While Nintendo never gave us a concrete date prior to now, they had strongly hinted that the new Zelda game would grace the shelves by the end of this year. Alas, that did not quite pan out. Miyamoto promised at E3 that we’d be able to get our hands on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword next year.

But when next year? And why the wait?

In the E3 presentation, Mr. Miyamoto explained that development was continuing through the end of this year, and that the Zelda team still needed to work hard to get the game finished on time.

In Iwata Asks, Mr. Aonuma explained that they struggled with 1-to-1 sword combat and the feature was in and out of the development of the game several times. Clearly this delayed development and thus a release date.

Also, at E3 Mr. Miyamoto had said that development would continue only through the end of this year, with no indication of it continuing on through the next. If that is true, we suspect The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword will debut rather soon in the new year. Of course, we will have to await official word from Nintendo before making any assumptions.

As we wait for an official release date, all we can do is hope that the Zelda team is working around the clock to bring us the Wii Zelda we’ve always dreamed of.

  • They never showed anything new, except the controls. It was a totally underwhelming experience. Was it because they were trying to keep the plot elements a surprise still? Was it because of the new development strategy? I don't know, but I do know there was a definite lack of quality.

    I know they can do much better, so it makes sense that they're giving themselves until next year to refine it and finish it up. I look forward to more announcements as the year goes on, now that the fairy is out of the bottle.

    • trololol

      They were probably confident that their gameplay was solid and their presentation to mellow everyone's fears about it would work out. They kind of failed, eh? Heh.

      I hear the gameplay *is* solid though.

      • Nintenfan81

        well there would have been hundreds if not thousands of wireless devices in the theater there, so it is very possible it caused enough interference to hinder controls. But… ya they could have done better.

  • Aleksandar

    Also the presentation sucked! It was almost emberassing,
    You would think that after such a long time the game would be more refined and that they would show a longer Trailer not just a dam Teaser!

    Also what about Zordiana or Adelle? Why wasn´t she mentioned at all, why didn´t they at least tell us a little about the story, other than the Title "Skyward Sword"?

    Ooh man! I should really shut up now LOL!

  • trololol

    We all feared this would happen. Not unexpected.

    • Aleksandar

      Yeah man!
      Why do we always have to be right? XDD

  • HackinBob

    Crap on a BISCUIT. I feared this would happen! D:

  • Zelinkdorf

    I don't mind waiting! since there are so many good games on the horizon, besides i always say that a Zelda game can be hold back as much as it be needed, as long as they get it done right like all the others! ps they should have hold back T.P. a little longer so that they would better it.

  • Hálvðanarson

    Maybe Eiji Anouma and his team need to be shifted out, the Zelda games need fresh blood of creative thinking and development of games.

    I'm really, really, really disappointed by this game so far, and I'm a really big Zelda fan.

    I wonder what the creator of Ico and Shadow of the Colussus could do with the Zelda titles, possible taking it to the next level? I think so. I'm not satisfied with the recent games. TP was a great game, but it lacked something, maybe the feeling and the soul of the games had been lacking, and that isn't just the controlls and the gameplay, it's the complete package of what is the wonderful world of The Legend of Zelda.

    • Hálvðanarson

      Nintendo is focusing to much on the controlls that they're forgetting to heal the soul of the actuall game. It's gone missing. They're never going to top Ocarina of Time if they continue in this track.

      Nintendo need to start listening to the fans, get a link out the fans, hear what they have to say, start a fan feedback. Only then will they understand what Zelda really is, Zelda is the fans, it's me and you and everyone that has loved the game ever since the beginning or since the Ocarina of Time.

      • Aleksandar

        Yeah I agree with you totally!

        I guess The Least Guardian which is being developed by Team Ico will kick Zelda´s blurry cel-shaded butt!

        And then Nintendo and Miyamoto will see what they should have done, only it´s going to be too late trust me!

        And by the way, where you from? Sweden, Denmark or Norway?

      • Hydra

        What is this "soul" that you speak of other than that it exists in OoT but supposedly not in other Zelda games? And what do you consider "topping" OoT? I personally loved MM, TWW, and TP, and thought they were all better than OoT. You make it sound like there's universal hatred of non-OoT Zelda games…

        And people are getting upset ALREADY? We've hardly seen anything yet! It looked like pretty solid Zelda to me from what little we got to see. We only know a little about the plot so I have no idea how you get the idea that some "soul" needs to be "healed."

        • Mikehunt

          I completely agree with you! There's no reason why everyone should start attacking Miyamoto and the Zelda team for a game we know so little about! everyone should just take a deep breath and look forward to the new things we may see about this game in the future.

    • Csr40

      the game hasnt come out, and you feel dissapointed, cmon we have to play the game first, then the conclution

      • Aleksandar

        Hmm yeah you´re right too, but still my overall impression after the show was, that it will not but who knows, I hope I´ll be wrong this time! 🙂

      • loco

        come on. just watch that presentation hahahah

  • i dont understand why everyone is so disappointed with the presentation. sure there were some technical difficulties, but that happens. not their fault. also, they can only show so much of the game because they don't want to spoil too much. and zordiana/adelle wasn't announced cuz they revealed the story at the roundtable later anyways, so whats the point? it wasn't really underwhelming or anything, it was a pretty good presentation for a game that's a year away from releasing.

    • loco

      are you high or something? im just kidding but seriously.. come on , that presentation was sucky , the trailer was just a bunch of gameplay teasers i mean come on… come on… we all have to admit with something suck even if we love it

  • Elijah

    I agree with Hydra, also the only thing they told us was about the game play. We don't know anything about the plot. So how can we judge the game based on the cover? Yes they could make the quality better but that may be one of the things they are working on. I personally think it will be a pretty good game.

  • Rene

    its fans like you that ruin it for us all you doo is complain and complain about the new game then a newer game comes out and your hating on it and praising the older game you were hating on before and then we just end up getting crappy 8 bit ports like what happend with megaman… Enjoy the game for what it is its a great game I love the fact that with every new title the do something different and this gae is sure to be a solid hit

  • X x7

    Well, actually Eiji Aounuma stated that he hopes that they will release it by early 2011 in a recent interview, but I don't know if I can trust him… I REALLY hope he's right though, this game looks absolutely amazing!

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