Hub page, go!

As we begin gearing up for Zelda Wii – rumors abound, we’re learning more about the storyline and gameplay, as well as the names of characters – there comes a time when we’ve got to buckle down and start acknowledging what we’ve learned about the next Zelda game.

For us, that time is now. We have put up our official Zelda Wii hub page. You can access it through the scrolling game menu at the top of the site from anywhere on ZU. It’s a bit empty for now, save the bare essential pages, but we’ll be filling it up with what we know so far as soon as we can – hopefully over the next few days.

Make sure to visit ZU during Nintendo’s E3 2010 keynote on June 15th, as we’ll be liveblogging the entire event and updating our Zelda Wii pages on-the-fly with new information as it becomes available!