The other day, one of our staff members noticed that an eBay auction claiming to sell life-sized Master Swords appeared to actually be selling the Nintendo-made miniature replicas, as the two swords looked pretty much exactly the same and all of the photos of it seemed to conveniently avoid providing any sense of scale (i.e. putting it next to a CD case). Thus, an update was placed on ZU warning people to be cautious of the sale, as it was likely to be yet another eBay scam.

However, the seller soon updated to provide the relevant information and new images and we were quickly proven wrong, making us just look silly in the end and hurting the creator’s business, so we’d like to officially clarify and apologize to him and to all the people that were misinformed.

In letting this post through, we fell victim to the same “no proof” claims that we were admonishing the auction for, but we hope to learn from our mistakes and avoid situations like this in future. If you are interested in the (now proven to be legitimate) Master Swords, you can check them out here.

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