A Link to the Turntable

Musician and producer (Lily Allen, Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse) Mark Ronson unleashed a music video today for his new song “Circuit Breaker.”

The music video is clearly inspired by the NES The Legend of Zelda and the SNES A Link to the Past. It features 16-bit style graphics of a green-clad hero wandering about in a screen-by-screen overworld and dungeon, slaying rather familiar looking monsters.

While the sprite work and level design leave a much to be desired, clearly the music video shines in the unadulterated nostalgia and pure fan-ish joy.

Also enjoyable is the way the music video is set to the beat of the music, resulting in Link stabbing Darknuts and Ghibdos in time to the melody.

While the song isn’t my usual cup of tea, I have to say I find it addictive and have now watched the music video over three times. Perhaps I’m simply starved for new Zelda stuff during this calm before the storm of Zelda Wii, or maybe the music video is rather good. Regardless, it’s fun to see a tribute to the old school roots of our favorite franchise with such a catchy new song.

Source: Stereogum
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