Our ridiculously productive walkthrough-maker extraordinaire is at it again – Ciroton is back in the game and writing walkthroughs. This time, he’s tackling The Wind Waker, Nintendo’s Gamecube entry into the Zelda franchise. Section 1 is completed, which covers up to the end of the first visit to the Forsaken Fortress.

This guide will be periodically updated with new sections, and is great if you feel more familiar with text walkthroughs than our more modern visual walkthroughs. If you’d rather watch your way through , however, make sure to check out our Wind Waker visual walkthrough by chuggaaconroy!

You can click here to go to Ciroton’s new walkthrough, or here to go to The Wind Waker‘s hub page, where you can find our entire repository of information about The Wind Waker.

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    If it's true that future Zeldas are going to be so easy they can self-play or they feature an auto-mode, then this might very well be the very last walk through you're making, let's hope not. I'm not an expert myself, I remember years back when I got stuck with the Dragon Roost Cavern boss, the tail was gone and I didn't figure out to aim the eye. That's how I found ZU. Talking about WW, you can kill Kale Dimos with a returning boomerang when you're not supposed to be able, it's a glitch that I havn't found on youtube, maybe you should include glitches in the walk through. I to walk around in Hyrule for instance.