Black Tar Heroin

During the calm before the storm that was Nintendo’s E3 presentation, G4TV killed the time during those agonizing moments with a very short (but sweet) video of Zelda‘s history.

We here certainly didn’t have time to watch it air on G4 as we were far too busy preparing our multitude of article for you lot, but it looks like a Zelda fan was able to archive it for us, and now we present it to you.

More after the jump.

While G4TV’s history covers nothing we haven’t heard before, it is definitely worth a watch if for nothing else than the eerily prophetic line (regarding the Wind Waker cel-shaded controversy), “Will gamers embrace Miyamoto’s newest vision about to be revealed? Or will it be Wind Waker all over again?”

Stay tuned for the live presenter’s cut-off line about sailing in The Wind Waker and monkeys on black tar heroin.

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