This week for the mailbag it was the turn of our friends over at ChrisCrossMedia. They answered six questions, and while a couple of them had already previously been answered, ChrisCross’s answers were completely different!

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  • ChainofTermina

    Actually I think Nintendo's target audience is "the family" they want everyone, of ALL ages, to be interested in video games. thats why the commercials have full grown adults and even elderly playing games.

    I wouldn't mind changing links clothes, as long as he kept his gauntlets, and boots, and that kickass hat. and they were green.

    I would probably want a weapon like the dominion rod, except it actually hurts things and does damage, and is an actual WEAPON. not possessing statues.

    I don't know if this was simply a slip of the tongue or not, but Epona is a girl. so you would catch 'her' in a pokeball' not 'him'

    nice mailbag, CCM

    • X x7

      when you said you wanted to change the clothes, you basically said "I wouldnt mind him changing his clothes, as long as he kept them all the same." lol

      • ChainofTermina

        yeah, that was kinda the joke I was going for. plus I meant that different designs of the same outfit he has would be nice.

  • Xenithar

    I think it would be neat to see a staff weapon used, or like a two-bladed sword staff.

  • Thareous33

    I'd like to crossbow idea; though if the bow (should they include it) be anything like the one on Twilight Princess, I would also be for that. I loved the way it felt when aiming it (without the Hawkeye)–it seemed I was actually holding a real bow and leveling it at a target.

    Also, I think it would, in truth, be neat if they did make another LoZ series. This time Link wouldn't have to be so set on Zelda, though. At least not attempt a kiss from her every episode. πŸ˜›

    • ChainofTermina

      a Zelda anime, with mostly OoT based things(with some elements from, say, MM, WW, TP, MC, too) would be awesome. a Sonic X kinda thing, but with plenty of Anti-4kids traps and repellents on it.

      • Thareous33

        Those were elements I was looking for in a knew series. I watched Sonic X for several months. A Zelda series like that with all the themes aforementioned would indeed be awesome.

  • X x7

    werent most of these questions answered before? And I would wanna see a multitude of possible swords you could start with, and then you would get the master sword or something like that.

  • Quill

    What about Link fighting with his own hands… or some CQC from metal gear solid? Lol πŸ˜›

  • James

    Just so everyone knows, the entire text version of the questions up to about Sunday should be posted sometime tomorrow. The new set of questions, along with a video, should be posted on Sunday. That is all.

  • jack

    i think criss cross media do the best mailbag no offence to anyone else because you are all good but CC is my favorite