Our Skyward Sword section has received another update! This time, we’ve added an enemies page with images and descriptions of all of the enemies revealed to be in the game so far through trailers and Nintendo’s E3 demo. This information will be updated as we learn more about the enemies who are out to thwart Link on his newest adventure, so stay tuned!

Looking for more information about Skyward Sword? We also have pages up for the game’s story and Link’s new items and equipment.

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  • 9Rachel91

    The monsters in this game look INCREDIBLE. Can't wait for 2011 😀 <3

  • TheMaverickk

    I'd argue on some of those decisions even though I know that these are temporary names.

    Yet still I wanted to say that what you called Octoroks, I'd argue that they are Deku Scrubs… they look a lot closer to Deku Scrubs at least. The reason why I say this is that they live underground and then pop up when Link gets close, have dark circles around their eyes, and have markings on them that resemble the Deku's from Majora's Mask. They have what look like tentacles in the video's but on the other hand they could just as easily be roots.

    Just thought I'd mention it could just as easily be a form of Deku Scrub since they are in a forest realm.

    Also on the other side since the topic of monsters are up, I have to say I love how the Chu Chu's now look more like they did in Majora's Mask. I loved them in that game.

    • It's an Octorok for sure – up close you can see that they ARE tentacles, without a doubt. In addition, Miyamoto called it an Octorok during the E3 presentation. In addition to that addition, Octoroks hid underneath plants and fired pellets at Link in The Minish Cap, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, which is what this Octorok appears to be doing.

      Yeah, we thought it was a Deku Scrub at first as well, and were convinced until we dug a bit deeper.

      • TheMaverickk

        Well that's fine I was just checking cause I wasn't sure that they had confirmed names to creatures. It just look nearly reminiscent of the Deku Scrub King's design from Majora's Mask… except in mini form.

        In either case whatever Miyamoto says goes. They are just really starting to blur the lines with octoroks and deku scrubs now, lol. I mean they always shared a connection with the whole spitting stuff out their sniffit noses, but at least one was made of wood and the other at least looks more like an octopus.

        Although I must say I'm happy they returned… as if they were missing in Twilight Princess all together. Actually there was a lot of Zelda regulars missing from TP… Like Like (missing since Wind Waker), Wall Master, Wizzrobe, I'm hoping they will bring some classic enemies back though.

        Also I haven't played Minish Cap in forever… and don't remember hiding octoroks in PH or SS… I will have to go searching now.

        • Vibed

          Yeah I'm pretty sure that a few portable Zeldas had Octoroks that hid under grass.

          Because I don't why else the first thing that popped in my mind where Octoroks when I saw them.

          • Vibed

            were* I mean.

  • TnzSki

    You left out the scorpion-like enemy, the one you defeat by slashing its claws (which have eyes). Feel free to tell me to shut up if you plan to put them somewhere else, like in the Bosses section. I just thought I'd mention it, in case you forgot.

    • Yup, it's going in the Bosses section soon!

      • ZoraMikau

        I'm gueesing once we figure out it's name?

  • Thareous33

    Hmmm… Well, I am a little disappointed, I admit, that it appears the Deku Scrubs are not returning after all. The last time I got to view them was in Majora's Mask, whereas the other races from that game have been in several Zelda titles. But, whatev…I'm already over it. I think I'll just go over to my corner and ;'(.

  • Bungholio

    I hate the bokoblins. The scorpian looks ok, but why does it have eyes on it's claws. Is is mutated? Lol
    I hope those ugly shrooms are gone by the finished product too. We know the graphics will be polished so YAY!

  • Phantom7

    Those Octoroks are actually Madscrubs.

    • Vibed

      Where's the proof to that?

      • Phantom7

        They're in the ground, they're plants, and Octoroks are not plants. Madscrubs are plants.

  • Vibed

    I actually like the Bokoblin, but I would of prefered they be Moblins, because they look a lot like them. And anyone who is worried they look too "kiddy," don't worry, because these enemies look like the early forest enemies. I'm sure some of the later enemies look scarier than that Bokoblin. Look at the Stalfos.

  • Ally

    The enemies thing made me more comfortable with the new Zelda idea for some stupid reason.

  • guest