Greetings, fine folks! Usually if I am talking to you here on the main page, it’s about the ZUcast, but today, I foray into the world of visual entertainment to bring you a Mailbag video! Please excuse the poor quality – I’m an amateur and have horrible lighting. I had a lot of fun with this and hope to do another mailbag in the future. Hope you like it! I promise I’ll do better next time, now that I’m not such a noob.

Incidentally, in the beginning of the video you will see a fancy new intro! Our resident ZUBC editor Aniday was kind enough to whip that up, so be sure to PM him to tell him how cool he is. Thanks Aniday!

Please feel free to send in your questions for the next time around. By then James will hopefully have time to answer all the questions in text form along with another video from a random ZU staffer.

{{bubble}{Question 1: Gerudos}{}{}{

Lules writes:

Hi! I have a simple question. Do you have any theories of why the Gerudo were absent in Twilight Princess? Or do you just think Nintendo was lazy to give them a role and left them out? Cheers~

Margar responds:

Well, the short answer is “Who knows?”
But that’s no fun. Ok- TP is generally regarded by theorists as being on the child timeline, meaning that in OoT, Princess Zelda sends Link back to his own time to live out his childhood, where he and young zelda are able to warn the king, and disaster is averted. However, we don’t get to see what happens to Ganondorf once the king dismisses him. Is he convicted of treason? Jailed? Exiled? Executed? Does he go back to his desert kingdom and finish his rule over the tribe of thieves? We don’t know any of this, so to speculate would be… well, speculation! Also, since I’m not a theorist, I don’t know al the little details about how long after Oot TP takes place. But anything can happen in a few decades, and especially a few hundred years. My guess is simply that Nintendo just wanted to do something different. It’s a cop-out answer, but I don’t work for Nintendo so…


{{bubble}{Question 2: Vitality Monsters}{}{}{

TheRippleEffect writes:

Recently, Miyamoto mentioned that the vitality sensor may be used in Zelda games, and as you get more scared, the enemies will get tougher. That sounds cool, but I’ve never been REALLY scared in a Zelda game; startled a little, nervous, but not scared. If they implement this, they’re going to have to make Zelda a lot scarier. Do you think they’ll up the scare factor, and if they do, will we actually see an M rating?

Margar responds:

Ok, well first of all I had no idea what the vitality sensor was until I read your question so I had to go look it up… However, your little inquiry raises all sorts of questions. I think that first of all, if Nintendo were to confirm using the vitality sensor in Wii Zelda, then it would give us some insight into the controls of the game, because I can’t imagine playing a game with that pulse thing on my finger and holding onto a nun-chuck. So It’d be safe to say that the Wiimote alone would be the sole controller (which I don’t really feel comfortable with, but I can forgive if the game is good). Secondly, and this is kind of two things in one- I tend to get pissed and flail around and curse and shake the controller when I play… that means the game is challenging me, so if I’m not cursing like a sailor, I’m not really enjoying myself. I’d be worried about flinging the thing off my finger. It’s for this same reason that I think the vitality sensor would kill the game for me personally… think about it. I’m cursing, my heart rate is going up, and meanwhile the enemies are getting HARDER? Oh, I don’t think so!

That covers the physical issues with the possibility of the vitality sensor- but there’s also the main part of your question about whether Nintendo would up the scare-factor and we would see an “M” Zelda. I think naturally if they were going to implement the vitality sensor, they’d have to make it scarier and darker and more mature. I’m fine with that in theory. I wouldn’t be disappointed if Nintendo announced it tomorrow. I would be apprehensive though, because one thing I love about Zelda is that it’s always had a sense of humor about itself, even back to the original LOZ, when you burn the bushes and the guy makes you pay for his front door! silly jokes, bad puns, inside jokes, cultural references… they’re always light-hearted and self-aware. While Zelda certainly has explored darker concepts, MM and TP coming to mind most prominently, I am not sure how they could keep the balance of scary and dark, versus cheeky and self-aware. I’m not a huge gamer, so if there are games out there that have managed to do this already, then I don’t know what they are, but I would be nervous about that.

As for an actual prediction, I can’t really say, but I do hope that no matter what, the option of the vitality sensor would be just that- an option (and I’m sure it would be).


{{bubble}{Question 3: FSA Map Question}{}{}{

ZeldaTheoristb211 writes:

In Four Swords Adventures, the Village of the Blue Maiden is south from the Eastern Temple but in A Link to the Past Lake Hylia is south from the Eastern Temple, is Village of the Blue Maiden Lake Hylia?

Margar responds:

Again, who knows? I love that zelda leaves these things for us to ponder. It’s so much more fun than if they gave us all the answers. one thing in ALTTP that struck me as odd was that Lake Hylia was basically abandoned except for a crappy shop and the fortune teller. Who is patronizing these businesses?? Although my own personal theories on the population (or pitiful lack thereof) in zelda games is representative. there are always buildings with no doors, or extra houses, or just villages so small it seems ridiculous (Kakariko in TP, helooooo?). I always give nintendo the benefit of the doubt, and assume there really are more people in the kingdom, they just don’t show up. I imagine that we don’t actually see every single house, building, and road simply because that’d be huge and pointless. ANYWAY so we can pretend there’s really a village by Lake hylia in ALTTP, or that there was/is one there at some point. Logically, it only makes sense for a village or community to be on a lake, for fishing, commerce, etc etc, so I just fill in the blanks with my own imagination, and I don’t hold it against Nintendo for not including every minute possibility in the game (except that damned disappointment that is Kakariko town in TP….)