Many of you remember the variety of games Nintendo announced in E3 2009; just one of these was Metroid: Other M. Other M takes the best elements of first-person and third-person gaming to create a seamless blend between game play, storytelling and dynamic cinematography. And begins following the events of Super Metroid.

The game is due for a worldwide release somewhere between late August to early September. Other M is deeply focused on storyline and is supposed to show more of the emotional side of Samus, the main protagonist of the series. There wasn’t any additional information revealed about the game rather than what we know from last E3 and GDC 2010, but a new trailer showing additional gameplay footage was revealed!  You could check it below after the jump.

  • Shaelyn

    not a seemless blend of gameplay. what I've seen of it shows that you have to stand still to shoot your cannon…which is excessively hard to do.
    looks epic regardless, but that one bit is annoying.

  • Xenithar

    This game looks fun. I haven't played any of the Metroid games, but I wouldn't mind taking the time to do so someday.