing experience they are!

    • LoverOfLegend


  • Chad

    Watch everything in the Demo not even be part of the game I bet that the Demo was just to introduce the whole new way of using Items and the sword they probably just threw it together in like two minutes they wouldn't give a major boss like that away so early before the game comes out everything on that Demo was emphasizing the new controls those enemies were probably put into the Demo because they helped show the new fighting style and enemy problem solving so well and they probably won't have those giant shrooms even in the game so everyone just CALM down.

    • TheMaverickk

      Actually I'd place a bet that all the areas of the demo will be in the final game, and that the scorpion boss will be in that area as well. What may not be there are certain small enemies, and the placement of them may be different.

      Miyamoto said the location in the game was apparently Skyloft, which is the place where the game starts above the clouds. They wouldn't have bothered to mention that the location had a name, and created a developed area with a giant tree in it just for a demo. Not to mention that they said all they had left to work on in the game was a few final dungeons, and then polishing. The game isn't going to get a major overhaul before release.

      Also for the record at the E3 before TP was released the demo had people fighting the Bio Deku Baba… the final boss of the forest temple. So they've revealed major bosses before.

      The real truth is that the mushrooms will probably still be there in the final game along with the enemies… people should start excepting it now as opposed to having wishful thinking that the game isn't going to have these things.

  • auru33

    yeah, i mean it does make sense that after all this time, and these past 4-5 years, that they will def have something more to show than this by the end. i do understand why many people are disappointed and upset though. tp was certainly NOT the worst game to date, it was incredible, and i guess to the people that loved it, seeing graphics as hazy and unclear as this really is a bit of a shock.
    but dont worry folks! nintendo noes their stuff, theyll probably have it looking super fantastic by the end =]

  • Rojinshu

    It. Will. Be. A. Great. Game.
    Stop whining about it. It's not even out yet. We all (well, most) haven't even played it yet. Also, zelda games are always awesome, even the 'worst' zelda games were great. Also, the only thing we've seen so far is what I presume to be the skyloft forest area. We Haven't Even Freaking Seen Anything Yet. So shh. Just wait and see.

    Nuff said

  • Rohan

    I'm just here to comment on the video….It really wasn't a "history of Zelda" at all. It was more like, "Hey, we at G4 can only compare this series to COD and Halo because those are the only games we've played and we pulled the rest of the information from interesting sentences we saw on Wikipedia." Oh well, I guess I was just expecting something more thorough.

  • keiferm

    Graphics should NEVER be a concern. As long as there is Kick-butt gameplay,Stellar controls. and most of all an awesome story. How many (OFFICIAL) Zelda games haven't had these? Except for possibly Four Swords their graphics were a turnoff for the Gamecube and the story was kinda lacking but there was still gameplay and controls

    • Gorons4Sale814

      i mean, im only 18, but i grew up with my bros who are now 25 and 30…i know what games are about. the people are now spoiled and its etched into their brains that graphics make a game. 3D Dot Heroes was flippin awesome, and it was a 3d pixled game…no one made fun of its graphics. stop being so stupid lol

  • Callin

    They're going with graphics that use shading more than textures, and I think that's a good thing. The less time they need to spend on textures, the more time they have to work on gameplay, sidequests, etc.

    • apexman13

      but dont you think you would be immersed and enjoy the side quests just a tad bit more if the game had more texture? more realism?

      oh well i guess im the only one who wishes they had just kept with the TP graphics like they intended to at the beginning.

  • Aaron Reynolds

    Wow at first I thought those guys at G4 were noobs, but now I see i was actually kinda right, i mean ELF? Black tar Heroin? And whats the deal with Wind waker and TP? Im actually glad SS is going to have that cel shaded TP style light graphics.

  • Aaronrules380

    I’m going to say something that will probably offend some people. Those people who think only hyper “mature” realistic games with tons of blood and gore are good, those guys are gaming’s equivalent of Nazi’s if you think about it. They demand everybody be one way, and instantly write off anyone different as inferior and horrible. They detract from anything that looks different, even if they never actually played the game they are talking about. They’re close minded and full of prejudice. I honestly wish they would shut up and give things a chance, instead of trying to destroy creativity

  • go SS!!

    there is only one "bad" zelda game, zelda II, and that's because the game didn't have what made LoZ great. and however "freaking hideous!!" the graphics are the games have always delivered.

  • Hey! You all are welcome for this vid. 😛 Thanks for telling me Bastian! D:< lol