You've Got Bugs!

Collecting otherwise useless trinkets for others, removing a creepy curse, reuniting star-crossed lovers. . . It’s all in a day’s work for our green-clad hero. And yet, not at all essential.

Our friends over at Wii Potato have written an article on Zelda‘s top five sidequests, the things that we would probably never take time out of our real daily lives to do (“You want me to take what to whom? I’m busy trying to save the world, missy!”) and things we haven’t done since childhood (I haven’t gone bug collecting since I was eleven). Yet somehow in the context of these games, these mindless duties feel fun. We want to do them. Or maybe it is just the sense of accomplishment upon completing each of these tasks.

Whatever it is, we are presented with many in each game to choose from, and our friends at Wii Potato have chosen their top five overall. Have a look at their article and see if your favorites rank there as well.

Source: Wii Potato
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