The Adventure of FPS

Have you ever wanted to play Zelda II: The Adventure of Link in 3D? I certainly have. And while this may not be exactly what I had in mind, Michael A. Johnston has just released a fan game based on the first area and temple of that Nintendo classic.

At every turn, it is clear that this is an attempt to recreate The Adventure of Link down to the last pixel, and he has succeeded tremendously at it.

Bits on the Overworld

The game plays in the style of a first-person shooter with Link being able to attack only at a very short range unless he has a full life meter and then he can send out the classic sword “zaps.”

The game has taken many liberties with the structure of the original, arranging it into something that can be played as its own complete game. Locations of items have been moved around and merchants have set up shop in caves like in the first Legend of Zelda.

But what remains intact is every detail about the overworld and the 8-bit graphics moved into 3D. Even when the overworld enemies bump into you and pull you into the enemies stage, there is something truly beautiful about the rolling 8-bit styled hills.

Bits on the rolling plains

If you are a fan of first-person shooters, or simply want to visit The Adventure of Link’s Hyrule in 3D, you can play the game on his site.

Source: GoNintendo