While at E3, IGN had a chance to sit down with Eiji Aonuma and throw some interesting questions at the producer about Zelda‘s future.

The fate of Toon Link? Mr. Aonuma was quick to say that Toon Link wasn’t retired, but he wasn’t exactly sure that they’d ever use him again. He didn’t want to make any definitive statements, because he feels that if a future game warrants it, then it’s a possibility. But it doesn’t seem all that likely.

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When asked about the future of Four Swords, Aonuma was happy to say that he is constantly thinking about it. He doesn’t have a definite timeline for it, but he looks forward to the day when they can work on it. Also, he specifically mentioned online play being a possibility this time around.

Also, at E3 there were demos of classic NES games on the 3DS, and IGN asked Mr. Aonuma if there were any plans to revert back to the classic overhead view in any future handheld games. While saying that he hadn’t thought of doing so, Aonuma said that it was an intriguing idea, and the 3D would add an interesting new vertical layer. So if we end up seeing that come to fruition, I suppose we’ll have IGN to thank for the great idea.

The full article is well worth the read and can be found on IGN’s site.

Source: IGN (tip by ZoraMikau)
  • linkdude101

    Eh? Top view? Maybe, but not for the whole game. Maybe you could switch between back view and top view? FIRST.

    • Thareous33

      First to warn you against the Chainoftermina's wrath. :-]

  • FourSwords

    Online Four Swords? I like the idea. Maybe I won't have to hunt down people to play with!

  • BlackLesnar

    Meh. Never played them. Unlikely that I ever will. However, I'm abit obsessive when it comes to the Zelda timeline, and the FourSword trilogy are the ONLY games made under Aonuma's direction that do not fit deciscively into it. So the "he doesn’t have a definite timeline for it, but he looks forward to the day when they can work on it" part…intruiges me.

    • Musky Melon

      He's saying that he doesn't know when he'll make one but wants to. He's not referring to the time-line of the games.

  • ZoraMikau

    I would like a Four Swords game for the DS. it'd be different, and if they don't have a good idea for a next DS game, other than remaking things, they could always give this a shot. Online play might work, but it would be difficult, they'd have to really work on the Wi-Fi functions of the game.

  • TheMaverickk

    I don't think we will see Four Swords for a long time still. He's just leaving the door open to work on it in the future. It's just like they've commented that they don't know if we will see Toon Link again or not. People want these definite answers, but in reality they don't have them because they don't know what the future holds, what kind of Zelda stories they want to tell… or what new technology will allow them to do in the future.

    So with that in mind I am not going to be anxiously awaiting this game as it may not ever see the light of day.

  • Steampunk_Link

    Awesome. I liked 4 swords, specially the Gamecube version, because we got to see places in Hyrule we hadn't known before, like the zuna (is that what they're called?) and their pyramids. And online gameplay? Woow! that's kick ass seriously. But still, I would like to see a four swords without toon Link, I'd like Adult Link instead. That'd rock!

  • Lrak

    OMG no!! i dont want them to get rid of toon link, hes my favorite nintendo character EVAR!!

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Toon Link gone!? HELL YEA, sorry but I don't like a Link that looks like Hey Arnold

    The child Link from OOT and MM is 1000X better than Toon Link

  • Musky Melon

    It'd be great if it was also a proper Zelda game rather than a bunch of levels.

  • Z-MAN7

    Online Four Swords on 3DS? Yes please!

  • skyward sword

    online gaming ? screw that

  • N64GamesFTW

    OK, I like the Four Swords Online Multi-Player

    However I do not like the fact that Toon Link is going, SERIOUSLY…
    I've never played any toon link game (with the exeption of Windwaker), and I value him as an important charactor in the Zelda series…

    Maybe in a Wii-Ware game, or DSi-Ware game…
    I don't know, jsut don't kill him off!!! OR THE TIMELINE HE REPRESENTS

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