If you’ve ever paid a visit to the Creativity Corner over on our forums, you’re likely very much aware that ZU’s community is full of talented writers and artists alike- painters, photographers, poets, musicians, and more! Today, I’d like to shine the spotlight on a user who seems to have perfected a rather unique art form.

On rare occasions, I come across something that blends skilled artistry and pure adorable in such a way that it becomes absolutely necessary to share it with as many people as possible.. This, my friends, is one of those occasions.

User Gippaloo customizes My Little Pony figures as a hobby, and recently decided to transform one into her own little Epona from Ocarina of Time, airbrushed to perfection and complete with sculpted saddle. Gippaloo even created a bridle for this miniature Epona, as she “always wondered why OOT’s Epona never had one for link to lead her around with”.

Check out the original thread to see Gippaloo’s custom Keaton-themed pony and keep up with any future Zelda figures she might be inspired to create!