We know you have a lot to say – you say it all the time in the comments. No, no, you’re not being too loud – in fact, we like it when you do that. But we’d like to let you know that there’s something more. A place where you can satisfy your hunger for debate and discussion about all things Zelda – even Skyward Sword – and it’s totally free of any calories, fillers and MSG.

That’s right: The totally-won’t-make-you-fat Zelda Universe Forums! With nearly 60,000 members, you could search across the wide, wide internets and you’ll never find a Zelda forum as large and bustling as the Zelda Universe Forums.

So if you’ve found that you’re suddenly stricken with Skyward Sword fever, we suggest you talk to somebody about it. Preferably on our forums. Specifically in the Future Zelda section.