Okay, we’re really sorry – for something like six to eight months, the polls system on the site has actually been, well, kinda broken. But no longer!

To celebrate, we’ve put up a new poll. Go voice your strong opinion on Skyward Sword‘s graphics right now and let everyone know what you think! We’ll report back with results at the end of June.

  • Thareous33

    YaY! Thanks for fixing this, guys!

  • TheMaverickk

    My only issue is that it seems that the options are a bit crammed or something and so everything spills over and I can't read the results.

    From what I can tell currently the Zelda fans are split down the middle between loving it and people waiting to see how it is when they play it.

  • Matt17

    I think the graphics are ok. but what I expected was a twilight princess game where the graphics were good and non-cartoonish. I see that they wanted to appeal to the adult and children audience.
    I feel like this game was their last chance to make a good console zelda game. making it cartoonish isn't fair cuz thats what they do on handhelds, and thats what they're gonna go back to doing.
    and I feel since I'm more older, I actually wanted a mature zelda game.

    but overall, this game will be great, theres nt a single zelda game licensed by Nintendo that failed